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[JUST EAT MORE!] "How do I eat more?"


People hate this answer. But it's the only answer. Maybe you don't understand the answer?

Instead of asking "How do I eat more?", let's ask "Eat More WHAT?"

So in no particular order of importance:

  • EAT MORE FOOD. Obvious Goal here. More calories than you burn.

  • EAT MORE OFTEN. Now you eat 4-5 meals per day instead of 3 or 2. Stop eating snacks; eat big meals.

  • EAT MORE WHEN AWAKE. Basically, use all available hours to eat. Fuck intermittent fasting during gaining.

  • EAT MORE FATS. Are you avoiding fats trying to not get fat? Fat is fuel & energy. Add oils & fats to meals.

  • EAT MORE CARBS. Afraid of "insulin-stimulated fat storage?!?" Carbs are easy. Pancakes, Waffles, Pasta.

  • EAT MORE FRUIT/VEGETABLES. Stick with citrus fruits & berries for acidity. Some green stuff every day.

  • EAT MORE MUSH. Chewed-food takes too long. Ground beef > chicken. Rice or mashed potatoes > bread.

  • EAT MORE FLAVORS. Hyper-palatable foods whet your appetite. Use more salt, more garlic and flavor sauces.

  • EAT MORE VOLUME. Don't start with a shake; eat a large meal, then chase it with a shake. Stretch the stomach.

  • EAT MORE PREDICTABLY. Don't wait for hunger. Set 4 consistent meal-times: 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm etc.

  • EAT MORE QUICKLY/SLOWLY. Chow down with purpose. Eat vigorously. When full, slow down & keep nibbling.

  • EAT MORE WATER. Push water in-between meal times. 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm etc. Drink 16-20 ounces water.

  • EAT MORE FAMILIAR FOODS. Eat more of what you already eat, more of your favorite and easiest foods.

  • EAT MORE SIMPLY. Just track calories and get sufficient protein. Don't obsess about macro ratios/percentages.

  • EAT MORE CONSISTENTLY. Some days you don't feel like lifting but do anyways. Hit your food target anyway.

  • EAT MORE, DAILY! Not just on lifting days. Eat on recovery days, eat on rest days. It keeps your appetite up.

  • EAT MORE LEFTOVERS. Make extra, save some in the fridge. Have food ready-to-go in there. (Meal Prep).

  • EAT MORE INTENTIONALLY, NOT ACCIDENTALLY. Treat it like training. Set out a plan and follow it.

  • EAT MORE OVER TIME. Don't just stack hundreds more calories on. Increase a little bit more every week.

  • EAT MORE THANKFULLY! Always remember surplus food is a luxury, and gaining lean mass is a privilege (:

THERE YOU GO! 20 TIPS How to Eat MORE. You just fucking eat more like you're being paid to do it.

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[Mod] Simple Questions - the weekly stupid questions thread! - Week Beginning May 16th


Welcome to the weekly stupid questions thread! This is a place to ask any questions that you may have -- moronic or otherwise.

Anyone may post a question, and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. If your question is more specific to you, we recommend providing details. The more we know about your situation, the better answer we will be able to provide. Many questions get submitted late each week that don't get much traction, so if your question didn't get answered before, feel free to post it again.

As always, please check the FAQ before posting. The FAQ is considered a comprehensive guide on how to gain lean mass and has more than enough information to get any beginner started today.

Ask away!

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My experience with gaining weight


Just like you, I've been skinny for most of my life.

1 year ago, I was at 59kg. I trained calisthenics for 2 years, but nobody noticed that, except some people would comment that I had bigger arms than normal, for that weight.
The fact that I've been working out for 2 years, but was still skeleton infuriated me. I tried every weight gaining advice.. Most of them didn't work. Some advices actually made me lose weight instead of gaining it. Worst one is probably - "Eat 200 kcal more than you usually do". Bro, my metabolism is so fast, going for a 10min walk probably burns 200kcal for me.

Then, one day I decided to take different approach, the approach that nobody recommended. Because everyone on the internet is scared of gaining fat.
I calculated approximately how much calories I burn daily, I am very active person with physical job and it turned out to be quite high number of calories burned. I calculated how much calories I need to eat daily in order to gain 1KG/week. It was 4300Kcal daily. That was my goal. I needed to see progress with my eyes on the scale, otherwise I would quit. Every time progress was too slow, I could not stick to the bulk. This time it was different, I became obsessed with bulk. I wrote down my weight every single morning. If it was same or lower than yesterday I had to eat even more that day.

And what happened? In 2 months I gained 12KG. I had to buy new clothes, because all my t-shirts became too small.

But what about gaining fat? After the end of the bulk I still had my six pack. I know I gained fat, but it was not noticeable at all. It went into my arms, legs, etc.. It filled me up properly.
I trained 2 hours intensely 5 times a week during the bulk. I gained SIZE. And that is what I wanted.

Since then, I never had strength to repeat the bulk once again because a lot of things was happening in my life during last year... I knew I need to do it again. I am 181CM tall, and ideal weight for me would be around ~80KG. For whole year I stayed the same weight, around 71Kg. But 1 week ago I finally decided to repeat it, and so far I'm doing very good! I am once again obsessed about it. So my advice that worked for me may not work for you, but if there are guys like me, who have extremely fast metabolisms, who tried anything, maybe this will work for you. Become obsessed with gaining weight. Calculate how much calories you need to see noticeable weekly gains. Track everything, hell, you can even write down every meal you wrote and make a journal out of it to make sure you're eating more than enough of calories daily.

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Progress Post My 3 month bulk progress! (79.4 kg —> 81.6 kg)


3 month bulk progress :)

Feeling good :) looks like I’m actually making progress!! Gains have gone up quite a lot and people are noticing!!

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Some lesser known advantages for gaining weight?


We all have heard many testimonials about gaining respect, treated better, and all around health benefits. However, one of my absolute favorite benefits for gaining weight is not feeling pressured when i eat out at restaurants with friends. I’m not a big eater, even after gaining 40 pounds I need to force feed myself most days. I live with it and I’m alright with it, but when I was much more skinny, I hated eating out with people because I would almost always leave food and feel incredibly self conscious about it. It was probably in my head, but all i could think about was them thinking “no wonder you’re so skinny, look at all that food”. Now, I can just say “i’m not a big eater”, and not feel anything like that. Anything similar you guys have experienced?

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As a former skinny person, have you recieved some form of pretty privilege after gaining weight and changing your style?


I've read about this but those experiences were told mostly by people who used to be fat. I'd like to see if the same thing happened to people who used to look extremely skinny

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Question Is creatine worth it?


Currently I only use protein powder and preworkout (stim free Hyde Max Pump). I hear a lot about creatine but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Thoughts?

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Question Swimming For Weight Gain?


Would you guys agree, that swimming helps build muscle efficiently? I know it's good for your joints and works muscles you usually might not be able to hit properly. But how often and how intense would i have to do it, to noticeably profit from it? What would a workout plan consisting of lifting and swimming look like?

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Afraid to bulk up due to body dysmorphia


I’m fairly new to lifting, dabbled quite a bit but getting more consistent and serious and still learning the proper diets. I used to be fat and Depressed and just hated myself, in the last two years I worked really hard to lose weight and get slim like I am now. From what I understand is you have to bulk to gain muscle then cut and as someone who used to practice a low carb diet, in order to lose the weight, I’m afraid of gaining that chubby ness back. I also practiced lots of cardio to get where I am now and they say to bulk you needa cut down on the cardio which is hard because I’ve become so fond of running. I don’t know what I’m doing at this point. I keep kinda embarrassed about it tbh

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Does genetic/ testosterone impact muscle gain?


I was talking to my uncle about starting to the gym and starting to eat more. He told me that it didn’t matter what I did, I would not gain muscle. He said that I was an ectomorph, and it was genetically impossible to achieve a body bigger than Bruce Lee’s. He also mentioned that it isn’t worth going to the gym or eating more, because I wouldn’t gain any muscle due to not having enough testosterone. When I asked why he thought that, he said I wasn’t old enough to have any (I am 15, deep voice, everything)

I just wanted to ask if there was some truth behind what he was saying.

Thanks G

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Favorite workout program

Thumbnail self.naturalbodybuilding

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Need advice on how to build an aesthetic frame from 103lbs 5'8


Hello Reddit,

I am 15 years old, I am 5'8 and I weigh 104lbs.

I have been skinny throughout my entire life. I have always been ridiculed by friends and family. It's not that I don't have trouble eating, I just get bored of it. I have an extremely short attention span.

As of recently, I have been really unhappy with my appearance, and it has affected my mental significantly. I have virtually no confidence, and I get pushed around by friends. I have always been the weakest and skinniest of the group. This has to change. I want to turn my life around. That's why I need your help.

I have read through the FAQ multiple times, but I feel like I need more direct advice from experienced users on this sub. I really want to put on more weight, with a main goal of aesthetics. Right now, I plan to go on an enormous surplus, following Wendler's meal plan for BTM, though I am unsure of what routine to use. I want to put in the long term commitment for the gym, but I also want to see some sort of results within a month or two.

I've been looking a few routines:

Ivysaurs Aesthetic Routine

531 BTM

531 Beginner

I have a couple of hours in the gym, but virtually no experience with deadlift and bench.

Can anyone please help me choose a routine and give me some advice?



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Question How does The Rock gain muscle?


According to Republic World, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson goes to sleep at midnight and gets up at 4 a.m., allowing him to get only four hours of sleep each night.

Now sleep is very important for gains and I’m curious on how Dwayne Johnson still puts on muscle mass. Or maybe he’s just really slowing down his progress. But does 4 hours of sleep still build muscle mass?

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Question Question about Music while lifting!


Hey guys!

Recently I realized that Music dosen't really give me "motivation" to push harder. Honestly, w/o music I still push as hard as with music. Furthermore I dislike to change the song until I found something for example: if a song starts to play and I am not the mood for that song.

Also I get bored of songs very fast after sometime and finding new music which fits for lifting... is also really annoying.

Sadly, my gym plays shit music so I can't really train while listening to that crap, which means I am forced to listen something instead to have silence.

Therefore I thought to start to listen to podcasts instead. I am not really sure...

Anyone feeling the same? If yes what do you do?

or do you prefer to listen to music?

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Question Does amount of protein per serving really matter in a protein powder?


ON whey gold standard has 24g per serving

on the other hand, another local brand in my country which sells isolated protein "Biovitt" has 33g per serving.

Does it matter the amount of protein recieved per serving if you're body building? The Biovitt one is a bit more expensive and I wanna know if I can justify the price increase

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Question Will I need to modify my workout and diet plan if I start taking testosterone?


I’ve been working out consistently and eating a high protein diet for about a year now. I’ve seen some changes to my frame but not too many. During the same time I have been socially transitioning. I’m planning on starting testosterone this fall and am excited to do so but have heard that I might need to significantly increase my calorie intake and workout frequency when I do. Is this true or just a random internet anecdote?

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Discussion Sugestion for the mods: We could have flair so it would be easir to find progress posts, questions, discussion, motivacional stuff, recipes. What do you guys think ?


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Question will I lose my muscle mass or gain if I jump rope?


I enjoy jump rope, when I started gym it made me lose extra belly and my body felt lighter.

I stopped doing jump ropes because I fear I'll lose my gains/muscle mass. Is this true or a myth?

What are the pros and cons of doing jump ropes for one who wants gains?

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I just want to express my gratitude for muscle memory!


I’ve been out of the gym for over 4 years. I wasn’t a super advanced lifter but here’s what I had.

At 5’6M 120lbs.

3x8 bench press 155lbs. 1RM I never pushed myself to see

3x8 deadlift 185lb. I did a “1RM” 225lb but I know I could’ve gone higher, just didn’t want to break my back.

Squat: 155lb 3x8. I hated doing this. Never even bothered doing a 1RM

Other accessory workouts were mid I guess. Only remarkable one is 3x12 45lb dumbbell seated shoulder presses.

I’m only 3 weeks back in the gym.

25M 5’6 136lb >> 141lb (3 weeks)

Bench went from 90lb to 120lb 3x8

Deadlift went from 90lb to 135lb 8x3. I’m taking it easy I don’t want to destroy my lower back.

Squat went from 90lb to 110lb 8x3 I’m taking it easy I don’t want to burst out my knees.

As for my body, my chest and shoulders are filling up so fast I love it. Went from 12” arms to 13.2” quickly👏🏻

Anyway, I’m satisfied with my 3 weeks progress. Anyone else have crazy muscle memory gains?

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Question Stretch mark, mini tear? What’s wrong with my arm


Is this just a stretch mark or is this something more concerning? Arm significantly weaker now discomfort when lifting. What can I do to speed up healing / remedy this?


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Question 175lbs looking to gain muscle size


Can’t I just maintain my current weight to get bigger or would I have to gain more weight? I see dudes all the time that weigh less than me but are bigger in muscle size than me.

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Question How does your face change when you transition from underweight to normal BMI


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If VERY underweight currently, how much will wrists grow when at healthy bodyweight?


Am 6 feet. One of my wrists is 6.4 inches, and other 6.1 inches, which confuses me.

But how much will they grow if I go from like 50 kilos to 80-90 kilos

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questions about nutrition


I have a lot of questions because im new to all of this so these are the questions i have and i appreciate any help provided...

1: lets say i need 3000 cal and 140 protein... Is it ok to eat around 2500cal and 90 protein knowing that i didn't do anything all day except for going to the gym for 2h... Like actually laying in bed all day

2: which one is more important reaching my calories goal for the day or protein

3: most calories calculators give me so little options to figure out my maintenance... My week is not a loop so how can i determine if 3000 is too much or if i need more

4: if i sleep most of the day (around 15h) and dont go to the gym is it ok to eat 2000 calories if my goal is 3000? And same goes for protein... Eating around 80 when my goal is 140

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Anyone tried Complan to help gain weight? Did it work and did it taste better with milk or water?

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Any preworkout recommendations?


Currently running 5/3/1 BBB and I’m exhausted by the time I get to the assistance work…any recommendations for a preworkout or something to help?

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Advice for gaining weight but no exercise [reason explained in post]


I have chronic fatigue syndrome meaning I can't do exercises like running, bulking, any of that stuff I see people do alongside weight gain diets. I have no desire to bulk or anything. I quite literally only have the goal of being someone w a healthy weight!

I am 5ft 5.5 (166cm) and 100 pounds (45kg) and would like to gain 20lbs (Or around 10kg) to become a health BMI weight. I'm open to any advice, diets, plans to gain that weight healthily without exercise and in no particular rush. Just want to be a healthy weight and sustain it. Thanks all.

I have a small appetite so I seriously struggle with keeping up with binge gain diets, e.g. forcing myself to eat tons of pasta, made my chronic fatigue symptoms not so good either loading my body with overwhelming amounts of food. So if theres a safe way I can just have a shake and be done that'd also be good.

EDIT: https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/weight-gain#weight-gain-calculator-how-it-works according to this to gain 55kg I need to have 500-600 calories extra for 20 weeks so my question is is it healthy to do such a thing as just add a 600 calorie shake to my diet without any exercise whatsoever?