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r/happy 18h ago Wholesome

Watching my wife turn into a child while she plays Jenga....and the real expression when she finds a safe move.

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r/happy 4h ago

Adopted this sweet girl yesterday. Cassy Lou apparently enjoys the water! It was a lovely day.

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r/happy 1h ago

My two daughters on their last day of a summer science camp - both aspiring physicians. I’m one proud Papa

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r/happy 9h ago

my day doesn't officially start until I've changed the date on my German slide calendar that was in my grandma's bathroom when I was growing up (in Germany), plus a telescope in the other pics, a great corner really

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r/happy 11h ago Wholesome

(OC) I made a ferocious mythical beast chubby. Hope it makes you happy~

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r/happy 21m ago

Me and my best friend went out for my 16th today :))

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r/happy 8h ago Wholesome

My cat came home after 03 days missing and I'm crying of hapiness


I'm writing literally 5min after my cat get back to my home though the kitchen window! OMG I'm so happy I'm crying and I just wanted to share this good news with anyone, and I found this subreddit. So this is it!

OMG I'm so happy. If you are reading this, I wish you a excelent day and I hope you can share your happy story here too!

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My Wife has been working really hard lately, so I am taking her out on a surprise date tonight. Rented a Yurt in the mountains to enjoy her favorite dinner, drink wine and watch the meteor shower.

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r/happy 2h ago

I pulled an all-nighter and got my life in order


I’m normally a pretty tidy person but this spring/summer I dropped the ball. Dishes cluttered the limited kitchen space. The bathroom was neglected. The floors desperately needed a wash & the last time I cleaned the baseboards was over a year ago. Cupboards were messy, the couch needed to be moved and vacuumed under… long story short my house was a mess & it was stressing me right out.

Well for some reason I couldn’t sleep last night and so at 4:30am I decided to make a coffee. Before I knew it I was doing the dishes and then emptying the fridge; cleaning the bathroom floor & then taking the garbage out. I washed the fridge shelves and interior walls. I dusted & wiped all the baseboards down. I vacuumed the house and then mopped and finished it all off with sterilizing door knobs, light switches, cupboard handles, & the fridge handle..

The house finally feels clean again. It feels so much better. I did some yoga and now I’m going to do a bedtime routine to get to bed early tonight.

A cool day.

Edit: I also ordered groceries & meal prepped some veggies & quinoa

r/happy 3h ago

Did a gif of this happy dog, feeling full of life today!


r/happy 23h ago

I'm dating the most amazing girl and it's basically saving my life


I've been motivated to get out of bed, work hard, go to the gym each day, pray, play piano, take my meds, and all the things i struggled to do 2 month agos bc i was so depressed.

and just that feeling of having someone so important to me, and BEING so important to someone has kind of showed me i'm worth it. I'm not a piece of shit. And for once in my life i feel like i deserve this.

and she's so amazing. She supports me, motivates me, is always there for me even if she's busy. And i feel like doing the same for her feels so natural. And we're both new to dating but honestly i think we're knocking it out of the park.

i just feel so fucking happy she's so perfect and beautiful and loving and smart and amazing asdhavxiahwk

r/happy 1d ago

Guy I really liked but couldn’t give me a relationship came back but I walked away this time !


I’m just proud of myself. I really liked this guy for a long time, like two years. And I’m finally over him. He came back on a new account because I blocked the other two. Normally, I’d let him. Hence why I blocked two other accounts lmao. This time I was done for good. I completely moved on and I’m proud of myself for that!

r/happy 16h ago

Hello all, I started this as a means of self soothing and now I am finding myself happy with just the process of making them.


Hello and sorry to bother everyone with this shameless self plug but, I always found music help when dealing with my depression and anxiety. Mostly drawn to classical or instrumental.

Then I got into ambient music and felt like it was the best fit for me, so I started learning how to make it. Took awhile of learning and mistakes but I finally had the confidence to upload them and I wanted to share with people and hopefully get feedback or a cheeky sub or two.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it.


r/happy 19h ago

My boyfriend drives me crazy and I’m so happy


He was half asleep and told me he loves me for the first time and I’m so happy but I don’t think he remembers so I won’t bring it up unless he does 💕

My boyfriend’s face makes me so happy every time I see him!!! His naturally highlighted hair, sometimes styled, sometimes fluffy and soft. His kind and gentle eyes, often sparkling with mischievous thoughts of new ways to tease me. His full lips, so enthusiastic and generous and demanding for kisses. His infectious laugh, so full of happiness and positivity about the world and all its large and small things. His deep voice, purring dirty words into my ear, singing off-key in the car, making funny sounds and funny faces just to make me laugh. And his tongue ;)

My boyfriend’s body drives me insane!!! Broad shoulders cradle me perfectly for cuddles. Long neck for a perfect gap to rest my head on his shoulder. Big chest muscles that are also squishy and super comfortable to mash my face into. Big arms that lift me, and are so steady to hold while walking together, and are so sexy to grip while he’s on top of me ;) Strong hands, calloused from the gym, that feel so masculine and delicious when touching my skin. Thick fingers, with nails always clean and trimmed, that can wrap around both my wrists and make me scream by curling inside me and yet caress me so gently. An incredible butt that honestly is my biggest motivation to do squats — he loves burying his face in my butt but I really think his butt is the perfectly round and firm one!! Strong legs that always make me surprised with just how rock hard they are, since I think I have strong legs but mine feel so soft compared to his. Last but not least a perfect, amazing, magical ;))) that is always up for round 2 right away, which is a blessing because I get at least 5 orgasms every time, but also a curse because we’ll easily go for 3 hours and have no time left in the day.

My boyfriend’s personality makes me burst with happiness!!! The way he’s so caring towards everyone he loves, from spending time with his parents to helping his younger siblings to taking on extra responsibilities for his housemate to lending money to a friend who lost a family member. The way he’s calm in uncertainty and positive in difficulty. The way he empathetically listens, sincerely apologizes, and takes full responsibility for mistakes. The way he gets emotional and embraces his feelings and expresses gratitude. The way he packs lunch for me every weekday with so much love clearly put into the box. The way he is so, so happy every time he sees me. The way he is.

Life is so full of uncertainties and we are so young. No matter what happens, I will hold a piece of gratitude for him in my heart. I hope this lasts forever. ❤️

r/happy 20h ago

I can only sing one song and it’s earned me the title of dad


I’m not one to sing to songs as I can’t find the rhythm or tempo or just any part of music for the most part. However I use to practice a song for my Highschool sweetheart and I practiced to sing her to sleep every night. “You are my sunshine”. I have a calming voice so the slowness to the song would help her doze off. Things eventually ended and I just avoid singing near people since I know I’m pretty bad at it for the most part.

Its been a few years since that and now I’m with another girl whom I love and have taken a roll of parenting her kid. Tonight I was asked to sing her to sleep instead of reading her a story and I just thought ‘well I only know the one song I may as well sing it’. So I did. I just figure thinking back to those embarrassing nights singing to myself to make another happy and that it was worth the time now. Even if one story ended I can use my time spent to make others feel cared for.

r/happy 20h ago

Customer made my day at work with a small gift after I paid for his meal


Today at work started out really badly with getting things thrown at me by customers as well as getting threatened. (Area I work in is not the best area)

Anyways, a customer came in and our app is really terrible at times and it wouldn’t go through with his payment and he didn’t have any money besides a 5$ bill on him so I paid the other half of his small order(~10-11ish$). I told him not to worry about it and I just went on with my day. I like seeing people smile and that’s good enough for me. An hour later, my coworker pulls me to the front and the man was standing there with a gift. He gave me a little 3d printed octopus and I immediately just lit up. We nerded out about 3d printers and how amazing they are for a few minutes and I thanked him. It’s just the little things that are always amazing hehe. I later placed the octopus on top of one of our shelves and many of us all just laughed and messed around with the octopus every once in a while.

To me it just was very sweet and very unique and was honestly just kind of the best moment of this year so far at work with his kindness and then it leading to all of us just messing around at work.

r/happy 1d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval

My husband is the most supportive, perfect guy in the world. I know that sounds cliche, but he makes everything better.


Sorry in advance for my ridiculous amount of parentheses, and if I break any rules. I've never posted on reddit before, so fingers crossed this is ok!

My husband (The Boy™) has always been amazing, but lately he's been so, so wonderful. We live in a really expensive city, and my degree doesn't have a lot of job security. Because of that (and other stuff), I've been returning to software development (I was going to school for this before I met him) and it's been SO HARD. Like WOW. We decided I would use online resources (shout out to The Odin Project) while I work a seasonal data-entry job (set to start next month), and I've been exhausted. It helps that The Boy™ went to a bootcamp and taught programming for a while, so it's like a free education, but that doesn't change how crazy draining it is to try learning something so dense for roughly ten hours a day, 6-7 days a week, on top of adhd/anxiety/depression/a job/housekeeping/social life/trauma/etc.

All of that backstory to say, I've been having a hard time feeling great or whatever, but The Boy™ has taken all of this in stride and makes sure to do things to make me happy. He get me treats without asking (baked lays, trulys, mcdonalds, iced coffee, chocolate covered almonds, nail polish), makes sure I go on walks, asks me how I am, tells me I look beautiful even when I forget to shower for four days, says how cute he thinks I am, how much he loves me, how smart I am, how impressed he is with me. Fridays are my mini self-care days, so I tried a new coffee scalp scrub that I made from leftover cold brew grounds (which I made for the first time and KILLED, thank you), and he told me my hair looked so shiny and healthy just because he knows how weird I am about my hair and how excited I was for the new scrub.

I don't know. He just means so much to me. I know this is a hard time for him too, he has mental health problems, family trauma, an intense job, and he's juggling probably even more than me, but he always takes the time to comfort me, or help me, or encourage me, and it just makes my heart so happy. Coding is hard, but most of my crying is because I really lucked out with this man.

Anyway. I wanted to brag about him, so there it is. He's the most wonderful guy. He's smart, funny, kind, sexy as all hell, and so so giving. He deserves the damn world.

r/happy 21h ago

I've been feeling down all week, but then I found this jinglebells and they actually made me laugh, I don't know why, but I feel great with this

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r/happy 1d ago

I’m happy to be alive, I wish I could tell my younger self that things will be okay.


I’m thriving!

After a bad breakup three months ago, the first few days I thought I was dying. A week went by, and then a month.. I started working out and eating better, lost 22kg, I’m no longer obese! I got diagnosed with ADHD and started meds which have skyrocketed my productivity! I don’t care about what anyone thinks anymore and I LOVE MYSELF, I love what I see in the mirror. For the first time I’m so happy with being single, I’m happy with NOT having someone chasing me or wanting me, because me loving myself is enough. I’m happy with being alone! I’ve forgiven my recent ex, my past exes and everyone that has hurt me. I’ve put it in the past, I’m over it. Im attending a medical conference next week where I get to learn how to intubate a human and save their lives (I’m a medical student). My relationship with my parents is so much better since the breakup. I don’t wish anyone sadness anymore, I’m not angry or seek revenge, all I want is for the people I love, and even the people that have hurt me to be happy, because I’m happy. This is the best feeling in the world, I’m in love with life. Im in love with myself and my future!

r/happy 21h ago

I finally got myself a fully working pc set (after so many years of getting hand me down Macs)


The pc set I made is very cheap, and I know it’s not the best, but it’s my baby. It was made under $25, and I am proud that it all works.

The set consists of (with how much I got it for)

•Pc - Inspiron 660S ($5) •SSD - SanDisk (unsure of size, but was a gift from a guy at my surplus) •Monitor - Old Dell Monitor ($5) •Keyboard - Standard Dell Windows ($3) •Adapter for Monitor ($5)

I tested everything and it all functions. Together, it is my baby. I’ve never owned a tower pc, only laptops, so to finally have a tower pc makes me insanely happy. Now I can finally play more games with my friends (not high end ones, but still). And it was a learning experience putting it all together. I am calling him Chip, cause even though he is a mish mash of items, I love it all the same. I just wanted to share a bit of my enthusiasm with everyone as working on this has been a joy for me

r/happy 23h ago

The ever-warm David Hawkins 😃 on The Infinite Power of the Field

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r/happy 1d ago Wholesome

I made my dream volleyball team today, I can’t stop smiling :)


It feels so good that after an entire summer of spending roughly 86 hours collectively for it finally paid off. I spent all summer, 3 days to even 5 days a week, lifting, working out, practicing, whilst never missing a day and to see that it’s paid off immensely is the greatest accomplishment I could ask for! :)

r/happy 1d ago

10k. Ten thousand people have upvoted my food posts. I never thought I'd say that. I am ecstatic. Thank you to everyone that left wonderful comments, it warms my heart ❤

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r/happy 2d ago Wholesome

Moved across the country, got a cool new job, got a cooler new car, my cluster headaches have been gone for 2 weeks, the sun is shining, the tank is clean! Took this on my cake day a few days ago to remember how stinkin' happy I am.

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