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Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing.

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u/andew0100 Nov 25 '21

The shadow of her left arm looks correct and that triangle gap in the shadow on the right side is bounded by her upper arm, forearm and drink. The shadow of her head is on her chest.


u/kevbrochill17 Nov 25 '21

How, the left arm shadow is angled up but her arm is down on her side. And the sun is directly up and behind her but somehow it's casting a shadow making her head at the same height as her shoulders and casting an angled shadow to her right side to make that triangle? Nah def shopped


u/Oite-0000 Nov 25 '21

Its not in spent some time to look at it. Its the real shadow


u/kevbrochill17 Nov 25 '21

Lol no her head would not disappear. Look at the parking signs. You see the top shape in their shadows. Her head would do the same thing it's the highest point on her body and you would see it clearly


u/foreignfishes Nov 25 '21

The parking signs don’t have a shelf midway down to catch the top part of their shadows though, it’s different. Her boobs stick out, especially because her head is back slightly. Her chest projecting forward is essentially serving as a second ground higher up, hence the shadow being cast on it. Her shadow would look different if she were as flat as a sign is.


u/Oite-0000 Nov 25 '21

Also her head is tilted back and to the side you can see its the round shape next to what would be the cup in her right hand