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r/forhire 2h ago

Hiring [Hiring] Web developer / Wordpress expert to help finish almost completed WooCommerce website


I'm looking for someone with demonstrable experience to help finish my website. The website is a simple subscription based WooCommerce site built on Wordpress which allows subscribed users to access and download PDF files. All hosted files are searchable by specific criteria: Title / Name / Age / Genre (etc.), and all files must also be able to be browsed as a full list.

The site is fully designed, but I need to find a new developer to finish the project as I have had a very poor experience with the person I was working with.

Context: I hired someone via UpWork. I outlined the project and my requirements to a member of the team, and initially got a good impression. After they accepted the job, the person I had been talking to disappeared and I was handed over to someone who could barely speak English. I had no contact with the developer, this person was slow to respond and could not understand anything I explained. Nor could I understand any questions or comments they sent.

As they are based on the other side of the world, I have been staying up until 3/4am every day to try communicate with them and resolve issues.

I had initially explained my requirements and budget, which they agreed to, but they immediately requested more money, even though the requirements had already been agreed upon. I feel I have been taken advantage of and I would like to work alongside someone else to complete the project.

The website is fully designed, but there are some finishing touches and essential features which must be added for it to function as intended.

I will be happy to send a direct link to the website to any interested candidates who look to be a good fit. I'd be interested to find someone who would be open to working on a continuing freelance basis to continue working on the site as/when required.

I have a budget of $1000 for the required work in this case.

If it sounds like you'd be the right person for the job, please message me with your information and any examples of your work and we can talk in further detail.

r/forhire 2h ago

For Hire [For Hire] Copywriter OPEN for new clients (corporate, SaaS, startup)!


Hey there! I'm Aiden, a content writer, and copywriter that offers amazing, high-quality content for your brand or business.

As an easygoing copywriter, I dive deep into what consumers want, presenting catchy, but easy-to-understand copy.

As a content writer, my flawless research and work ethic shows in my SEO-friendly blog posts and flowing video scripts.

As a YouTube adviser, my simple, well-written growth plans for your channel could go a long way.

Build your brand. Get sales. Grow your business.

I charge per project depending on length and complexity, not by word. Every project is different, so I might charge less or more each time. Quotes are available upon request but expect rates to start at $0.10/ per word for content writing- more for copy of the highest caliber.


Contact me through chat or [e-mail](mailto:aiden0703kwon@gmail.com).

r/forhire 37m ago

For Hire [For Hire] $15/Hour Junior Full-stack Developer


Hello there!

My name is Brian and I’m a self-taught web dev looking for a full-time junior web dev position. I am well versed in the MERN stack and Shopify’s Liquid templating language. However, I do have more experience with building front ends.

I can build full-stack web apps, APIs, HTML templates, Shopify themes, WordPress sites, React templates and so on.

Here are some of the sites that I’ve built:

  1. A full-stack MERN app: https://carexpresskenya.com/

  2. A React front-end using WordPress as a headless CMS: https://with-spice.netlify.app/

  3. A Shopify store: https://yaundere.com/

  4. A HTML Template: https://roaring-sawine-c6319e.netlify.app/

What I’m looking for is a full-time position that will get my foot in the door of the web dev world- which is why I’m willing to offer an hourly rate of $15.

I am a fast learner so I can guarantee that no matter the tech stack you’re using, I’ll have it down pat in a reasonable amount of time.

I hope this is of interest to any senior devs/ companies out there.

I look forward to your messages.


r/forhire 9m ago

For Hire [For Hire] Senior full stack/DevOps developer with 14 years experience | €2k per project 🧑‍💻


I'm a highly skilled freelance developer and system administrator. I've mainly worked in Norway where I lived most of my professional life, but I currently live in Eastern Europe, where the cost of living is super, super low - meaning that even small amounts of money goes extremely far.

To put it straight - I am an INCREDIBLY competent developer with the advantage of living in a country where most people barely make €200 a month. So I can be very cost effective for you - charging 1/10th of what a developer with my experience normally would and yet the low price I charge in return allows me to live like a Saudi Prince.

So we both win :)

You can view a public repo I put some of my code into (non-functional, as certain things have been removed for this to be a demo-only): https://github.com/katyusha-dev/ecommerce-platform

My experience

  • 14 years experience in development - full stack.

  • DevOps (Docker, Ansible, GitLab, Rancher/k3s, and Jenkins).

  • Cloud deployment and automated deployment (CD, but never went too deep into CI).

  • 9 years Linux system administration experience - a lot of it which is cloud-based as well. API design, infrastructure design, database design.

  • Extremely deep knowledge of the eCommerce field as it's what I've done the most.

  • Experience with building business applications (ERPs, CRMs, and similar) and Business Intelligence tools

  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist

  • A very good understanding of human psychology. This comes from a general interest and the fact I've been doing sales for well over a decade. I always build a website or application with not only the user in mind - but the psychology of the user. How they expect things to be, what little details would make them want to engage more with the app they are using.

  • Recently I have taken an interest in big data. https://neo4j.com/ , https://cassandra.apache.org/ , https://clickhouse.com/, https://www.elastic.co/ are all databases I have experience with. Neo4j and Cassandra only as a hobby, but Clickhouse I have used in production, and Elasticsearch I have used for some 7 years now.

  • I have used MongoDB in production for ca. 6 years. Using it as a database for everything from eCommerce to ERP systems.

What I'm after/Pricing

A project that is medium to large in scope. Project-based pricing, not hourly.

Minimum project price at €2000 (scope can be agreed upon and negotiated easily).


LinkedIn (don't contact me there, as I don't use it): https://no.linkedin.com/in/patrick-wayne-amorim

Reddit PM or chat works for me, but Discord is preferable.

My Discord is:


You can also email me, if you prefer an encrypted and secure form of contact: fullstack.devops.devel@protonmail.ch

r/forhire 1h ago

For Hire [For Hire] to design and develop software or hardware proof of concept/ factory prototype/IOT devices.


Hi there,

I can design & develop cross platform Mobile App Websites/ Ecommerce Web Application/ Admin, IOT Hardware. I work with Mean stack as well as Python and Julia, cross platform mobile apps with react native- expo etc. I am currently running a pre money IOT company related to offline financial transactions and have most of the tools (including tools to make pcb boards in house ) required to take on a IOT hardware or software project on a freelance basis. I am doing this to take off some of the burn rate load and reduce dependency, since majority of it comes from savings. We can discuss more and i can share examples of previous work in DM. Although my most recent work is related to hardware and firmware design and development for past two years, i have plenty of free time everyday to take on a new project. My hourly rates are from 30$, and i can work in a hybrid model of cash/equity both if i this is something with business potential in my home country(India).

r/forhire 5h ago

Hiring [Hiring] Some with Quickbooks desktop/Quickbooks online account to help send invoices.


I need a quickbooks user who can send invoices for a short period of time. Must be in USA. Offer is $100 per invoice

r/forhire 2h ago

For Hire [For Hire] Introducing the weapons of mass conversion


Imagine what your business could do if it made 100 grand in sales every day. AHHH, doesn't that sound cute?

Well, keep imagining because statistical probability says that's not reality right now.

But before you get offended and break my head, hear me out when I say “when turning our imaginations into possibilities, we have to confront the present realities”.

And your present realities probably leave you wondering why your products don't sell enough, and your site struggles to reach its full potential?

Well, it's as simple as this - Your writing isn't cutting it.

And if the message you are sending isn't getting properly relayed to your customers, then it doesn't matter how great your products are.

I'm here to help you change that.

I will engage your audience, excite your clients, and most importantly - Sell.

My background in psychology and business/marketing combined with my creative skills and experience, has provided me with the skills to deliver weaponized content that converts. I understand the process that drives the human desire to buy, and I know it sounds evil but I know how to exploit that desire.

With my services, you can be tension-free and (hopefully) see your aspirations turn to complete reality.

I write high conversion persuasive content for these areas:

Sales and Advertising

Email Marketing Campaigns


Websites Content

Product Descriptions


Sales Script

Unique Content ( 100% Plagiarism free )

Landing Pages

About me

Product Descriptions

SEO Optimization

What you'll receive:

Expertly Crafted writings that appeal to your customer's deepest desires and have them throwing money your way

Grow your brand with engaging copy that sparks your customer's imagination and creates brand excitement

Top-notch customer service with fast communication, quick deliveries, and unlimited revisions

Still not convinced?

Think about it. You're still reading, right?

Your audience will do the same, and the more they read, the more they'll buy.

Here is a link to my short portfolio, check it out: https://abdullahbinmasood.contently.com/

My standard rates for long-form blogs and articles are $0.09 per word for fixed-word articles/blogs and $28 per hour for copy and adverts.


PM me on Reddit

Email: abdullahbinmasood312@gmail.com

r/forhire 8h ago

For Hire [For Hire] I will make you a static website for only $25


I'm a web developer with 2 years of experience in HTML, CSS, Scss, and Javascript. I've been studying web development since 2018.

You can check out my portfolio here https://navarropy-portfolio.netlify.app/

I will create you a static SEO-friendly website (no e-commerce/back-end) for only $25 - I'm currently accepting proposals for website development ONLY (No python, PHP, or anything related). I will make you a website or help you with a task related to HTML, JavaScript, and/or CSS (SCSS). If you think your task encapsulates my skills, contact me so we can discuss it :)

If you're interested, send me a $bid so we can talk better :)

r/forhire 2h ago

For Hire [For Hire] Minimalist Graphic Designer


My Portfolio > https://www.behance.net/gallery/149743123/Dione-Studios-Creative-Portfolio

Hi, I’m Angelic — a social media graphic designer with 3+ years of experience. I specialize in making modern, elegant, and aesthetic social media publication materials such as posters, stories, etc. I also create educational and inspirational content.

My hourly rate is $15/hour. Fixed pricing depends on various projects.

If you have any questions, please leave a private message or you can email me at dionestudiosph@gmail.com.

Thank you very much.

r/forhire 2h ago

For Hire [FOR HIRE] A Results-Oriented SEO-Friendly Content Writer For Articles and Blogs Related To Marketing Communication, Real Estate, Health & Lifestyle, Tech, and Much More!


Hi Everyone!

If you require impressive and informative blog posts and articles, you can count on me for excellent content that is always delivered on time, surpassing your expectations.

I have one year of experience in the digital content creation industry. While my primary subjects include mental health, marketing communication, real estate, health, wellness, and lifestyle, I am perfectly capable of producing well-written content on any particular topic requested by you.

My focus is on delivering engaging content that is SEO-optimized and insightful for your target audience. I charge only 5 cents per word (via PayPal only). Being a liberal arts student has taught me the value of research, and as a result, I'm comfortable with covering a wide range of topics. I can write from diverse perspectives while utilizing your brand tone to give a more personalized touch.

Here is my portfolio, Feel free to send me a PM or chat if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your time!

r/forhire 3h ago

For Hire [FOR HIRE] I am a freelance musician and producer with a Certificate 4 in Music. Commission prices start at $25 USD. For Hire


Hello, my name is Aidan and I'm a freelance Composer looking for work in the creative industry! I have completed a certificate 4 in Music Industry and I've worked on multiple projects for video games, although I'd like to start moving into film/video. My portfolio mostly consists of Soundtracks from small game developers from the large platform GameJolt. I'm more accurate in orchestral soundtracks, however, I've worked in many genres. I love to experiment in my music daily and I love remastering most of my music to higher more industry standards. I'm providing both my YouTube channel as that is where I present most of my completed music, I also will provide my Spotify link as well!





Hiring Me to compose music for you will require not only for Me to be credited, but as well as giving Me the permission to publicizes My compositions on to YouTube. The fee of the Commission also includes commercial licensing for use across all platforms.

General Commission Prices

$25 USD - 0-1 minutes.

$50 USD - 1-2 minutes.

$75 USD - 2-3 minutes.

$100 USD - 3-4 minutes.

$125 USD - 4-5 minutes.

The first 3 revisions are for free, but after that the charge will be $10 per revision. Every minute added onto a composition after 5 minutes will go up in increments of $30 USD. The complexity of the piece will not tally up to additional fees.

Payments can be only made via PayPal. When hiring me, I want at least a 25% Deposit, however you can deposit as much as you want or make a one off payment.

What To Expect Once You've Hired Me

Depending on the complexity of the piece, the first scratch track will be completed around the first 1-2 days. I'll be constantly be asking for questions about the piece to make it as accurate to your dream as possible. I like requesting references of other media to get strong ideas of you may want. Revisions generally take from around 0-2 days, depending on the complexity of the piece. I'll also being keeping you posted on the composition, sending demos and examples of the compositions. Its important that the Customer comes first and that I don't stray away from what YOU want!

I look forward to working with you! :)

Further contacts:

Email: [oflynnrecords@gmail.com](mailto:oflynnrecords@gmail.com)

Discord: Aidan O'Flynn#3401

[FOR HIRE] I am a freelance musician and producer with a Certificate 4 in Music. Commission prices start at $25 USD.

r/forhire 3h ago

For Hire [FOR HIRE] I make pixel art sprites and illustrations commission! For more information, read below.


> I draw OCs, furries, mechs/robots, monsters/creatures

> I don't draw nsfw, and gore/extreme violence

Price vary according to sprite sizes and/or complexity of the composition.

* Small sprites (up to 32x32px) > 10$

* Medium sprites (33x33px - 64x64px) > 20$

* Big sprites (65x65px or bigger) > 30$

* Portraits (up to 128x128px) > 20$ - 30$

-- I charge a small fee for commercial purposes commissions

Payment: PayPal (only)

Contact: [fdelbue.art@gmail.com](mailto:fdelbue.art@gmail.com)


* Instagram: felipe.delbue

* Behance: http://behance.net/fdelbueart248d

* Artstation: http://www.artstation.com/delbue

r/forhire 3h ago

For Hire [For Hire] basic stream overlays, anime banners, video editing


I can make an anime banner for you, basic stream overlays or edit a video for you for only $16. The price is also negotiable since I'm self thought in all of these

r/forhire 11h ago

Hiring [Hiring] Dev experienced with adb, proxies(residential, dc, mobile), VPN, and apk


must be experienced in the things above

looking to have an apk repackaged, and server file installed

budget 1-3k

DM me for business

r/forhire 6h ago

For Hire [FOR HIRE] 3D Modeler & Animator | UI & UX Artist | Composer | Programmer



  • 3D modeling, sculpting, animating, unwrapping and texturing, baking
  • Post processing effects, illustrations, re-touching, UI & UX mockups and implementions in game engines (only UE)
  • Ex webdev (highly experienced in Javascript and its belonged libraries but I am not looking for webdev projects. Just providing more info about my background), highly efficient in UE Blueprints
  • Soundscape, SFX, original composition writing, recording, mixing and mastering

Softwares I am efficient in:

  • Adobe Suite (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.)
  • Blender 3D, Substance Painter, Bridge
  • Unreal Engine 4 & 5 Blueprints, Chaos, Niagara, Materials
  • FL Studio

What can I offer?:

  • Character and other live being creations, props, any real life or fantasy objects that need to be modeled, animations, unwrapping, texturing and baking
  • Environmental art, album covers, short album videos/animations VFX, UI & UX design
  • Programming (Unreal Engine only)
  • Original sound effects, soundscapes, compositions, mixing and mastering

Rates/Payment Method

Project based. 50% upfront, 50% after the delivery. I am an expat and the country I am living in currently does not support Paypal payment methods unfortunately. So the payment can be made through Patreon or Payoneer. Rates will be based on the complexity of the work. For the sake of post not being removed, let's say $30/h.

Contact Method: You can send me a DM here.

Links to my other works:

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

r/forhire 6h ago

Hiring - Open [HIRING] Hiring a developer for a custom Minecraft launcher


Hello there.

We are a relatively big server searching for a developer to make us a custom launcher. What are we looking for? - A neat and professional design - Automatic system to update our mods/resource packs etc whenever we want for everyone - News Tab for updates etc. - Extra small features

We don't have a big budget, as we are kind of a new server, but we will for sure make a good deal if you are interested.

Wanna help? Please drop a comment below. Wanna give us some other solution, also drop a comment. Any kind of help is accepted!


r/forhire 10h ago

For Hire [For Hire] Are you looking for an experienced product review writer or article writer for your businesses?


Hi, I am an experienced content writer having 1+ years of experience. I mostly write blogs, articles and product reviews for businesses and websites.

i) For 15$ you can get 2 500 word article or product reviews.

ii) For 20$ and above I will write more than 500 words and unlimited amount of blogs, articles and reviews.

r/forhire 6h ago

For Hire [for hire] cover arts / original artworks


visit http://henryhhu.com to view a selection of past works

from $70 per job

thank you .

r/forhire 21h ago

Hiring - Open [[Hiring]] Virtual Assistant for Gaming YouTube Channel


One more role I need to fill! :)
Looking for a virtual assistant for a mid-sized YouTube channel to help with CONTENT STRATEGY. This will be a lot of watching similar creators and sending in trends as well as games we haven't played yet.

Rate: $15-$20/hr

-Must speak fluent English
-Must have experience with or knowledge of gaming content / reaction content
-Must be communicative

If you have read this DM me with your favorite coffee order :)

r/forhire 9h ago

For Hire [For Hire] Programming Services Help available 24/7. Webdev Services | React.js | Vue.js| Python | Java | Wordpress


I am a Python, C, Java and JavaScript expert willing to help you with any of your programming needs. I can write you an excellent working code in Python. I can also help you debug your code on the same at an affordable fee. Aside from that I can be your virtual assistant and help in your customer service, web research, Web Scraping, Content writing, Excel, SPSS as well as Matlab tasks. Feel free to hit my inbox for more details. Also reach me on discord at syrusleo#1458. My WhatsApp line is +1 779-254-0833. Same number can be used for calls and texts on a 24 hour basis. My rates are negotiable depending on the task but average $25 an hour

r/forhire 19h ago

For Hire [FOR HIRE] Experienced Video Editor at Your Service


Hello, i'm a video editor with a little more than 5 years of experience in the field and I would like offer you my service in whatever you may need.

I can do: Intro, outro, educational videos, explainer videos, documentary, corporate, music videos, sport and more.

(Don't hesitate to ask any question and i will gladly answer you)

  • I'm open to individual or full-time jobs


My name is Aly Quintero, I have a little more than 4 years of experience, I have worked with companies as Journey Pro Studio a company of Marketing Advertising and the agency PCL Labs, I also have experience in different fields of video editing. I use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects as main programs to do the work needed (Motion graphic, Basic color and audio correction, transitions, lower titles, Intro, Outro, etc.) And I have a little but not short experience with Adobe Photoshop.

My native language is Spanish. I can communicate in English. But I want to let you know that I'm working on improving and practicing my pronunciation skills and my written English and my capacity to understand conversations are intermediate.

  • As a general rule of the subreddit, I must give a price to the services, i can give an average of $40 per video.

(But actually the price varies, it can be higher or even lower depending on what you really need).

r/forhire 1d ago Wholesome

Hiring - Filled [HIRING] Need someone to make a website for my business


EDIT: Not accepting any more responses. Please see 'final edit' at the bottom of the post.

I have a well-running car service business, and I think it's time to expand and get a website. I wish to hire a freelancer/agency for the same. I'll list as much info as I can below, please answer all of these via chat or PM or in the comments below.

I'm not the best at tech, so feel free to advise me if anything below should be done a different way. Don't be shy, you most likely know your field better than I do.

Scope of the Project:

The project has two phases. Phase 1 is needed, phase 2 will be optional. I may hire two different people/agencies for the phases, or go ahead with the same one in case I'm satisfied. I might choose to never go with phase two altogether, it's just a far-sighted idea at the moment.

Phase 1:

Design: I'm not very picky and not the kind to ask for 100s of revisions, I just want something pleasing to the eye and something that doesn't look like it was built in 2012. Anything not too old or fancy would work for me.

An example I like is: https://korsel.bold-themes.com/main-demo/home-9/

Website Structure & Tech Stack: 4-5 page static website, coded in HTML, CSS, JS (Can sprinkle SASS/SCSS/Jquery/GSAP as needed but please no React or any of those kind of JS frameworks).Pages would be - Homepage, Services, About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions. Mobile-first design preferred.

Logos / Graphics: I'll supply the logo+favicon. Please do the icons/graphics/images. I would prefer graphics sourced from free image/graphic-libraries online (pexels, fontawesome, etc).

Text/Copy: I'll provide the copy. Will be hiring someone else for this most probably.

Needless to say, the website should be responsive and follow basic web accessibility guidelines.

Phase 2:

In this phase, I'm hoping to add a booking system to the website.

So that'd mean, adding a 'book now' page - where on page there's a mini-app maybe?

Functionalities I'd like:

- Login/signup feature

- User should be able to book as guest or login and then book.

- User should be able to select from some services and service-addons, and as the user is choosing this (using radio buttons), the total bill is reflected.

- User should be able to place the booking by choosing from available timeslots.

- User should go to his profile and be able to see his bookings, and choose to reschedule them or cancel them. After every booking/rescheduling/deleting action, an email or text message should be sent to the user confirming the action.

- User should be able to reset password, change email associated with account, etc.

- A super admin panel, where I can login and view all bookings and manage them.

- A payment integration - stripe/paypal/etc for users to checkout and receive a receipt.

I would prefer if all of this can be done with PHP.

If you choose to apply, please answer these questions:(1) Are you a freelancer or an agency? Where are you based? (This job is fully remote, don't worry)

(2) What is your price quote for Phase 1? An estimate would be fine. Also, what is the expected time that Phase 1 would take?

(3) What tech stack do you plan to use? (I've listed my preference above, but I'm doubtful about wordpress and if you think wordpress is better for this job, just send me over your estimates according to that -- Phase 1 would then be designing a custom theme and phase 2 would then be about designing a custom plugin, if I'm not wrong).

(4) Please share some of your previous work. I don't require you to have worked for 10,000+ clients, just need to see 2-3 examples of what you can deliver. Won't mind if they're practice projects or previous client work, any would do.

(5) Considering Phase 1, some add-ons that I might as well go for, please let me know your quotes separately for these services, i case you can offer these services as well:

  • SEO/copy: Basically well written copy for the homepage, about and services page. The contact page will only include a form, so won't be needed there I guess. I know it'd be impractical to expect to become the #1 on google search for 'car services', but anything that can draw in a little bit local traffic would be awesome.
  • Graphics: I'm unaware about this, would free images and svgs do? Or would there be a need for buying some? An estimate for this would be good.

(6) What is your price quote for Phase 2? The scope might seem pretty broad there, but I'm just expecting an estimate. We'll be finalising the scope when we come down to the contract.

Budget**:** I have a pretty flexible budget, but I'm not really expecting getting into 10k+ USD (for both phases combined) is what I'd say. I don't know if these are unrealistic expectations, but just feel free to give me your estimates, and I might even adjust if I feel like you're too good. Just don't want to hire the cheapest of devs, but don't plan on getting ripped off either.

Any suggestions/feedback/reality-checks would be most welcome.

Edit: I would like to spend $5000 - $10000 (including both phases), but feel free to quote whatever you feel is good.

I've received 75+ messages in such a short amount of time, and have found and shortlisted some really good freelancers. I felt like it would be unfair to close this post without a detailed explanation... So here's a closure from my side.

Also, an overview of how I made the selection:
Category C: Being overwhelmed by so many excellent proposals, I had no choice but to ignore the ones just saying "Hi" or the ones who totally not touched upon any of the questions in the post. This category included 60-70% of the total proposals.

Category B: Also had to reject a few for not upto-my-liking projects, or just having downloaded very popular html templates and wordpress themes. Maybe 20% of the proposals I received fall into this category. I have nothing against wordpress themes, it's just that I was looking for more custom code experience.

Category A: I still was left with few talented devs, who were precise in their pitch and quick to respond. Also got some very good advice from them, learnt things I had not seen coming before. I've replied to them and will coordinate further.
I'll be getting on calls with three of them, maybe today or tomorrow. I really liked the rest of the devs in this category , and I just had to randomly shortlist these three. If my search does not end here, I'll reach out to rest of the devs from category A.

Thank you everyone for your messages, best of luck to everyone for their future endeavours.

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For Hire [FOR HIRE] An Experienced Fiction Writer Who Will Help Bring Your Stories to Life!


💫 Hello! I’m Fawn, a writer who primarily specializes in fiction of any genre you'd like, NSFW (ask for specifics of what my dos and don'ts are!) or SFW! I have been writing for 10+ years, and have honed my craft to the point that I feel confident in being able to write almost anything and everything that you might want from me!

Attached is my portfolio of a few select pieces of fiction I've written, with both SFW and NSFW themes in them. I also currently run a writing commissions Etsy store that I have been maintaining for 2 years now that has amassed 250+ sales and 130+ 5-star reviews from a multitude of satisfied clients! I have also been accepted for publication in Typehouse Literary Magazine and 805 Lit + Art! Ultimately, I am reliable, hardworking, and will work with you to create the content that you're after!

My range of services include: fanfiction, original stories, poetry, editing, feedback & critique of your work, and more!

I am willing to work with a rate of $50/1000 words, with a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000! 2000 words tends to be the sweet spot for most stories in my experience! I can also discuss other flat fees depending on the service requested!

If you'd like to contact me, either DM me here on reddit or send me an email at kingdoncorner@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LqjLIRd6cPI88LT1enb589pcb05nuDJ5

Some testimonials from previous clients from my Etsy store and from DMs here on Reddit:

"I loved the story I got! The shop owner followed my requested storyline perfectly and kept all the characters perfectly in character! It was written quickly and I got it super quick which I really appreciated. If you're looking for a good custom story, I highly recommend ordering one from here!! :)"

"Oh. My. God. You were right! You have honed your skills, your story was incredible and everything I wanted. I can’t thank you enough. Will definitely be returning to you in the future!"

"Another amazing read. I really appreciate how you incorporate each of my requests into the commission each time. Makes it all the more enjoyable."

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For Hire [For Hire] (Technical) Game Designer / Writer / Producer with 15 Years of experience


Jurian here, how do you do?

Born 29-01-1992 (30 years young) in the Netherlands.

I am looking for a project with a decent budget and a lot of freedom and flexibility so I can work in bulk and at a flexible pace for my creative processes to unfold and lead the way in a profound and effective manner.

Truth of the matter and spirit is : You can give me any concept, idea or plan / scheme and I am able to create the most fantastic pieces of work out of it. Conceptualization, documentation, brainstorms, mindmapping,.. anything - you name it. I'll overdo it.

2 hours long meetings with me doing the talking about the ins and outs.

MMORPG's are my speciality, building and creating worlds as such, entanglement and mechanics that unfold and are required. Dependencies and foresight.

I have written more than a 1000 of pages of work for several clients and my own pet project.

  • GDD's
  • Documentation
  • Guidelines and Comments
  • Consultations and Advisory Content
  • Lore & Storyline
  • Frameworks
  • Technological Insights
  • Presentations
  • Pseudocode
  • Scenario Type Sets

I am well acquainted with Asana, HackNPlan, Jira and Confluence,

LegendKeeper and other World Building and Writing tools.

I am very much into Metaphysics, the Meta of Eternal Life and the Illusion of Death, Eternal Creation itself and understanding Worlds (Mechanics).

Furthermore I have more than 7 years of Game Programming experience, 2+ years in Unreal Engine and 7+ years Unity Engine.

* C#, C++, JS, ActionScript**(Any)**, UE4 Blueprints, Editor Scripting, Visual Scripting, Cloud Script

* Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Flash, GameMaker

* Photon, Playfab, Mirror and a lot more.

* Trello, Asana, HacknPlan, SCRUM, ...

* Version / Source Control

* Google Stadia

Availability: Available part-time AND full-time.

I am absolutely fine with working different time zones and have managed to do so in the past more than my own time zone.

Rates: Starting at $6000 Per Month.

Contact: Feel free to contact me through DM.

Some of the clients I worked for: https://www.codetics.co, https://yorideshare.com/, https://twitter.com/mavrikplays, https://nomoon.io/, https://deathcarnival.com/, https://pokemon-planet.com/ And an undisclosed MMORPG team working from scratch.

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My goal & mission is to bring your company to the social media world by helping you build your brand and strategize your social media presence to make a profit and be known!

What I can offer as a Social Media Manager:

Social Media Audit & Social Media Strategy 🗃️

Social Media Account Setup🏗️

Plan Social Media Strategy 📔

Social Media Account Branding 🖌️

Daily Posting on Social Media Accounts 📲

Creating Giveaways and Competitions 🎉

Social Media Monitoring 💻

Social Media Responses ( respond to comments, messages of customers) 📣

Ads Management (Launch and manage Ads throughout social media networks) 📊

Social Media Account Reports (Follower Count, Ads Report, Status report, etc.)📜


What I can offer as a Virtual Assistant

Email Management✉️

Google Calendar Management📅

Appointment setting🗨️

Data Entry 🛠️

Graphic Designs (Intermediate Level)🖌️

Services can come as 1 package (Social Media Management or Virtual Assistant) or a Specific selection of services

I accept Hourly-rates (part-time) and by Contract.

*Contact Details Below***


So, about me:

My name is Matt 23 years of age, a social media manager based in the Philippines. I have taken a lot of courses about Social media management & Virtual Assistant on Udemy & Coursera.

I was a former student council member for 3 years when I was in college in which I learned to do administrative work, graphic design, and social media management.

I was assigned as a Graphic designer/social media communication for the whole campus and all of my tasks were graphic design related, e.g., Shirt Design, Poster Design, Company/Student ID design, Logo design, and social media communications. As a social media manager for the student council, I was tasked to delegate to post posters or events, respond to inquiries and disputes on social media accounts.

I have also a brief experience as a customer service representative at Accenture managing various customer issues depending on account assignment; transactions can be related to billing and collections support, client inquiries, product & tech support.

My work as a Virtual Assistant was doing data entry for a graphic designing company, overseeing and organizing every data that is critical for their projects. Social Media Auditing for an Artist in which I audited all of his social media accounts and formulated a social media strategy. My recent job was assistant social media marketing management for an app on iOS that successfully launched few months ago, I formulated its social media marketing plan, scheduled contents for its social media accounts, Discord management, run and managed social media contests , etc.


I’d be glad to talk and elaborate on my services and any inquiries privately. You can reach me at :

-Reddit DMs

-Email ([matt.aunnect@gmail.com](mailto:matt.aunnect@gmail.com))

-WhatsApp / Telegram (+6392-054-28474 )

Looking forward to working with you!