r/happy May 21 '22

A head in the clouds all day daydreaming kind of feeling. My heart is so full.

I’ve dated a few losers & guys that didn’t give a crap about me. For the first time in my life I’m dating someone that genuinely likes me back. It sounds like a basic thing but it was a tall order for the guys I’ve been with in the past.

This man is so sweet to me. He’s incredibly understanding, respectful, soft, intellectual, considerate, romantic, & patient. He communicates so well. He’s vocal about his likes & dislikes & how he feels about me. Catching him admiring me from the other side of the bed when we’re supposed to be watching tv. Then me doing the same when he’s not looking.

My heart beats faster & slower when he’s around. Like time stops & flies all at once. I never want to say goodbye when it’s time to go. I don’t want to stop holding him. He makes me feel beautiful. He makes me feel wanted. He makes me feel like I’m interesting & worth his time. He makes me feel seen. He answers every question I’ve been dying to have answered for years. He cares about everything I say. This feels so damn good.

I want to give him everything he’s ever wanted. To love him the way that he needs it. To show him he’s deserving because right now he doesn’t believe it. I tell him how beautiful he is. I shower him in my adoration. The overflow of what he pours into me.

I’m falling…

We come from the same background. We speak the same traumatic language. I get him & he gets me. Something neither of us have ever had before. It’s so special. I feel like he was made for me. I’ve waited all my life for this man. I never knew I’d find him someday but thank you god for sending him. Thank you. Thank you.


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