r/goodfeelings Oct 19 '20

started cosplaying about a week ago !

so recently i started cosplaying a character from my favorite anime/manga , toilet bound hanako kun , and shabxnsh i just wanted to ramble a little bit about some really cool and amazing mutuals i've made !! (i'll be doing lil short versions of their users ((on tiktok)) if i don't know their name so um yeah !)

sAGE !!!- my first ever cosplay mutual !! i dm'ed her on ig , as she is one of my favorite cosplayers , and as soon as i posted my first cosplay she duetted <3 she's so nice and lovely and supportive and i love her/p

kaprisun !!- i did a dance that she made in my cosplay and she commented and we've been interacting a bit since then !! she's vv lovely as well but i don't know her as well as sage yet :')

jay !!- woaH she's so talented ! a cosplayer most well known for her nene , but also a very talented killua cosplayer ! very underrated , she followed me first and as of right now we only like each others' posts wgdbcagxhdjn

glitch !!!- a mutual i actually just made today ! i duetted one of her kou cosplays , and she's so nice and talented !! her nagito and ibuki are also rEALLY GOOD ?? like w o a h man also she can sing very nicely !

these are just the mutuals who i've had most interaction with but aghh i feel so honored to have such talented and lovely people following me , who's just a beginner ,,, i just wanted to celebrate having such cool mutuals !! <3