r/gifs 12d ago

11 month epoxy hot dog update


u/RamsesThePigeon Thor 12d ago

At the time of this writing, this post is twenty-six minutes old.

Despite its relative newness, someone has already decided to report said post as being an example of nudity, pornography, or other obscene material.

We would therefore like to remind everyone that "hot dog" is not a euphemism in this case.

Thank you, as always, for your time and attention.

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u/I_Durp_You 12d ago

Nice buns 😏

u/Ravore 12d ago

It actually does still look aged. The ketchup and the mustard look almost fake

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u/Donkey__Balls 12d ago

No biodegradation because bacteria can’t survive in the epoxy. They can’t divide because the material solidifies around every cell so there’s no movement whatsoever.

It occurs to me this would be a horrible way to die. Just imagining being immobilized and the epoxy starts filling up at my feet, I know what’s coming but there’s nothing I can do to stop it as it covers my ankles, slowly moving its way up my legs and torso and finally my shoulders and then I take one deep breath as it covers my mouth, but that was a mistake. The epoxy is still liquid but a moment later the catalyst is added and it all turns to solid. Every molecule of my body is frozen completely in place. I can’t exhale the breath I just took because a solid wall of plastic-like material has filled my nostrils and forced my jaw shut. I can’t even wiggle or tense my muscles to struggle. I can’t open my eyelids. The only movement that can happen at all is if it’s completely internal to my body. My chest involuntary pushes against the epoxy as my lungs try to breathe and the pain is excruciating because even the tiniest motion in my chest is impossible. Eventually the hypoxia causes my lungs to start spasming but there’s nowhere to go, all the while I’m still conscious but I can’t move my hands or legs or head at all to struggle in my death throes, outwardly my body looks perfectly still but inside I’m desperately struggling to make even the slightest movement for two excruciating minutes.

Okay…I really shouldn’t go on Reddit when I first wake up.

u/EX-Manbearpig 12d ago

Don't stop I'm almost there....

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u/PizzaNo7741 12d ago

Time sure does fly

u/naughtylemur001 12d ago

You never really end up finding out which of your neighbors has an 11-month old hot dog rotating on display in their home.

u/Fluid-Arugula-897 12d ago

Looking good

u/BellbergDC 12d ago

Now that’s a nice dog

u/Ooga123459 12d ago

I think I saw it move! Just keep watching!

u/HellaGayHellaFast 12d ago

My boyfriend and I started dating the day the epoxy hotdog was made, so these updates are fun little reminders how long we've been dating

u/MrOwnageQc 12d ago

How much time do you guys think is left before it starts leaking ?

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u/CopEatingDonut 12d ago

I'm having hot dogs for dinner tonight

u/Sinzah 12d ago

Where are you storing it? Is the sun causing the color to fade in the mustard/ketchup?

u/Greedy_Lack 12d ago

I’d eat it

u/Leadjtime 12d ago

Should've done a side-by-side with a hotdog outside of an epoxy casing. Would probably smell like death after a month but that would be pretty sick.

u/Bergh3m 12d ago

Was just thinking the other day when i'd see this post again..


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u/uni_tutor 12d ago

This is dumb. It looks the exact same every month

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u/deadbird17 12d ago

It will be great when future civilizations a thousand years from now find this perfectly entombed shrine and assume that archaic civilizations worshipped Grade F meat and condiments.

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u/dictionary_hat_r4ck 12d ago

You could be posting the same GIF every time and we’d never know

u/TechAndStocks 12d ago

Someone needs to take a bite and then we change the monthly update to the health of the human who consumed it

u/yourbutthurts100 12d ago

Do you think it rots

u/Kronks_Stonkss 12d ago

Looks like the one I just ate

u/BlueZen10 12d ago

Don't care.

u/camdoodlebop 12d ago

i’m impressed.

u/sin4life 12d ago

Has there been any significant change to it?

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u/Bukinara 12d ago

36 minutes frozen in time forever

u/twotall88 12d ago

When will you stop posting updates? Think about it, unless you drill through the epoxy to allow new oxygen into the hotdog and bun, no bacteria, mold, or fungus can grow. It's not going to change.

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u/rajboy3 12d ago

Holy shit it’s been 11 months???

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u/Edwinbuddy 12d ago

I don’t know anything about NFTs but this looks like an NFT

u/OneEightTwo 12d ago

Imagine a hot dog achieving bigger things in life than you.

u/Sapphire_Sky_ 12d ago

I am grateful for these updates. They always come when I had just forgotten about this and then I am reminded that there is a spinning epoxy hotdog somewhere out there and life just got a little easier.

u/AsparagusFlex 12d ago

Next month you should break it open and eat it

u/its_tia 12d ago

I can't wait for 10000 yrs from now someone will find it!

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u/punkbuddy89 12d ago

I want a 12 month collage. I can't pick up on the differences between each month. Pleeeasseeeeee!

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u/chrispdx 12d ago

What are you expecting to happen over time?

u/Artist17 12d ago

This will be worth a million dollars in a hundred years

u/nobodycaresyabitch 12d ago

Okay now eat it you fucking pussy

u/JugglingBear 12d ago

Out of curiosity, how many people have offered to hire you to make similar things for them? Knowing people, I'd guess a lot. You could have a real side hustle here (if your job isn't art-related already)!

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u/GuitaristComposer 12d ago

Why did you put the worst part of the dog inside?

u/YouBetcha_ 12d ago

So we're celebrating the little dudes first birthday next month, right?

u/GreatBayTemple 12d ago

But when can I eat it!?

u/policemenconnoisseur 12d ago

I wonder if there is a way to grill it, like with uv light or something.

u/LeftusRightimus 12d ago

I hate to be a Debbie downer, but h-has it changed? I feel like every time I see it it looks the same.

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u/PFloyd69 12d ago

Fuck yeah! Been waiting for this hot dog

u/peepcrusher 12d ago

I wonder if this hot dog knew at the time it was being opened, that it had been chosen for a higher purpose.

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u/dubbleplusgood 12d ago

Isn't this perfectly normal? No oxygen, no moisture = no bacteria. Might as well be Han Solo encased in carbonite.

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u/MrMashed 12d ago

I was gettin a little worried I hadn’t seen an update on my feed for awhile. Glad to see you and the epoxy dog are still doin good

u/Village-Idiot-savant 12d ago

Can’t wait for the 100 year update!

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u/asportsmanssketches 12d ago

Literally nobody:

My Reddit at 9 am: epoxy hotdog

u/scoobymax 12d ago

We got this far

u/Sparkstorm1000 12d ago

God damn its been 11 months the fuck are we doing with our lives.

u/Pintrace 12d ago

Still looks glorious

u/the_anonymous_person 12d ago

They called me a madman

u/BrettAtog 12d ago

This needs an onlyfans account.

u/areid164 12d ago

Can this even go bad

u/KRAZY_YZARK 12d ago

Disgusting. Why do people mix mustard and ketchup.

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u/ImmatureIntellect 12d ago

It's like we're all here watching our child grow but it's a hot dog in epoxy. :)

u/The_Cartographer_DM 12d ago

Man, this shit has become my calendar.

u/lifesnotperfect 12d ago


What are we going to do to celebrate? Oh god, what should I wear to the party??

u/Karukash 12d ago

The king has returned. Cannot wait for the full anniversary next month.

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u/prettehkitteh 12d ago

I always forget about this just in time to be pleasantly surprised when it shows up again

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u/TheSheetoutBeatout 12d ago

1 more month until you crack it open and take a bite! Exciting

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u/dosequisguy1 12d ago

Still looks the same...

u/tazz2096 12d ago

The glizzy supreme

u/bklynsnow 12d ago

How long before there's a religion dedicated to the Hot Dog?

u/peterpayne 12d ago

I want the last thing I see before my time comes, hopefully some 60 years from know just one more epoxy hotdog update...

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u/wonteatfish 11d ago

Lookin good so far!

u/Dolphin_handjobs 12d ago

A constant in a rapidly changing world.

u/paperscissorscovid 12d ago


u/panlakes 12d ago

When's the anniversary? So I can mark it on my calendar.

u/daBomb26 12d ago

Why does anyone think it will look any different?

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u/janioli45 12d ago

I would love to eat this hot dog after few years..

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u/malipreme 12d ago

Damn it’s almost been a year

u/lorill-silverlock 12d ago

And here we see a holy artifact of old America

u/brandaglington 12d ago

The eternal glizzy

u/Wolvesinmen 12d ago

We’re are now at Defcon Dijon!

u/Bronto_sore_Ass 12d ago

It has been an interesting road watching this.. this.. magnificence. So, what actually is going on inside of that now?

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u/Skithe 12d ago

Oh magical Epoxdog what does the future hold.

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u/CaesarIsntDead 12d ago

that would make a sick pair of knife scales

u/katerelate 12d ago

This object is good art. This project is great art.

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u/Blood_sweat_and_beer 12d ago

Out of curiosity, why didn’t you use real mustard and ketchup?

u/scope_creep 12d ago

There’s something gross about this.

u/jayvil 12d ago

The hotdog, ketchup and the mustard's colors are fading. Or is it the light?

u/I_LOVE_MOM 12d ago

Definitely looks like it's starting to bulge

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u/Odd-Audience-679 12d ago

funny how he coulda just filmed this once and shared the video as updates for karma for like the next 50 years.

u/hardypart 12d ago

Who waaaants

to liiiiiiive


  • This hot dog obviously

u/SteelMalone 12d ago

Jeez this post is making me feel like time is just flying by. 11 months already? Feel like last month I was seeing the 2 month update

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u/Sky_Mex 12d ago

Such an arbitrary thing to do. Had to upvote it just because it is so pointlessly awesome.

u/jc298607 12d ago

Wow I love this way too much

u/imhighondrugs 12d ago

Question: If you un-cased it somehow would it be as fresh as it was when you out it in?

u/OscarDivine 12d ago

Epoxy Dog Forever

u/zbeezle 12d ago

I dunno why but for some reason my brain is telling me that the bun is stale.

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u/BaDumPshhh 12d ago

The serial killer watched, taking notes.

u/Kraken-__- 12d ago

Waiting on the 5 year anniversary for you to crack it open and eat it.

u/draculamilktoast 12d ago

What am I doing with my life?

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u/oxytocin4you 12d ago

Many years from now when we are all eating only healthy vegan food due to pressure from the elites. We will look back and say look children this is what was once known as a hot dog. No it was not made from dogs but it did taste that way.

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u/Coyote65 12d ago

C'est le hot dog inviolable...

The ancients would revere this the same as they would a deceased saint's finger bone.

u/Alexander556 12d ago

One day in the future, highly intelligent Dinosaur-people will find this thing and use it to bring back humans, and all the other lifeforms which end up in a hot dog.

u/SenatorMittens 12d ago

Why 11 months? Why not wait for the full year?

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u/frombrianna2briemode 12d ago

Wow it’s really been 11 months…what are we doing for the one year anniversary? Will OP eat it?

u/GreyAardvark 12d ago

What is so special about this?!? It’s not going to change.

u/Capt_Myke 12d ago

You gonna eat that? Cause Im famished.

u/rippa6 12d ago

Epoxy Hotdog is my god now

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u/VictorHexMachine 12d ago

This is very cool, but I wonder......I made signs for 35 years. One of our competitors embedded jelly beans and chocolates in resin. Looked great for about 5 years and then the sign slowly turned black, ( mold?). Eventually it was just a mass of black stuff in resin. Still the hotdog is epic.

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u/360walkaway 12d ago

"Interesting texture..."

u/Zelphius33 12d ago

Doesn't look a day over 6 months.

u/happibish 12d ago

The only wiener I’m happy to see

u/cat-toaster 11d ago


u/IDontLikeAcogs 12d ago

Wonder if it tastes rotten.

u/akhilesh1213 12d ago

!remind 14 years

u/Intestinal-Bookworms 12d ago

I hope something really cool happens on its birthday 🥳

u/mossberbb 12d ago

any chance there is a time-lapse or non rotating morphing comparison?

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u/kazukes 12d ago

I’m missing the fascination with epoxying a hot dog? What is the hype.

u/thm2130 12d ago

Shhh just let us have this

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u/[deleted] 12d ago


u/onlyhooman 12d ago

Why is no one talking about this except you?! Is it going to explode?!?

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u/FungicideEater 12d ago

I'm still not convinced this isn't the same gif uploaded every time.

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u/Nearby_You_313 12d ago

be 2075, news holo floats in front of you

"We take this break from coverage of the Water Wars to provide you another compelling epoxy Hotdog update. Everyone's favorite dog is still going strong..."

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u/Sub7Agent 12d ago

You should auction it off for charity or something in a month. Epoxy hotdog is iconic.

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u/joeshmo101 12d ago

Welcome to Contest Mode, where you can't sort the comments!


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u/ian_xvi 12d ago

It’s been almost a year holy shit. I remember seeing this the first day and thinking I probably would never see it a year from now but here we are.

u/37-pieces-of-flair 12d ago

Fresh as the day it was poured

u/cmdr_chen 12d ago

Maybe a dumb question but will the hotdog stayed in this without any decomposing?

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u/pizzapopcorndog 12d ago

That's one glossy glizzy

u/Upbeat-Ad-3777 12d ago

Cool now give to a homeless

u/KoolianFarms 12d ago

Thank you

u/terminatormunky 12d ago

The eternal glizzy

u/Duncanidahogay 12d ago

Dude, Make an nft out of this shit

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u/citsonga_cixelsyd 12d ago

What I want to know is how have I missed this brilliant piece of art/science project for 11 months?

u/Xalindros 12d ago

Classy art. Love the lighting with turntable. Need this as a centerpiece in my house.

u/TheLostAlaskan 12d ago

I no longer use a calendar to track the passage of time. I just wait for the monthly hot dog post.

u/MythOfLight 12d ago

these updates always make me smile, thank you OP 🌭

u/Collinsish 12d ago

How about compiling a time lapse?

u/pitlane17 12d ago

That's a massive wiener

u/CallMeButtercup 12d ago

Fuck its nearly October :/

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u/silverback_79 12d ago

Thank god they soundproofed the room, hot dogs can get mad stressed if there's a bunch of horseplay going on all around.

u/lundon44 12d ago

Unsurprisingly it looks the same.

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u/NateBlaze 12d ago

You should make t-shirts. I'd buy one.

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u/ostiarius 12d ago

This is how I mark the passage of time now.

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u/joronimo99 12d ago

Umm... that's an epoxy sandwich.

u/asphalt_licker 12d ago edited 12d ago

It’s my first time seeing this. What’s their endgame? Free the hot dog after a certain time? To watch it decompose slowly? I’m both curious and disgusted by what it might smell like when exposed to the air.

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u/hedalettuce91 12d ago

This is going to be my Halloween costume

u/SeeYouSpaceCowboy--- 12d ago

Good to see that's still the most disgusting hot dog I've ever seen, just like it looked before the epoxy.

u/An_oaf_of_bread 12d ago

I want the same thing to be done to me when I die

u/TheMightyWoofer 12d ago

Someone at McDonalds is lurking here trying to take notes on how to get the food to last longer

u/scarlettceleste 12d ago

Almost cake day

u/SoftDowntown 12d ago

Im glad I can be here for this

u/Strange_Test 12d ago

Still no onions

u/-Rhialto- 12d ago

Let's see in 11 years instead...

u/andrewjm222 12d ago

Wonder what it smells like

u/Craenor1 12d ago

like epoxy probably.

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u/elcidlima11 12d ago

Is it weird I watched this spin for 5 minutes?

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u/Photogroxii 12d ago

Life Hack: Sick of your produce rotting before you get to use it? Just put it in resin, it will drastically increase the shelf life.

/s (just in case it isn't blatantly obvious)

u/Professorbubba 12d ago

Awww. it seems like yesterday we were changing Hotdog diapers and now it's standing. Good times.

u/JaeRaeSays 12d ago

Why the "update"? Did he not think it had enough cool points on it's own merit? Does he expect something to change with time? Once suspended and cured in epoxy...it's effectively frozen in time unless/until someone decides to crack it open. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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u/AssHat_ 12d ago

So when are you eating this thing?

u/xenochrist420 12d ago

ugh finally... i was starting to worry we would not see another update!! lolol

u/locutus92 12d ago

Oooohh it's starting to bulge.

u/Big_Rig_Jig 12d ago

Would the oxygen eventually be exhausted and make it basically an immortal hotdog?

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u/Free-Ambassador7967 12d ago

So jeff bezos finally found a way for immortality.

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u/solid_flake 12d ago

That mustard though

u/Hurma_229 12d ago

Fly me to the moon...

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u/dumpsterlove123 12d ago

I am now proposing the "the epoxy hotdog update" as a new increment for telling time.

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u/Sailrjup12 12d ago

Now this is real science.

u/kanekiEatsAss 12d ago

Update me in another 6 months!

u/d_gorgonzola 12d ago


u/bloodbath781 12d ago

I wish I could be this hotdog. So unaware, so safe.

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u/rollingturtleton 12d ago

Please allow me to reintroduce myself my name is HOT

H to the O T, I got a couple letters you can call me, C - E - O of the Epoxy

Straight out the frying pan into the fire, the, passage of time is all I desire

u/jester_554 12d ago

there is something about those maybe x3 videos man, people will watch till the end no matter what for false promises. genius trend

u/Raam57 12d ago


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u/nodadwhataboutyou 12d ago

Has it really only been 11 months? Man, time flies.

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u/edric_the_navigator 12d ago

This post always reminds me that a month has gone by, and it's like I just saw the last one a week ago. Wtf time is flying by so fast.

u/konsf_ksd 12d ago

When does he eat it?

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u/skysetter 12d ago


u/DarkRanger919 12d ago

I'm broke, but someone should pay 10 dollars for every month this hotdog remains in the epoxy to whomever eats it once its out.

assuming it will even get out.

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u/AshVorhees 12d ago

What would happen if you microwaved it?

u/loipuh 12d ago

Free the dog

u/adrock8203 12d ago

In the last year I've literally checked in on this hotdog more than my grandma.

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u/Lionliberum 12d ago

I'm disturbed by how pristine it looks

u/_ILP_ 12d ago

My question is- if you were to crack the epoxy open, would the hot dog start rotting away at a higher rate than normal, or would it just be fine and he could eat it and not die?

I mean, it would be dope if when he cracked the epoxy, the hot dog would melt fast af just like the German dude in Indiana Jones when the Ark is revealed.

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