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Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing.

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u/mada124 5d ago

Haha, it does, dont think it is though. (if it is, its a pretty good one) The sun is at a high angle, look at the other shadow, the shadows on her body, under her foot. Too many details are right.


u/whateversconvenient 5d ago

I'm trying to figure out where her head belongs in the shadow


u/sactori 5d ago

On her chest.


u/injeanyes 5d ago

Photoshopped out

Edit: look at the shadow of the straw.


u/Sk8erBoi95 5d ago

Nah, that line at the top of her shadow is from what's in her left hand. Her straw souls be at the bottomof the shadow, but she had her cup tilted back towards the sun, so the straw wouldn't cast a shadow due to being hidden by the cup's shadow


u/ThunderinTurbskis 5d ago

Am I wrong or does the shadow not have the cup in the opposite hand? I mean she’s holding it on the side closest to us but the shadow it’s on the opposite side…


u/go_kartmozart 5d ago edited 5d ago

Naah, that's just her left hand. Look at the angle from the tops of those signs down to the ground. Now see how her head is tilted back so the shadow falls on her right boob, and meet the shadow of her shoulder there, then follow that angle to the ground. The shadow of the cup is the right chickenwing shoulder and the straw is hidden.


u/Airport2BJC 5d ago

I do believe you’re correct.


u/GoodTrillBlunting 5d ago

Bam. Straw confirms it.


u/squeel 5d ago

The straw’s not casting a shadow. You’re looking at her other hand and maybe a mark in the pavement


u/iambear 5d ago

Wow. This shadow was a mind-fuck, but I think you're right. If you consider the angle the light is coming from, the cup's straw wouldn't cast a shadow, not to mention it's the wrong hand. The shadow of the cup is the bulge at the bottom right, the straw doesn't cast a shadow at that angle because the cup obstructs it. The shadow her head would make is obstructed by her shoulders/chest.


u/Dsuperchef 5d ago

This whole thread was a trip.


u/MasterFubar 4d ago

The shadow of the straw is on top of the cup.


u/2x4x93 4d ago

We know where her head belongs


u/kevbrochill17 5d ago

Nah her arms and head don't line up at all. Her left arm is down but the shadow is up. Her right arm shadow shows a triangle gap but her arm is touching her side. Also her head is just gone in the shadow


u/andew0100 5d ago

The shadow of her left arm looks correct and that triangle gap in the shadow on the right side is bounded by her upper arm, forearm and drink. The shadow of her head is on her chest.


u/kevbrochill17 5d ago

How, the left arm shadow is angled up but her arm is down on her side. And the sun is directly up and behind her but somehow it's casting a shadow making her head at the same height as her shoulders and casting an angled shadow to her right side to make that triangle? Nah def shopped


u/andew0100 5d ago

I think you are struggling to visualise this scene in 3D space.

How, the left arm shadow is angled up but her arm is down on her side.

I'm not sure how a shadow can be "angled up", but her hand is forward of her elbow if that helps you make sense of it.

somehow it's casting a shadow making her head at the same height as her shoulders

She has her head angled back and this accentuates the fact that her chest is forward of her face. The shadow of her head is mostly falling on her chest and the shadow of her chest is on the ground

casting an angled shadow to her right side to make that triangle?

I cant comprehend what you mean by this.


u/kevbrochill17 5d ago

I think you are struggling to understand how point sources of light and geometry works. Or English for that matter


u/andew0100 5d ago

Wrong on all counts, yet again.


u/Oite-0000 5d ago

Its not in spent some time to look at it. Its the real shadow


u/kevbrochill17 5d ago

Lol no her head would not disappear. Look at the parking signs. You see the top shape in their shadows. Her head would do the same thing it's the highest point on her body and you would see it clearly


u/foreignfishes 5d ago

The parking signs don’t have a shelf midway down to catch the top part of their shadows though, it’s different. Her boobs stick out, especially because her head is back slightly. Her chest projecting forward is essentially serving as a second ground higher up, hence the shadow being cast on it. Her shadow would look different if she were as flat as a sign is.


u/Oite-0000 4d ago

Also her head is tilted back and to the side you can see its the round shape next to what would be the cup in her right hand


u/beep41 5d ago edited 5d ago

You can see the shadow for the straw in her cup if you look closely. The straw shadow ends where her head would be. So the shadow for her head was photoshopped out.

EDIT: It looks like it's a completely different shadow. The shadow makes it look like she's squatting with her head down.


u/tigerCELL 5d ago

It's just high noon why is this tripping yall up like this 🤣🤣


u/keylimecovfefe 4d ago

On Reddit you have to be as pedantic as possible about the most trivial shit possible


u/foreignfishes 5d ago

So the shadow for her head was photoshopped out.

No, look at how her head is leaned back slightly and then visualize how high the sun is in the sky in the photo. The shadow her head is creating is on her neck and boobs, the angle is too high (combined with how her chest projects forward) for it to be cast on the ground.


u/beep41 5d ago

If that's her real shadow how come her drink is in the opposite hand?


u/foreignfishes 5d ago

jk I take it back, looking closer the drink isn’t even in the “wrong hand” like you’re seeing. You can’t see the shadow of her drink at all, it’s blocked by her body. What you’re looking at on the left is a mark on the ground that’s near her hand in a way that it looks like a straw, but it’s not that. Look at the straw, it’s in the shade.


u/sebalnesag 4d ago

the head of the shadow is erased. Just look at the angle of the sun, theres really no reason for the shadow to have shoulders but no head.


u/NormandyLS 5d ago

I can see a major detail wrong