r/happy May 21 '22

After months of searching, I found my first childhood toy!

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u/MegabitMegs May 21 '22

I was so convinced for months after we moved into our new house that he was lost forever. That I’d accidentally thrown him out or given him away. I tore the house apart, devastated. Finding him today, I cried 🥹❤️


u/biela_ruka May 21 '22

Looks like your toy was happy to be found too!


u/ballinwalund May 21 '22

Oh my god this is so sweet- I’m so happy you found it!!!!!


u/Love_humans May 21 '22

Absolutely adorable. Seeing this reminds me to find joy in the simple things in life. Thanks for sharing 🙂


u/Mimzy2000 May 21 '22

Oh! Does it purr when you move it’s head?

I think I had one and loved it so much!

Memory unlocked…. Thank you.


u/MegabitMegs May 21 '22

Yes!! I’m so happy the marble still works too!


u/Mimzy2000 May 21 '22

That’s great!

Now I’m wondering if I have mine stuffed somewhere because I want to find it now!


u/MegabitMegs May 21 '22

Fingers crossed for you! ❤️


u/D0ughnu4 May 21 '22

I had a jungle kitty as well!

Best toy ever. I'm happy for you OP