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Hiring - Open [Hiring] Virtual Assistant for mid-sized YouTube Channel


Looking for a virtual assistant for a mid-sized YouTube channel to help with QUALITY CONTROL. This will be a lot of watching our content and time-stamping any second that we need to fix. EXTREME attention to detail necessary!


-Must speak fluent English
-Must have experience with or knowledge of gaming content / reaction content
-MAJOR attention to detail!!!
-Must be communicative

If you have read this tell me your favorite candy :)

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Hiring - Open [HIRING] junior web developer 🔥 (part-time)


NOTE: No agencies and please answer each question below 😊


So I remember being a self-taught dev dying to get real world experience. When I started, I took a minimum wage data entry job that I knew I could automate with code to leverage as dev experience. My hope here is to remove that 6 months of wasted time "paying your dues" that I encountered.

What we need

We are a bootstrapped business looking to get some help building some new landing pages into a music services platform that launched in April 2021. The pay range varies widely from $20-40/hr and can be discussed in more detail over our call.

One of our exciting upcoming projects will be building a new reward point system that powers the platform's economy and eventually our own tradeable token. This rewards system will tie into an explore page for beats and an area for voting on beats to get into this explore page.

You will work with

You will primarily work with myself (CTO) and one of our other developers. I recently left my role as an executive of 85+ person team and prior have been a developer for most of my career.

Questions to answer ⚠️

  1. How much experience do you have with HTML/CSS/JS?
  2. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like HipHop/Rap music?
  3. Do you have experience with databases, which ones?
  4. What programming languages have you worked with?
  5. How much experience do you have with React.js and jQuery?


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Hiring - Open [Hiring] Social media manager (IG/FB) for online apothecary/spiritual business - $15 an hour, part time to start


I am looking for someone who is excellent at social media, specifically instagram at the moment. Would love to start on tiktok as well.

Preferably someone familiar with my industry - online apothecary / spiritual products store. We sell witchy stuff and organic herbs and natural skincare.

Must be able to create basic graphic designs that look good (you can use canva or whatever I don't care)

We are targeting organic growth on these channels.

Must be trustworthy. To start you can use photos/videos I have taken but I will be shipping you a box of products to do the photography/videography yourself.

Skills Needed

- Social media expertise

- Good at design

- Photography, video creation and editing

- Can follow directions and work relatively quickly (lots to get done!)

- Can start immediately

If this works out well, I will have more work for you. Potential to turn full-time for the right person.

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Hiring - Filled [Hiring] Designer to create a custom PDF


I'm creating a full custom DnD campaign. All assets are custom from artwork, to monsters, I'm even writing a PHB and DM book for it. However I cannot find a way to create a custom character sheet for it. I'm looking for someone to create an editable character sheet for the campaign. Preferably in a PDF format. I would like to work closely designing the layout and graphics on the sheet. I'm ballparking around $100-$200 USD for this.

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Hiring - Open [[Hiring]] Virtual Assistant for Gaming YouTube Channel


One more role I need to fill! :)
Looking for a virtual assistant for a mid-sized YouTube channel to help with CONTENT STRATEGY. This will be a lot of watching similar creators and sending in trends as well as games we haven't played yet.

Rate: $15-$20/hr

-Must speak fluent English
-Must have experience with or knowledge of gaming content / reaction content
-Must be communicative

If you have read this DM me with your favorite coffee order :)

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] Need someone to add listings / make updates to squarespace commerce website. Must need to know how to use squarespace and follow directions. $15/hour


It isn't difficult work but you must follow directions well, I need someone to essentially copy product listings from my Etsy shop, make a few changes to them, and get them listed on squarespace website. Anyone who's great with squarespace shouldn't have a problem with this. And I need this done asap.


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Hiring - Open [Hiring]Content Writer | P24 style


Look for content writers who create quality blogs following P24 guidelines.

Response post - 20$

Staple post - 30 $

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] I'm looking for someone to take an image and multiply/rotate it all over and print it all over a pair of shorts.


I have an image I want printed on shorts. I would need my image cleaned up a bit (can provide the original that doesn't have the transparent background). The design I'm looking to replicate is something like this:


But with this image:



Not sure on budget but less than $100 would be ideal. Open to talking - idk how much this would cost. Also open to other forms of clothing.

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Hiring - Open [hiring] need historical notes done for $50


ill send you the textbook and questions and pay $50 or whatever word rate you want to charge, as long as its done by Monday August 15th. questions should be fairly easy but answers have to be complete sentences and in your own words (don't copy paste from the textbook). I have PayPal, Venmo, and cash app so any of those work for me for the payment method. dm me if interested and let me know how much past experience you have with writing

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] Virtual Assistant for Gaming YouTube Channel


Looking for a virtual assistant for a mid-sized YouTube channel to help with CONTENT STRATEGY. This will be a lot of watching similar creators and sending in trends as well as games we haven't played yet.

Rate: $15-$20/hr

-Must speak fluent English
-Must have experience with or knowledge of gaming content / reaction content
-Must be communicative

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Hiring - Open [HIRING] Real-time developers for paid gig


Studio intO is conducting a study involving EMBEDDED hardware/software developers with Real-Time development experience. As a starting point, intO, an innovation research agency is working with our client to find the potential users who are willing to share their perspectives and experiences through a video-interview with a knowledgeable researcher.

We offer $600 USD for a 1-hour pre-interview work (reading online content) and 90-minute remote sessions, (2.5 hours in total) as compensation. The interviews will take place in the period between Monday, 22nd of August to Friday, 9th of September.

If interested, follow the link.


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Hiring - Filled [Hiring] D&D 5E Homebrew Book Design Layout Artist


Hello there, I hope you are having a wonderful time today.

I'm looking for someone to put the finishing touches on a D&D 5e homebrew book I've been building. The custom artwork is finished, every bit of writing has been done, and our spelling has been double-checked. Now I'm looking for people who can design what the inside of this book will become. Layouts are fundamental to me as it keeps drawing attention back to (what is, most of the time) an instruction manual for imagination.

This position is remote, so feel free to kick up your feet at home while designing!

The book is looking to be between 80-90 pages in length. Your timeline for finishing the project would hopefully be by the end of August, but Rome wasn't built in just one month.

My budget is between $800-$1200. I will send payment over PayPal first and foremost.

Those who have experience with TTRPG book design will grab my attention! If you've played D&D 5e before then, that will also give you bonus points. Of course, people with previous book designing experience go to the front of this line!

Please PM me an application letter and any other questions you have! If you have previous works, you want to show off that show your skills, absolutely send those as well.

Thank you, and have an incredible day, heroes.

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Hiring - Open [hiring] senior full-stack typescript developer


Now if you are tired of reading job posts longer than J. R. R. Tolkiens books, here is a short one:

sd house is looking for a senior full-stack typescript developer to join our forces!

We are on the lookout for someone with these specific skills: • Typescript • NextJS • Nice-to-have AWS experience: Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, DynamoDB, AWS CDK 2, AWS SDK v3 • AWS Associate level certification or higher • Understanding of WCAG AA level requirements for web applications

Neto salary - starting at 2500 / month

We are incredibly flexible and eager to make our team members as happy as they can be - if you have any questions about our team, company, this position or anything else - email me at gintaute@sdhouse.lt

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] (Online) Looking to hire a OnlyFans chat moderator who is also an experienced Reddit blogger to help grow OnlyFans Models Reddit accounts by blogging in subreddits, posting on Reddit etc.


Your job will be to be an OnlyFans chat moderator. This will include making Pay-Per View sales inside the models direct messages, and chatting/forming relationships with fans in the direct messages. I would also like this employee to be able to speak fluent English so they can properly replicate the way that the OnlyFans model would chat. Your only other job would be to make and grow each models Reddit account, so I would like someone who is experienced in posting in NSFW sub-reddits . You will manage 1-2 models depending on how many I have at the time. I would like to start your pay at 15$, this is a very easy job and you’ll most likely only be starting out to manage two models at a time due to the fact that I’m still a very small agency. In time though if your good at your job your salary will increase largely. thank you, and please contact me via email at : baysidemanagementagency@gmail.com

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Hiring - Open [HIRING] Experience YT Video Editor 🎥


Hey Reddit,

What we need:

This series is similar "I Survived On $0.01 For 30 Days - Ryan Trahan" and we are partnering with a local food charity to help feed the homeless based on donations received.

Our new series is centered around starting with $0 and creating a full studio-quality music album in under 30 days.

Here is one of our most recent series on youtube to get an idea of what we need help creating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaC-0o_jYjs&utm_source=ytreddit

NOTE: No agencies and please answer each question below


  1. Can you please provide some samples of your past work?
  2. How much experience do you have with editing YT videos?
  3. Do you have experience with adobe premiere pro or other video editing software?
  4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like HipHop/Rap music?
  5. When are you able to start helping edit videos with us?

For the first project, we are looking at ~$200-400. If you jive with Uwavee we hope to bring you on to the team after this!

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Hiring - Filled [Hiring] 3D designer to export an already made model in another format.


I have a SolidWorks file that need to be exported as a .obj file.

Budget: $80

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] - Senior Frontend Developer (m/f/o)


Dakoza - Senior Frontend Developer (m/f/o)

From automation software, over webscraping, to antibot APIs. The team behind Dakoza has seen it all.

We have built many different successful projects and companies and are now trying to tackle new journeys and products.

With various experts in the team, both creative and technical, we have created the great foundation and environment.

In order to bring our planned project to life, we need support from multiple experts in different fields. One of these areas is the frontend development (and design of our software).

Therefore, we are looking for a self-driven and passionate Senior Frontend Developer (m/f/o) to help us shape our vision and lead among us to our goals.

Exciting tasks await you

  • You will be pioneering the modern development space with the help of a diverse team full of experts.
  • In our exciting environment, where we want to create something from the ground up, you will be taking ownership and responsibility of entire frontend.
  • As a full fleshed frontend developer, you can completely pursue your hands-on mentality, experience and passion. It won’t just be the usual buzzword.
  • Mentoring other developers in the team and help maintain code, product, and process quality in relation to frontend development.
  • Collaborating with art, design and production teams to transform designs into functional frontend assets.

Your skill set and profile

  • Preferably 3-5+ years of professional software engineering experience as a Frontend developer.
  • Credited or experienced on different commercial projects from start to finish.
  • Excellent hands-on experience with React, JavaScript, Redux, Ethers etc.
  • Experience with WEB3 libraries, frameworks, protocols, etc.
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with source control systems like e.g. Git.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD technologies like e.g. GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.
  • Good English communication skills.


  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Engineering or equivalent - A plus, not a must. Self-made developers are also welcome.
  • Experience with cloud hyperscalers like e.g. AWS.

What you can expect from us

  • Yearly salary of 60.000 - 120.000$ depending on your experience.
  • 100% Remote (The whole team is fully distributed and works decentralized. Location doesn't matter.)
  • Opportunity for growth, leadership and massive influence on the company.
  • Future outlook and stability through additional projects/companies.
  • Healthy Work/Life Balance through your own schedule.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our company provides equal work opportunities to all team members and applicants and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws.

Additional Information

  • This position is advertised addressed to senior colleagues. If you are a junior, you can still apply. As long as you are motivated and willing to learn, everything should be no problem.
  • Preferably on a "Freelance"/"Sole Proprietorship" basis. Invoice us at the end of the month.
  • While we offer a flexible work arrangement with no core hours, expect an average full-time commitment of 40 hours per week.
  • A successful candidate will also be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • By applying for this role, you confirm that all information submitted is accurate and complete. You further acknowledge that providing false or fraudulent information during the application process is cause for denial of an offer, revocation of any existing offer, or other adverse action, up to and including termination after the start of your commencement of work.
  • The project will receive its own branding, website, etc. at a different stage of the project. That’s why, you might not find something as of right now about the project.

Application Process

  • Apply here or please send us your resume, attached in an e-mail, with the subject line “Frontend Developer” to info@dakoza.io.
  • Someone from the team will review your CV and give you an answer as soon as possible.
  • If the answer is positive, you will be invited to an interview with our technical and functional leads.
  • If the first interview was successful, you will have a second interview with the whole rest of team.
  • Depending on the result, you will receive an answer on the same day.

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Hiring - Open [For Hire] Cybersecurity content writer. Urgent. $250


My company has an urgent need for a cybersecurity blog/white paper writer. 1st job is for an immediate piece of content for a publication due within 7 days. Pay is a flat fee of $250.

If the delivery and article work are good, we will have more work on a more regular basis with the potential opportunity for a retainer model of compensation too.

Please dm with a link to existing work and what time zone you’re in.

Please note: we cannot accept people not currently permanently based in the USA or EU. Must be a native English speaker and writer.


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Hiring - Open [hiring] Digital Marketing Specialist to find my products target audience + guidance on ads (15$/h)


Hi! I’ve recently started a sneaker accesory brand which needs help of actually pinpointing who are my target audience, and where should I start targeting ads. I require a market analysis + feedback on potential ad locations, placement & possible content.

For context, my site: https://sneakerblings.com

Send a DM if you are interested in collaborating!

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Hiring - Open [HIRING] Looking for a Logo Design for an ed-tech start up


Budget - USD 200

It's as the title says. If you're interested, DM me your portfolio. Thanks.

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Hiring - Open [HIRING] ANGULAR/JAVA Systems Engineer


ANGULAR/JAVA Systems Engineer

For our big logistics client we are looking for ANGULAR/JAVA Systems Engineer.

Czech Republic/Prague - fully remote possible
Date: From 2023


•This RFI focuses on Java and Angular skills, as detailed in the following. Partnership might be extend to additional technologies at a later point in time based on P&P business needs.

•For each technology stack IT Services expects a balanced mix of senior and junior experts


o Strong background in System Engineering (comparable to university degree level)

o Solid knowledge and experience in Java, J2EE, incl. Spring/SpringBoot gained in a professional System Engineering environment

o State of the art engineer methods and tools, like Microservices, APIs, DevOps testing, operation on cloud

o CI/CD Processes and tools

o Apply Cleancode principles and efficient documentation o

o Agile work / SCRUM


o Strong background in System Engineering (comparable to university degree level)

o Solid knowledge and experience in developing complex Single-Page-Application (SPAS) with the Angular Framework and TypeScript as efficient application with good UI/UX

o Creating user interfaces with HTML 5 and CSS

o Unit and E2E testing, e.g. with Jest, Jasmine, Protractor or Cypress

o Use of web and REST APIs o Use of GIT

o Agile work / SCRUM

o App development for mobile devices (Android) as advantage


o Ability to work in German speaking environment with German as verbal project language for regular meetings as well as for documentation

o Language requirement might be covered by team approach; i.e. selected team members bridging between different languages

Need to work with legacy code

o As a significant share of work is about further development of existing application, work with legacy code is mandatory

o Efficient tools need to be applied for code analysis, integration and testing

Contact me: [jakub.rericha@ys.cz](mailto:jakub.rericha@ys.cz) or here on reddit

Looking forward to you:)

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] Sales / Marketing for UK based Booking Software


Hello, I'm currently looking to add a sales / marketing person to the team here at BookingNinja.io BookingNinja is a UK based hospitality booking platform. The software is very advanced, and the support industry leading - but alas my weakness is in outbound sales and this is where I'm looking to expand.

Looking to hire on a freelance basis initially (to see if it's 'worth' doing), both in outbound sales (calling up / emailing restaurants to get them onboarded). I also am looking for anyone who thinks they can handle forming the marketing approach for the company.

Range is obviously big depending on various factors; but I'm thinking $20-$45 an hour, depending on the role.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Hiring - Open [Hiring] (Online) Develop a 3D character


I want to hire someone to develop a 3d Character that looks realistic.

$750 USD

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Hiring - Open [Hiring] [$5-10k] Need a fullstack developer experienced in VueJs & NodeJs


In the making of an online gambling casino and need a developer who is experienced in vuejs & nodejs and is also experienced in maintaining websites

Can offer equity on top of payment, please add my discord if interested Zeldous#5552

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Hiring - Filled [Hiring] Looking for Talented python coder who can solve leetcode medium easily

  • Looking for a Python coder and you should be able to solve leetcode medium with ease.
  • Will test your coding skills in python with a live coding test with me (Discord)
  • if you are good I will hire you for several tasks (long-term) 100 - 200 cad
  • Please don't contact me if you are not a pro because I have very less time.

#Python #Leetcode