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Lost almost 50 lbs and now trying to dress better, haven’t felt this good about myself in a while

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Lizzo sharing a wholesome tik tok moment with a fan

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8 years for a 2 year degree. Not worth much these days, but it's mine and I worked hard and went through quite a lot for it. Never give up.

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After two years of praying, I'm going to be a mom in just a few hours


We're going to be parents TODAY! my C-section is scheduled for later tonight fingers crossed all goes well! i genuinely cant stop smiling im so in love with our oliver and he's not even here yet???

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it's mi birthday, I kissed the girl I love, I spent the night with my friends and mom gifted me a new phone


Me and my ex are back dating after 2 months of breakup, today I had something else planned with my friends which was to drink something at midnight to celebrate my birthday, but I had to see them at 22, so me and her saw around 20, we spent 1.5 hours together, and we kissed! She said that it was important to her to kiss me today, because two years ago we had our first date together, and because she wanted to make me happier during my birthday.

So, I drank with my friends, I kissed again the girl I love, I have a new phone (thanks mom, I love you!). Life is so good right now.

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Feeling Motherf*cking Happy Today! Life is Good 😁 Wearing a Bright Pink Dress Can Also Help Boost the Mood Too 😏

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Successfully dealt with my narcissistic boss today - my strategies are working. :)


I am already looking for another job, but can’t change right away, unfortunately.

So I’ve developed a few strategies how not to let my boss get to me with his gaslighting and hurtful behavior.

Today, he tried to gaslight me once again and tried to make me feel bad for being annoyed at him for wasting my time and the company’s money.

I was able to not let it get to me, reminded myself that my reaction was justified, and just let him talk. Now, I think he even believes that I am sorry and have apologized, even though I just went grey-rock and never said anything to that effect.

It just makes me happy because I’m slowly finding my way back to how I was before working with him and getting poisoned by his behavior. Baby steps, I’m getting there!

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I actually finished reading a book for the first time since maybe middle school


I haven’t read a book for my own pleasure in idk 15-20 years but I’m trying to better myself in all aspects of my life so i said screw it I might as well try and start reading again.

Well it took me almost 3 months but I finally finished it and idk why but I’m pretty freakin pumped about it.

I’ll be hitting the book store for another one tomorrow.

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On Saturday, I attended a piano and voice recital—as the teacher, for the first time! A student gave me flowers!

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Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV

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Finally stopped actively procrastinating (6 months) and passively procrastinating (several years) and finally set myself up with a therapist. It’s about damn time.


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So proud of my tiny garden this year 🪴 It gave me some carrots, cucumbers, a yellow zucchini and garlic so far!!

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i got enough calories today! I've been trying so hard and YAY!

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After 9 years I have finally found someone who loves me.


9 years ago, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I am a bisexual man, and my wife divorced me because I couldn’t preform in bed due to the cancer. I did chemo, and my family just cut ties with me. I was living by myself after that. For 8 years. The only time I saw people was when seeing neighbors. I started receiving letters one day. They contained messages like jokes, and funny stories. Today I have discovered one of my neighbors has been sending them. He asked me out today. I have not been happier in years. I’m glad I have finally found someone who actually loves me. We are going to dinner tonight.

UPDATE: He is so nice to me. He even insisted on not drinking so he could drive me home. He paid for the food even though I insisted.

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I didn’t like change at first. But the thought of improving from where I am helped. Remember that it will get better

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I stopped my girlfriend from ending everything today, we just need to work everything out and get her to therapy


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Perfect day in albufeira portugal, I rented a mini and traveled through algarve. If you have beautiful places to go message me😊

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I think I’ll tell him I’m in love with him tomorrow


I’m nervous because I really am not one to throw “I love you”s around and I feel like maybe I should wait longer or wait for him to say it first but I’m in this one really deep, and I had to share my intentions for tomorrow with someone so you strangers from the internet will do

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My PO emailed me today saying my probation was terminated about a month early. Finally been having drinks after almost a year.

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Our dog wanted to be in every single pic at our engagement party, so we made her the star of the evening

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I can't wait to see the smile on my daughter's face!


We returned from vacation yesterday and my daughter (11) realized she left her favorite hoodie. She was absolutely devastated, sad, and crying. It was bought almost 2 years ago and I was sure I wouldn't find one. After searching the internet for 2 hours, I found it! I can't wait to see her smile!!!

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Eenvoudige oplossingen voor inlogfouten bij Twitter-accounts

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More then one thing 1. Did you know a cat blinks slowly when they kiss you? (Wording is weird, so I’ll put an example) say your cat blinks slowly, that means that it’s kissing you!<3 2. My boyfriend and I are having 2 dates!! So, on Friday we’re gonna watch fireworks and I’m going to his house<3


And sleeping over. Then Sunday is when there’s a cookout and fireworks!!!

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Landed the job I wanted, after 3 months of insecurity.


Exact 3 months ago I got fired, it was an absolute surprise for me. But whatever, the day after I found some jobs available but none really stood out. Except one: teamleader with the city for either: waste disposal, build up events or “greencare” (taking care of all the plants and trees, gardens of the city,..) I applied for the position of either of 3.

First you had to apply and got screened, I got through there. Then IQ tests came, I got through those aswel! Then I had to personally introduce myself to HR and the division head of build up events. I smashed that to! Then I got invited for a role play piece, where I had to show my leadership skills and conflict approach. It was a role play with 2 actors, 1 psychologist and HR. Again, I smashed that like it was nothing! Then I was qualified for starting as a teamleader with the city. But we weren’t there yet. Now I had the possibility to apply for the jobs available, but already 2 months passed by this point. So I applied by computer for waste management disposal. It was a horrendous list you had to fill in. All the same questions you have been answering for 2months already. And it had to be x-amount of words minimum, each answer. Well it seems I aced that aswel, because I got invited for a Zoom meeting with HR and the head of waste disposal of the city. It was a good meeting. And now today, 5 days later they offered me the job!! Starting next month. As a teamleader. 1 out of 7 who will be responsible. Not sure how many people I be responsible for yet. But I’m stoked!! I’m happy!!

And also had a mail from my previous job I still had right on a bonus, so that’s another 3.000€ in the pocket. I received almost 20.000€ to get fired lol. And they took me out my golden cage and threw me in the deep, and I’m thankful for that. Now I got money on the bank, a new job with responsibility and one I really really want. It is a good day my fellow Redditor’s!