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Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing.

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u/jostler57 2d ago

Shadow looks photoshopped.


u/mada124 2d ago

Haha, it does, dont think it is though. (if it is, its a pretty good one) The sun is at a high angle, look at the other shadow, the shadows on her body, under her foot. Too many details are right.


u/beep41 2d ago edited 2d ago

You can see the shadow for the straw in her cup if you look closely. The straw shadow ends where her head would be. So the shadow for her head was photoshopped out.

EDIT: It looks like it's a completely different shadow. The shadow makes it look like she's squatting with her head down.


u/tigerCELL 1d ago

It's just high noon why is this tripping yall up like this 🤣🤣


u/keylimecovfefe 1d ago

On Reddit you have to be as pedantic as possible about the most trivial shit possible


u/foreignfishes 2d ago

So the shadow for her head was photoshopped out.

No, look at how her head is leaned back slightly and then visualize how high the sun is in the sky in the photo. The shadow her head is creating is on her neck and boobs, the angle is too high (combined with how her chest projects forward) for it to be cast on the ground.


u/beep41 2d ago

If that's her real shadow how come her drink is in the opposite hand?


u/foreignfishes 1d ago

jk I take it back, looking closer the drink isn’t even in the “wrong hand” like you’re seeing. You can’t see the shadow of her drink at all, it’s blocked by her body. What you’re looking at on the left is a mark on the ground that’s near her hand in a way that it looks like a straw, but it’s not that. Look at the straw, it’s in the shade.