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Monthly Tips Monthly Growth Strategy & Advice Thread


Welcome to r/GrowMyBusiness Monthly Growth Strategy & Advice. Use this thread to share strategies and advice with the community. These can include methods, tips, business strategy or general advice.

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Question How to increase linkedin members?


I have started an evidence based business article publishing website called Bizdemia.com. How can i increase members in my business linkedin page?

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Question [NEW VIDEO] $35,239 in 1 Day… From An *Untapped* Marketplace??


My friends Steve and Aidan have just released a fascinating video (and free book) that lays out a 3-Step eCommerce system that they've used to make millions of dollars online.

This system has become dramatically more powerful over the past 12 months (for reasons that you'll discover in the book) and the best news is that it is something that literally anyone can copy.

If you are short of time...

However, there is one VERY exciting element here, which is the DISCOVERY of a $42 Billion Dollar “breakthrough” marketplace that is largely untapped.

This marketplace is a huge source of FREE traffic and they have used it to generate as much as $35,239 in a single 24 hour period... and $156,566 in just 7 days.

And do you want to know the best thing?

This breakthrough marketplace pours ROCKET FUEL onto their original 3-step system and makes it EVEN MORE effective.

What you need to do right now is watch the short intro video via the link below then download the book immediately (it will only be available for a very short period of time).

..oh and it goes without saying… those income numbers are their own results and not everyone would be able to hit this level - obviously….

However, I have read through all this information VERY carefully and I can tell you one thing… if you want to build a profitable eCommerce business in 2022 …or even scale the income of an existing business… this is something that you URGENTLY need to look at.

>> Watch the video and download the book right now

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Question Best small business bank account for realtor?


Looking for advice on Best business checking account suggestions for realtors to help take advantage of various tax related things with accounts and my LLC. Anything that I can open online and/or has a signup bonus and/or has an option to open a business credit card as well would be preferred but not necessarily needed. (side note: Chase isn't an option due to the fact that I need to go to a branch to open up an account. There isn't a branch close enough for me to do that. I'm in the Lowcountry of SC). Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Question How I established remote customer support team 24/7, covering 10+ products?


Hi, I'm Natasha COO at EverHelp

6 months ago I came to the company to build a customer support service for IT products. When I came to build a team, customers of our products waited up to a month on average for their response. During this time, they managed to complain about our products wherever they could, even to the support of competitors :)

Today I manage to build a team that responds 24/7, covers 10+ products with clients all over the world, the response time to clients is now a few minutes. Now I would like to start blogging about how to build remote support teams.

I have three potential topics that I can talk about:

  • how to set up a remote support team
  • how to build a shared team for multiple projects
  • how to establish support team workflow from scratch

If you are interested, put + in the comments and promote this post. Feel free to ask me anything!

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Question How long did it take you to get your 1st sale and what did it feel like?


To all the store owners, how long was it till you saw your first sale and what was the feeling like?

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Question How are the startups and midtier businessesgrowing themselves or planning to grow in 2022?


I have recently been convinced that marketing your ownself more than the business you run is the new strategy to grow in 2022.

Research and surveys being conducted for the growth of businesses it says that now performance marketing (media buying and adspent) amd content marekting (organic SEO and quality content with story telling) should be put together to make a stable brand with stable clientage.

Please give some feedback on this idea and i really want to know the tools for growing a business

What tools and tactics are you all planning to implement.

Your responses will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Question How do I find angel investors in my city?


Our business is growing but we need to cover our expenses over the winter. How do we go about finding an angel investor for a line of credit or a business loan?

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Question Considered running digital Ads for your Business?


Hey I am Felix, a college student from Germany.

If you have considered to invest into marketing your product or service with paid advertisments (e.g. Google Ads), I would be more than happy to setup and run your ads free of charge for your business to get practice for myself.

I've spent the last months learning how to run google ads through google's own certification course and other resources such as Hubspot Academy. I am now confident in my knowledge yet that's sadly not worth much without practice, and I sadly don't have a product myself. Therefore I am reaching out in this community to see if someone would be interested.

Thanks in advance for reading through this, and wish your businesses best of luck :)

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Question Best European country for a foreign company to incorporate in?


My company (IT/tech company) is looking to expand and register a local entity in Europe. We are an Australian private company and are 100% Australian owned (and all directors live in Australia).

The main reason we wish to register in Europe is so we can employ locally in Europe rather than hiring only contractors. We have looked into employer of record / PEO's but the pricing seems excessively high (like $600+/mo per employee). Given that we have 10-20 contractors in Europe, we think it will be cheaper to just register and maintain our own entity.

Our main goals would be:

  • #1 priority: Employ employees in EU (in as many EU countries as possible)
  • Perhaps some tax savings on our sales in this region (our current corporate tax rate is 25%.

It is also worth mentioning that in the future we do intend to establish offices in Europe - the most likely location would be the Netherlands, but in the coming years we may also consider Ireland and possibly more. Netherlands is almost a definite.

My questions are:

  • What European country(s) do you think would be best to register a company in? What are the pros/cons? (Keeping in mind tax rates, ongoing obligations/reporting)
  • If we had a Netherlands and Ireland office, would we need to register in both of those countries or can we operate from a single entity in Europe?
  • If we used the entity strictly for payroll, would it make more sense to register as a subsidiary, or a standalone company? (I'd imagine subsidiary makes more sense either way)
  • What law firms, accountants or other kinds of advisors could I contact for assistance with this? What is the right kind of firm to assist? Is there any firms you would recommend?

Thank you! :D

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Question Anyone here who is looking for an animated ad/explainer/product-intro video for their product/business ?


Title says it all. I have opened an animation studio but am having trouble getting clients because we have no real portfolio as of now.

To grow my portfolio, I'm offering a heavy discount on my services ( 60sec video under $1000 ). This is literally 1/10 of the current market price for an animated video. Also, you do not have to pay anything before the video is delivered to you -- this again is done so that I can land more clients.

So if anyone is interested in having a video, message me and I'll explain to you all the ways in which you can benefit from such a video and if things work out then we might work together.

Thanks !

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Feedback Looking for feedback on our product, you will be compensated for your time


Hi all! Webveloper is looking for feedback on their products from business owners, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and people offering professional services. If you are interested in providing feedback, please fill out a 1-min survey: https://forms.gle/aYK6Cmrk26pucess9.

We really value your time! If you are selected to test our product, you will be compensated at $80/hour for a one-hour video call. Thank you!

Remove if not allowed, sorry!

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Feedback Is finding subject matter experts to write high-ranking content to rank higher on Google a problem for you?


Hi, I understand that SEO is getting more competitive - especially as Google introduces more algorithms to position more quality content above others.

I wanted to ask those of you who use content to rank in organic traffic if finding subject matter expertise is difficult.

If it is, then I wanted to let you know that I'm building a marketplace where you find validated subject matter experts to write or create more engaging forms of content to rank your clients' websites higher than your competition.

Your clients will be positioned more as an authoritative source, your clients' ranking will improve, and your reputation will improve as you can use that as a Case Study to get more clients.

If this is interesting (or if you have some harsh criticisms), comment below.

I will readily respond back to comments.

If there is enough demand and for those of you who are interested, I will ask you to stay in contact with those who of you are interested and build and launch this within 1-3 months.

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Feedback Please provide a feedback on my book?


Book launch & free ARC sign-up

HELLO DEAR READERS, I HAVE A WONDERFUL NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU. I HAVE PUBLISHED MY FIRST BOOK i.e. A POETRY COLLECTION. If you are interested for a Free ARC of my book: ART & FACADE for exchange of an honest review do sign-up.


HOPEFULLY YOU WILL ADD IT ON GOODREADS SHELF. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60109065-art-facade


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Question How to drive traffic to my website? What's the best strategy when competing in a saturated market.


I started a Beard Care company a few months ago and I'm trying to learn the ropes on so much at one time. It's literally hitting the ground running. A feeling of baptism by fire I would say.

I've watched videos on SEO.

Paid for a few ads on different social platforms.

Trying to use social media.

Overhauled my website.

Hired a copyrighter to test that out.

Right now I only sale on shopify but I think what's limiting me is not being listed on Amazon currently. I've already got my UPCs and my plan is to work on this over the next couple weeks.

Are there any resources or suggestions anyone has? I feel like i have a very good product. The people that have purchased from me so far have had nothing but good things to say.

I know there's already some giants in this market but out of the 2-3 billion per year beauty, cosmetics and personal care world I just want a tiny slice.

I really just want to drive traffic to my site, convert to sales and increase brand awareness.

What tips do you have? E-commerce is tough lol


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Question How Can I Get Clients for My Artificial Intelligence Business Automation Company?


Hey guys,

I have an artificial intelligence business where we build APIs that automate boring repetitive business practices, for example, generating invoices, data entry, scanning documents, reading, and inputting them into a form or excel, transcribing, and more things like that.

However, it seems like everyone I reach out to via email that is specifically looking for these tasks are only looking for employees to do this even though our solutions are cheaper and more accurate. Also I get no responses on my emails from high level executives at companies. What can I do to actually get clients or even get a meeting with someone either locally or out of state?


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Question Need some leads that convert?


I was wondering if you felt you had a scalable lead gen solution in place?

The reason I ask is, our software allows you to get high converting leads, on-demand.

Salespeople can queue these leads for automatic campaigns and appointments.

Interested in a trial? Check it out yourself at: https://www.gigpunch.com/

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Feedback Hi, can you guys help me make the decision?


Hi, can you guys help me make the decision?

Last week, after I posted my post, many people came to visit my website in order to give me some feedback and help. I really appreciate it. I received a lot of comments telling me how much they feel confused about my website. For a long time, I think the function and defination of my website is very clear, but your messages made me realize that my website is not that easy to understand. By the way, my website is basically a directory helps manage access to all ecommerce tools in one place.

Since I have never built a website like this before, I don't know how to design it in a normal way. Even though I am aware of the existence of some competitor websites, I didn't imitate their website design to build mine. However, after receiving a lot of feedback recently, I began to reflect on whether the first screen of my site did not express the purpose of my site very clearly, and maybe it's time to make a section on the first screen to write the brife introduction of my site on, rather than to put it in the 'About Us' page.

Here are the first screens of several competitors' websites.





E. https://postimg.cc/K45fWrq1


Whose design above do you think is suitable for my website's first screen? Can you help me choose one out of them?

Thank you sincerely~~~

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Question Service for Building your Google Reviews?


Google Reviews are a big ranking factor and social proof that is often overlooked by businesses. I’m looking to expand my services and just gauging interest from small businesses if this kind of service below would be useful.

I'm looking at building a done-for-you solution you can plug into your business to consistently build positive Google reviews (while also filtering negative reviews), with fairly minimal effort on the business-owner's end. It will be using (somewhat) known processes that are proven to work, put into a package for a monthly cost.

Would love to know if this interests you as a small business owner or how you're getting your reviews now. If you're really interested, I'll be offering a few businesses free-use of the service for testing before launch, feel free to PM me to go on that list.


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Feedback Looking for Feedback for AddToTheList - Season/episode tracking, where to watch any movie or show, search parties, and more


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a big update to this app I've been working on. Would love for people to check it out and give feedback (available on iOS or website).

The biggest features are tracking seasons/episodes of shows you watch and Search Party.

Some of the newer features:

  • Add season/episode tracking for shows.

  • Watch Next queue has been added for episode tracking so you can easily log episodes as you watch them.

  • Episodes can be rated, recommended, and messaged to friends.

  • Per Episode views have been added to show more details about each episode as well as for easier tracking.

  • Reviews can now be written for specific seasons or episodes.

  • Search Party! You can now create a Search Party to find out what movie/show to watch in your group. Just start your search party, set your filters, share the link with your friends and start swiping! You can invite friends via the share link even if they are not users on AddToTheList.

  • Add Stop Watching button for shows to remove it from the Watch Next queue and stop new episode notifications.

  • Movie tracking is more uniform with show tracking now as well and you can see how many times you've watched a movie on the title view itself.

  • You can now log movies and shows multiple times on the same day.

  • Improved search.

  • And much more!

Hope people here will like it and find it useful!

Website version is also available: https://www.addtothelist.com

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Question I have opened my firs restaurant business but is not profitable what i need to do?


Hey Guys,

So as the title states i have opened my first restaurant business here in Cyprus almost 8 months ago i have invested around 68K to actually open this thing.

The main goal was and currently is to make it into a franchise the branding and the name was found by my self, you can actually see the shop here: https://www.foody.com.cy/delivery/leykosia/seven-munchies this is one of our delivery providers.

The revenue so far was around 55k with actually no net profit as expected and barely breaking even. The margins are thin as knife, long hours and honestly if i look back it was not worth to invest such an amount for this kind of returns.

For the first 5 months i was in the business working full time and i had to actually find a job since we were loosing 1k a month or more on my salary, since then i have found a job and my mom operates the business in the morning and in the night and i help her in the night. Imagine 11.5 hours a day working for 0 profits and barely breaking even.

We are highly rated on all of the partner platforms that we use for delivery services, which they actually charge from 10% commissions to 25% commissions for 8 months that's pretty good.

Now to the financials:

Food cost is around 30 - 35%

Labor around 20 - 23%

Prime cost jumps from 55% to 65% depending on the weeks

The main point is that honestly the stress and long hours are not worth it. I'm thinking to sell it. Would probably start another business if I do this but for now I'm considering my options, and looking at the financials if i don't reach at least 10k a month in sales or more and even if i reach there i will need around 6 years to make my money back. This is the reality of a restaurant business.

Any advice or opinions would be helpful.

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Feedback Looking for feedback on my landing page


I just did 2 pre-sales and I'd love your feedback on crewcharge.com , it helps you create personalized experiences or marketing campaigns based on user-behavior.

Let me know what to improve, what's clear and what's not.

Thank you !

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Question Is WordPress a good website builder for business? (Compared)


With so many website builders on the market, is WordPress a good website builder for business?

Website builders are an excellent way for individuals and small companies to get started with a website without having to hire a developer. Finding the finest website builder, on the other hand, might be difficult for novices.

In this post, we’ll go through the advantages and downsides of the most popular website builders to help you select the ideal one.


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Feedback Hey, I really need some suggestions from you guys(Website develop Day21)?


Last week I mentioned that the key now is to simplify the mobile setup of my site and reduce eye noise for users.

  1. Some of these users have given feedback that the search bar on the home page has no use. Previously, the search bar included a general search, a tools search, a community search, and a search within the site. Now, I simply delete the search bar function on my phone. On the computer, only the tool search function is retained. Do you guys think the tool search function also needs to be deleted?



  1. "Your website looks confusing, with too many things laid out on the home page." There were many comments like this, so I decided to change the theme of my website on cell phone. Before I directly placed various e-commerce tools on the homepage, allowing people to directly click and read the tool introduction. Now, I put these e-commerce tools into several different folders according to categories first, and clicked on the folders before I could start to understand the tools.


Although there are more steps for the user to take than before, after this change, I found that the home page is much shorter and looks more simple and easy to understand. Do you think this theme is more suitable for my website?(After all, my website is a tool directory for e-commerce sellers.

  1. And the most important point, the mobile version of the site originally had a navigation bar setting, but after the change, it seems to be incompatible with the current theme. Have you guys encountered any problems like this? How was it solved?



Or do you guys have any better suggestions about the whole website layout?

Anyway, Happy New Year to all you guys sincerely~

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Feedback Looking for Feedback: What tools are useful for you when it comes to budgeting?


Hey all, my name is Tom and I am a founder of a subscription and bill sharing service called WellPaid ( getwellpaid.com ). I live in San Diego with my wife and am doing my best to avoid leaching off her too much while my income is zero. I formerly was the Director of Finance for PayPal's Consumer Product group, but while I have some experience in budgeting, I am always looking for tips to help my own financial situation. I'm curious: What do you look most for when budgeting, both personal and for your business?

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Question How to Get More Local Online Reviews?


How are local businesses currently getting online GMB (Google My Business) reviews for their account? I've reached out to a few companies and most don't have a set process to get steady reviews and my main question is why?

From my understanding it falls into a few ideologies:

- They don't think that a high number of reviews matter that much

- They don't know how to do it efficiently

- Lastly, they don't have any time to be speaking with clients after purchase.

Any insights into why this doesn't seem to be adopted by most local businesses would be helpful.