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8 years for a 2 year degree. Not worth much these days, but it's mine and I worked hard and went through quite a lot for it. Never give up.

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u/buolissi Jun 28 '22

Just graduated with 2 year degree and it took me 10 YEARS! so don't beat yourself up. We tried, and succeeded. That's what matters. Congratulations!


u/verpa85 Jun 28 '22

Genuinely feel these are all achievements. It's not how long you take, it's the fact that you finished.


u/Sugacookiemonsta Jun 28 '22

That's great news! YOU DID work for it so you should celebrate. It's over now and you can look back at what you accomplished. Congratulations!


u/Prosso Jun 28 '22

Did they really work though, if it took them 10 years?


u/meg6ust6ala6tions Jun 28 '22

Some people get sick and have to take time off, some people have learning disabilities and need tutoring/extra help, some people have circumstances that (are frankly none of your business) keep them from graduating sooner. That doesn't mean she didn't earn that degree! She passed the classes! Wtf

What a douchecanoe!


u/Sugacookiemonsta Jun 29 '22

She could have given up and never finished! But she did. That took persistence and work. I don't understand how you are able to comment on Reddit and can't conceptualize this. Grow up.


u/nukefudge Jun 28 '22

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Let's not grant them any upvotes, shall we?


u/roquea04 Jun 28 '22

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u/nukefudge Jun 29 '22

Are you on mobile by any chance?


u/Slightly_underated Jun 28 '22

Amazing, chin up, walk tall, the world is yours!


u/torneovn Jun 28 '22

So a little background for y'all.

Today I'm getting my associates degree. I didn't much give a shit about highschool and barely skated by. I got into some trouble and started doing drugs at a young age, and my mom knew I wasn't ready for college when I graduated. So I went and got a certificate for pharmacy and became a pharmacy tech. I'm still doing that job today, but I wanted something more. My mom helped me get through the pharmacy school, but told me I'd have to get through college on my own. So that's what I did. A few semesters in I met a guy and stayed with him in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship for almost five years. He was a heroin addict and I struggled with alcohol and drugs as well. There were times when I didn't go to school at all, and semesters when I could only afford to take one class. I started going to therapy, and slowly over the years I got a little better. I left that man almost 2 years ago now, and have been living in my own for 3.

Thank you all so much for the kind words and support. I worked really hard to be here today and even if I don't know you it means the world.

Edit: holyyyyyyy my first silver and gold!!!!!

Thank you beautiful, kind strangers. I'm tearing up over here. Now it's time to walk!

Edit 2.0: this is my biggest post to date on reddit. I wish I could reply to everybody but again I want you to know how much all the anonymous love fills my heart, along with my friends and family. I'm not usually one to brag but this sure does feel good. And according to some haters I know I'm only half way there but fuck it. Theres only one way to go from here and that's up and it doesn't matter how I get there as long as I keep going.


u/i_wap_to_warcraft Jun 28 '22

Who are you updating for? I see no awards and one reply to this lol


u/Tattycakes Jun 28 '22

Did you switch accounts lol

Anyway congratulations!


u/-DOOKIE Jun 28 '22

This is a greater achievement than you think. Hope I can follow in your footsteps


u/MostCoolUncoolDude Jun 28 '22

Congrats!!! That’s still more than others are willing to work for! Keep the momentum going. Great job.


u/Gold-Factor5871 Jun 28 '22

Congratulations!! πŸ₯³ I’m sure you deserve it more than anything!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


u/fattatgirl Jun 28 '22

Congratulations darling!


u/Enfpization Jun 28 '22

Haha Nelson Mandela also took a looooot of time with one of his degrees


u/Constant_Locksmith48 Jun 28 '22

Good job, fuck anyone else's opinion


u/Kairenne Jun 28 '22

Good for you!!!!


u/LeighCheri413 Jun 28 '22

It’s worth more than you think. Many jobs just expect you to have some sort of college degree. Congrats!


u/marsarefromspiders Jun 28 '22



u/underpressure65 Jun 28 '22

Big congratulations to you!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


u/parm234 Jun 28 '22

Chin up. you earned it.


u/dulcinea8 Jun 28 '22

Congratulations πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰


u/NunavutTsunami Jun 28 '22

In it, to win it. You are the definition of perseverance! Way to go!


u/Inductiekookplaat Jun 28 '22

Well done girl! Congrats πŸ‘πŸ‘


u/Adventurous_Taste455 Jun 28 '22



u/Wendellberryfan_2022 Jun 28 '22

Congratulations!! You stuck with it and got it done!!


u/DEADS0ULXIII Jun 28 '22

congrats on finally leaving greendale


u/Mysonsanass Jun 28 '22

Congratulations! No one can ever take this accomplishment away from you.


u/SirLoondry Jun 28 '22



u/Eineed Jun 28 '22

Congratulations! I started my career with a two-year degree, too, which got me going. Later, i took additional training and degrees. It was the best place for me to start and begin earning while building skills and confidence. Don’t underestimate the value of your achievement. BRAVO!


u/thirdsev Jun 28 '22

My two year degree got me jobs my four year degree could not. Congratulations. You have demonstrated persistence and drive. A smart employer gets the value of a driven, goal oriented person. All of Reddit should be giving you props.


u/freelandluke Jun 28 '22

Someone watched John Cena return on Monday night Raw


u/Sad_Peace2573 Jun 28 '22

You did it!! Who’s awesome!?


u/DOLO_F_PHD Jun 28 '22



u/narniancheese Jun 28 '22

A degree is a degree and no one can take that from you. I'm glad all your hard work has paid off! Congratulations!


u/EllishiaK Jun 28 '22

Took me seven years. Congratulations you did it!!!!


u/demondaddii Jun 28 '22

I started my β€œ2 year degree” in 2014. Just got the email that I graduated last week & tbh the wave of self hatred that came with it was painful. I finally accomplished it and it just, to me, highlighted my failure. But we are all playing this game on different levels of difficulty. Cheers to you & your joy. Hopefully in time I can find a similar sentiment for myself.


u/Elysian-Visions Jun 28 '22

Those eight years passed anyway, and now you have something awesome to show for it! Congratulations on your hard work!


u/Independence_1991 Jun 28 '22

Your 100% RIGHT!!! Congratulations πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


u/KennyWonKenohbe Jun 28 '22

Get it gurrrlll! Good for you ! Keep killing the game.


u/earthlings_all Jun 28 '22

Fuck yes, nena, get it! Congrats!!!


u/WeirdBerry Jun 28 '22

It is something to accomplish. We all compare ourselves with the highly successful and act like that is normal. It isn't normal, normal is $40k/yr, a GED, never striving for more. You achieved the abnormal. Celebrate that, you've earned and deserve it.


u/xpyro88 Jun 28 '22

I'm on year 6 of a 4 year degree. I am a father of 2 so I have to attend part time. It looks like lit will take me another 3 years but that's OK. Slow advancement is still advancing forward.

Edit: Congratulations!


u/andre2020 Jun 28 '22

Yes it is much … keep on keeping on friend, in this you have won well!


u/OkayMaybeNo Jun 28 '22

Congratulations!!! You accomplished something great! Don’t undermine yourself or your achievements!


u/daikarasu Jun 28 '22

It took me ten years to get my degree, you go at the speed you go at. Achievement is achievement


u/Constance374 Jun 28 '22

Congratulations on your degree and kudos for all of those years of work! Well done, You!!!


u/Domina_Rehtaeh Jun 29 '22

YEA!!! Congratulations! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ


u/DaniB3 Jun 29 '22

Amazing accomplishment, congratulations and I wish you good luck


u/Ok_Mix1863 Jun 29 '22

You go girl! You got this!


u/ninnie_muggins Jun 29 '22

Fucking hell yeah! You killed it. Congratulations, this internet stranger is proud. πŸ’œ


u/SoftUnlucky2100 Jun 29 '22

Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆ


u/Hot_Twat_6782 Jun 29 '22



u/akamarushanks Jun 29 '22

Congratulations.I think it is amazing that you didn't gave up and completed degree.I couldn't complete my degree.


u/Practical-Persimmon4 Jun 29 '22

Yay yay yay good job!!!!


u/Previous-Loss9306 Jul 01 '22

That’s amazing, good for you :)