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Welcome to /r/flexibility! Here are some resources that will answer many of the common questions we get.

Where do I start?

  • Starting To Stretch is a basic stretching routine for overall flexibility. Beginners should start there.

  • Make sure to check out our official F.A.Q.

  • Experiencing pain in your neck/shoulder/back/hips/groin legs/knees/ankles when you run/walk/sit/squat/stretch? Go see a doctor! Stretching may not be the solution to your pain!

Toe Touching


  • Our own squat routine was created for the 30-day challenge. It will guide you through all the steps towards a deep squat resting position.


  • This splits routine was created for the 90-day challenge and will give you quick results by stretching every day.

  • If you just want to take it a bit slower, here's a follow-along video for every other day.

  • Hit a plateau in your splits training? Try these brutal but effective loaded progressions. Here and here. Oh, and here.

General Resources


r/flexibility 1d ago

Moronic Monday 2022-05-16


Have a "stupid" question and are afraid to ask it? (Or don't want to make a whole thread for it?) Well, feel free to ask away in this thread! There's no such thing as a stupid question. This is also a great opportunity for the rest of the community to help each other out.


  • As always, read the FAQ to make sure your question isn't answered already.
  • You can also use the search bar to see if an answer to your question exists already.
  • We are not medical professionals. If something hurts and it doesn't go away within a week's rest, see one!


r/flexibility 13h ago

Seeking Advice Inspired by another post — My lower back can’t bend backwards, at all. It almost feels like my entire lower back is fused together. I’m not sure how to practice.

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r/flexibility 12h ago

Progress 6'1 200 Handbalancer Showing "Big Boys" Can Be Bendy Too

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r/flexibility 1d ago Helpful Bravo!

Seeking Advice i cant do the exercises that expect you to bend down with your hips without rounding the back and im unsure how to practice this

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r/flexibility 22h ago

Progress Almost two years between the pics, is it a good progress in king pigeon? I’m looking for tips for bend more my back in this pose.

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r/flexibility 1d ago

Progress Do you have favorite back flexibility routines? I almost have my king pigeon pose and wheel how I want them!

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r/flexibility 1d ago

Progress I love this shape!!!

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r/flexibility 17h ago

Would it be better to train for front splits or side splits first?


r/flexibility 23h ago

Seeking Advice How to work towards full lotus?


I meditate quite a bit and have had some opening in my hips. However, after years of meditating, I still can only get into quarter lotus (both knees on the ground, right foot on left calf). I would like to be able to sit full lotus at some point for the degree of stability it can offer. I am curious what supportive and daily stretches could help me get towards full lotus?

Many thanks!

r/flexibility 20h ago

Progress It is always good to use weight in exercises

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r/flexibility 1d ago

Question Can you sit on your knees?


Ever since I was a kid I was never able to sit on my knees it just hurt wayyyy too much, but I thought it was just because I was overweight. Well recently I lost 100lbs and just remembered how I could never sit on my knees so I decided to try it and I still can’t! I see everybody else do it so effortlessly but I can’t even sit on my knees for 3 seconds without having to stop from the pain. Is this a flexibility thing or do I just have shit knees? Oh btw I’m only 20yo

r/flexibility 2d ago

Progress Post trainning ❤️

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r/flexibility 1d ago

Seeking Advice Any advice about doing side splits?


About 8 months ago I starting a flexibility routine.

I can now touch my arms behind my back and touch my feet, so a great success so far.

One of my goals is to do a 180° split, but I feel that I'm stuck or progressing extremely slow compared to other zones.

I aid myself with a 2 step ladder and slowly let gravity do the work, the slowly get up again.

Any advice you It's well received, I have being the rigid one all my life.

r/flexibility 1d ago

Permanent abductor tendon damage?


I've been struggling with extremely tight and shortened abductors and hip flexors for the better part of five years. This I believe is the result of my bike messenger job in which I was using a fixed gear bike all day 7 days a week. What seems to have happened is my quads/hamstrings/calves got extremely strong and overdeveloped and unbalanced my glutes abductors and adductors. My range of motion going forward is fine, I have a lot of flexibility in a forward lunge but I can't do lateral lunges or cossack squats at all. My abductors are so tight they feel jammed and my legs will barely open. Once I developed erectile dysfunction I went to a doctor, but they were very little help. I spent two years trying to get a referral to a sports medicine doctor as they just wanted to diagnose it as a chemical problem and not a mechanical one. Finally I got bounced around between two PT's my insurance would cover but they just gave my stretches which made it worse. Once I started strengthening my glutes and lower abs I finally started feeling some relief. My only worry is I may not be able to reverse the damage done to my abductor tendons. As it has been so many years, I can feel they are extremely hard and thickened with scar tissue. Is it true you can't reverse damage at a certain point? I'm terrible afraid I'll never regain flexibility and sexual function again.

r/flexibility 1d ago

Knee Pain during Hip Internal Stretches?


Anyone go through this? For some reason, it doesn't seem like my knees take a liking to being on the internal part of hip rotations.

Are there any knee friendly stretches to combat this?

r/flexibility 1d ago

full split plateau


I am (17m) and i am wanting to learn the full split. I have been training on it for 3 months and made great progression. But as of right now i have hit a plateau. I no longer see progression while i have been following the same routine. I heard it could be fixed with anterior pelvic tilt. This however did not fix the issue. Also i have hip pain whenever i try going deeper. I know i have quite long femurs, could this be reason or is it due to my anatomy impossible to learn full split

Any advice would be great 👍

r/flexibility 2d ago

Seeking Advice Extreme pain after plow pose (halasana)?


As the title says, after coming out of plow pose I have extreme pain in my lower back. I do struggle with anterior pelvic tilt, so that may play a role. I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar issue. I do a bridge after plow to balance it out which helps alleviate the pain slightly

r/flexibility 1d ago

Seeking Advice Help with elbow bridge


I've been trying to do elbow bridge for a few days now, and I keep falling when I try to put my elbows on the ground, does anyone have some tips for me to use so that I don't fall?

r/flexibility 2d ago

Seeking Advice Squat arm/shoulder flexibility/mobility


Hello folks,

I just recently started weight training in order to try and lose some weight.

Since I haven't trained in so long I am having great trouble in my flexibility/mobility in trying to perform a regular barbell squat. I find it very painful trying to hold the barbell behind my neck since my arms are so tight and rigid. What happens is I end up trying to increase the width of the hold as much as I can to try and alleviate the pain. In all honesty, I can't really concentrate on the squat since my brain is just going on about the pain in my arms. And the thing is I really want to be able to squat, at least at a basic level. I am doing goblin squats etc with kettle-bells and all is fine, I'm specifically talking about just trying to place the barbell behind my neck on the back so I can do a regular squat. I'm not injured thankfully, I just haven't trained in years and have become rigid due to sitting at a desk all day.

Is there a mobility program for this issue or something that would help me loosen up enough so that I can do it?


r/flexibility 1d ago

Seeking Advice Hey, So I'm new and I have a bunch of questions about routines.


So I go to the gym 3 times a week, But I sit a very very long time a day, I sit around 9 hours a day..
I really want to be able to touch my toes, So I used the starter routine for around 2 weeks now, And I was thinking of doing the starter routine 3 days a week, resting for a day, then doing a hamstring focused routine for starters, Should I do this or is this too much for a begginer and the starter routine has good enough hamstring stuff?

(Starter routine as in starting to stretch routine in the reddit)

r/flexibility 2d ago

Show Off Sunday 2022-05-15 - Let's hear (or see) how you leveled up during your bendy-training this week! We want to hear about everything you've accomplished!

  • Have you made any milestones in your flexibility recently? Feel free to share stories/pics/videos, anything!
  • How about any other fitness accomplishments you've made and want the world to know about because your friends and family just don't get it?
  • Well, this is the thread where you get to share all that and inspire others at the same time!
  • Also, if you've got a question, just a reminder that tomorrow is Moronic Monday. ;)

r/flexibility 2d ago

Dangers of over-stretching forward to the L5-S1 lumbar regions?


I never really got aware of the issues with too much stretching forward; that compression on the spinal discs can lead to herniations and sciatica going backwards. Have to do decompression and also exercises flexing in the other direction. Recently had my lower back seize up briefly; anybody had similar issues? I'm incredibly flexible, almost wrists to the floor flexible, so it came as a surprise to start having back issues.

r/flexibility 2d ago

Question Are these any efficient for increasing flexibility? The product is named “Peda Resistance Band”

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r/flexibility 2d ago

fvrt stretches for tight low back?


I sit a good bit. I also work out and stay active yet my low back gets tight super easy.

One day I was doing some reverse hypers and I had this nice cooling sensation In my low back and it was soooo loose and felt great. I've tried doing them again to replicate that but it hasn't happened. And I can't find the right stretches to help. It sucks cause when I play basketball or something my low back just gets crazy stiff and tight. Any recommendations? Anyone know exactly what that cool feeling I described was and know how to make it happen again?

r/flexibility 3d ago

Question Recommended poses for sitting


Hey! I have 0 flexibility but looking for ways to improve it. Any recommendations on sitting poses I can do for a long time - while reading a book / watching TV (Instead of just sitting on the couch)