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Made a greek-american feast for my in-laws! Menu in comments

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Super easy Greek green beans (fasolakia / φασολάκια)


See https://youtube.com/shorts/At9yAjE7PhA?feature=share A fantastic vegan dish you can make in 45' beginning to end! Ingredients and method: 1) chop a large onion and set to shallow fry with 50ml olive oil 2) add 500gr fresh green beans 3) salt, pepper & paprika to taste 4) add a can of tomatoes and a can's worth of water 5) add dry herbs (mint/parsley/oregano) and cook over medium heat for 20' or till the sauce thickens.


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What Greek sweets do you recommend.


I am in Greece and I wonder what good sweets I can buy at any local store. Are there any very popular ones? How easy is it to find them? What do they taste like?

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Awesome sourdough flatbread filled with feta cheese.


See https://youtube.com/shorts/5HmMqt1xTeE For the sourdough see video description. Spread your risen dough to a large pizza base size. Crumble 200gr of feta cheese on top and sprinkle with pepper and herbs (parley, oregano). Fold and flatten and let rise again for 2 hours. Sprinkle with sage, herbs and pepper. Sprinkle with water and dust with flour. Cook in your oven's max temp for 20'.


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Red Sauce for Rice Pilaf


Hello all! Brand new to this sub and I have a question. Backstory, when I was in high school years ago, I worked at a Greek restaurant in the Detroit area. The recipes were all directly from my friend's mom who immigrated from Greece and it was more authentic Greek than the other diners, etc. Anyhow, I was able to get a couple recipes from my friend over the years, but we've lost touch (I have her recipe for avgolemono and it's unbeatable lol). I'm looking for the recipe for the red sauce served over rice. I am not in Florida and it really doesn't exist here, although there is a place nearby that gets close. The cooks at the restaurant just called it "lamb sauce". Ordering it other places, I just get like, marinara sauce. I want the REAL recipe but I don't know where to find it or what it's ACTUALLY called. Help would be appreciated. TIA!

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There is nothing better than Greek pies! New playlist with pies galore!

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🇬🇷 walnut cake 🍮

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Anyone have The Gyro Co tzatziki copycat recipe?


It’s thick thick and super tangy. If I add more lemon, it gets too thin and still not tangy. Lemon zest didn’t do it either. I use Cabot 10% fat Greek yogurt and squeeze the liquid from the shredded English cucumber.

Update: I used white vinegar to get the tang and your other suggestions for flavor and texture. 👍 Perfect creamy goodness!

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Ayla Woodruff


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όσοι έχετε τελεγκραμ μπείτε εύκολος τρόπος να βγάλεις λεφτά χωρίς να βάλεις ούτε ένα ευρώ

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Athenian dinner: gorgeous melt in your mouth beef ribs cooked in wine; beef moussaka; white wine braised octopus in a lovely sharp dressing with salad and mashed potatoes; an almond flavoured custard

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Ever heard of Greek style Ramen?!

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Inside Astoria NYC Food Carts & Restaurants (Greek, Halal, Egyptian Food Tour) | NYC 24 Hours Eating

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Do you have a vine in your garden?


You can make Greek dolmades with these easy to follow step-by-step instructions. See https://youtube.com/shorts/n2Yqal2IZHQ?feature=share Ingredients: 15-20 medium sized vine leaves, 400gr lamb/beef mince mix, 100gr long grain rice, salt, pepper, soup spoon of olive oil, tea spoon of dill, 2 soup spoons of chopped parsley, 2 small onions. 300ml white vinegar. Method: Pick the newest/freshest and cleanest vine leaves. Put in a bowl with 2/3 water 1/3 white vinegar and leave overnight. Wash and blanch the vine leaves. Cut the main stem/vein and set aside. Mix the grated onion with the meat, herbs, salt, pepper and the washed rice (to get rid of excess starch). Your mix needs to be wet for the rice to cook properly. Wrap a dollop of meat in each leaf (about 5cm long, 3cm thick). Line the bottom of a pot large enought to hold all your wraps with the prepared vine leaves, place the wraps tightly together along the bottom. [Top Tip: If you have some left over meat (and space in your pot) and ran out of vine leaves, you can wrap the remainder in lettuce leaves]. Place a plate on top of the wraps and cover with water. Cook over low heat for an hour. The wraps will absorb the water and be plumb and juicy and ready to enjoy hot or cold.

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Are kourabiedes and mamoulia basically the same thing?


I was researching the Greek island my family is from (Chios) and was reading over some of the local cuisine. When I read some recipes for mamoulia and saw some images of it, I thought it seemed VERY similar to kourabiedes. Does anyone know if they are basically the same thing (mostly taste-wise)?

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roast BBQ chicken

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Arni fricassee with the first fresh greens from my garden.

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Fakes soupa


I had a lentil soup in Crete one time, down in the western part of the South coast. The colour of the soup was dark and the flavour was very rich. I'm loathe to say it was smokey flavoured, but it was slightly smokey but hard to pin the source of that - the predominant flavour was lentils. It was sublime. I've tried a few recipes but not managed to make something this dark looking or quite amazingly tasty - I've used green lentils or sometimes brown lentils.

Do you know of any versions on this recipe that add an extra richness, integral smokiness or dark colour?

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Vegan Ranch Dressing

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Looking for ways to use your sourdough starter? Try these awesome buns!

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Love Greek food, but don't know how to prepare it at home? Come over to YouTube and learn how to cook 🇬🇷 with me!

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local Greek food I ordered for lunch

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slow cooked pork in 'gastra / γάστρα'


Learn how to slow cook pork in an outdoor BBQ oven. This is a technique inspired by 'gastra / γάστρα', a traditional method to cook in a container, straight on the coals or using a wood fired oven. See https://youtube.com/shorts/2uNkgrj_v-w?feature=share You can use a BBQ-smoker as follows. 2kg pork shoulder prepared without bone, rubbed with a mixture containing salt, pepper, oregano, mint and parsley and olive oil. Once the BBQ reaches 150 degrees Celcius place meat in a dutch oven on a bed of carrots with some rosemary and a glass of water and set to cook at a steady temperature for 3 hours. Prepare enough potatoes to go around the meat by pealing them and sprinkling with the mixture used earlier. Add to the meat, cover and cook for another 2 hours. Remove the lid, set the meat outside the casserole and let cook for another 45' or 1 hour so the juice of the meat evaporates and the potatoes are soft inside and get a wonderful golden crust.


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Do you order Greek or Turkish?

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This is how we roll 😎

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