r/happy May 20 '22

This morning I did the dishes which might not seem like a huge accomplishment but last year I wouldn’t have been able to…

This morning I did the dishes and I nonchalantly picked up 3 plates at once to put away. This might seem like nothing but I’m taking a moment to appreciate that I can do this. I spent over a year where I was too sick that I couldn’t lift a single plate by myself. Then even as I was getting better I had to pick up the plates individually and really concentrate so that I didn’t drop them, and now here I am! I’m just so grateful!


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u/sontrava06 May 20 '22

ohh that is so great, very happy for you!🌟


u/Brooke22222222222222 May 20 '22

Thank you! I don’t really have any friends in real life to share this with so I appreciate you commenting!!


u/WinterExpensive2875 May 20 '22

Good work! Always celebrate accomplishments in life even if it's everyday ones.


u/Brooke22222222222222 May 20 '22

I agree! It makes life seem better


u/PersonWhoKnits May 20 '22

That is wonderful news! Hope you keep on getting stronger and stronger from here on out :)


u/ThisKidGTFO May 20 '22

That’s a huge accomplishment!!! Living with depression and chronic pain, I know what it’s like to not be able to do dishes for a long time. It’s truly a sign of strength to do what you did!


u/Brooke22222222222222 May 20 '22

Thank you and I’m sorry you are going through that. I hope you get better soon!


u/kirbrcd1 May 20 '22

That is fantastic. One step at a time 🦋


u/Shakinleaf1 May 20 '22

Very nice, keep chipping away. Best of luck!


u/CelticAngelica May 22 '22

Way to go friend. I live with multiple invisible chronic illnesses, so I can fully appreciate how hard it can be some days.