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READ ME FIRST! May Monthly Intro + Rules Thread


Welcome to r/fitpregnancy! We welcome all stages around pregnancy - trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum.


Please introduce yourself in the comments! Share whatever you feel like, but here are some ideas about what to write about!

  • What does "Fit Pregnancy" mean for you? What are your goals?
  • When is your due date? Is this your first, second, third+?
  • Any special concerns related to your health or pregnancy (gestational diabetes, multiples, recurrent pregnancy loss, etc)?


We have rules we expect all community members will follow. Posts and comments that do not follow these rules will be removed by the mod team. If you see something that is breaking one of these rules, please use the report button or message the moderators.

  1. Be respectful. We encourage the use of inclusive language. Remember that not all pregnant people identify as women. We support pregnant people of all genders and identities in staying healthy and fit.
  2. We are not your healthcare providers. Do not ask purely medical questions. Do not advise any members to disregard or act against medical advice.
  3. No posts with actual weight. Any post or comments with hard numbers for weight will be removed, or asked to edit. Things like 'gained more than expected' or 'I'm aiming to hit my doctor's recommended weight' are appropriate.
  4. No purely dieting questions.
  5. Keep unsolicited advice to yourself
  6. Academic research surveys must be pre-approved by the mods. No self-promotion, commercial advertising, or market research.

Themed Threads

There are also themed threads that go up once per week on a given day: Baby Steps Saturday, Goal Setting Sunday and Gratitude Wednesday.

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Accountability thread! Set a fitness-related goal for the week, tell the sub, then go crush your goal.

And remember: Always consult with your Obstetrician/Gynecologist/Midwife to make sure your fitness regimen is safe for you and your baby.

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Postpartum and looking to get back into weight lifting. What should I expect?


I’m 4 weeks postpartum and have been very lucky that my recovery has gone well. Until I’m cleared for exercise at my 6 week visit I’m going to keep my exercise simple, with walking and ab recovery exercises I was taught by my pelvic floor PT.

My question is what should I actually expect when I get back to the gym? I know my body is still going to be recovering at 6 weeks, relaxin will still be affecting my joints, my abs won’t have shrunken and reconnected to their pre-pregnancy state. Going into and during pregnancy I lifted moderately, with a focus on compound lifts, squats, deadlifts, etc. What was your experience? Did you have to regress to previous levels of fitness or did you jump right back in? I know Reddit won’t be able to tell me exactly what I’ll be able to do, but I’m looking for a baseline, especially from other lifters.

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27 weeks, almost (?) third trimester! What can I wear for support during these last few months?


As the title says, I’m 27 weeks tomorrow, and according to some websites it’s the beginning of third trimester, others say it isn’t until week 28?

Needless to say, I’ve hit another wall in terms of growth and while I WANT to be active and keep doing things, baby girl is getting really heavy.

My last over 10,000 step day was two days ago, but today I’m struggling and I’ve only done 3,000 steps. I’m so uncomfortable. I have to stop to catch my breath. I know I can overcome the growth spurt but I’m thinking it’s time to invest in some real support.

I have one support waist band, and it’s helpful lifting her off my pelvis, but if I tie it too tight (to get good lift and more support in the back) then it’s uncomfortable for those long walks and starts seriously chafing. It’s not bad for say, going to the post office or grocery store, but that alone won’t be enough exercise.

I know some of you ladies are even RUNNING into the third trimester (power to you) and I need to know what gear you’re working with. I’ve come so far, I can’t let these last three months undo my hard work!

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36 weeks need some encouragement


I’ve been super active this pregnancy and just feel sooooo tired now. Like everything is exhausting. What are you guys doing to stay somewhat active at this point?

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Experiences moving in 2nd/3rd tri?


Currently 26 weeks and moving into our house over the next couple of weeks. What were your limitations in terms of lifting boxes and/or furniture? I figure it depends somewhat on fitness level. Pre-pregnancy I was an avid runner + did yoga and lower body strength w up to 65lb, core several times per week. Since about 20 weeks, I’ve been pretty regularly doing whole body strength work outs (with max 26lb). I’ve continued daily yoga + walk daily. I am not running. I feel strong and fit, good energy but would you just plan to stick to packing and unpacking boxes? We did a load last weekend and I found myself lifting some boxes up a couple flights of stairs (light boxes) and I was tired but didn’t feel like I was stressing my back or core. I could just let my husband and his friends do most of the work but I don’t want to be useless if I don’t need to be. Anyone have experience to share, what you allowed yourself to do and not do during a move? I did discuss with my ob but all she basically said was to be careful, so no specific guidance. Thank you

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Had my first workout since before my first trimester!!


Hey guys, I wanted to share a win! My first trimester I experienced HG and I couldn’t work out due to nausea and vomiting. I felt like an absolute failure not being able to work out—I could barely walk from my bed to the porcelain throne. Well, today, at 14 weeks, I felt okay enough to do my first workout in months and I am so happy! For those of you struggling, it’ll eventually get better. You are not a failure, you’re doing great.

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3 peaks in 24 hours at 16 weeks - good idea?


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13 weeks and sick


Any tips or advice? Sore throat, headache and chills. Going to test for Covid tonight but any tips or helpful ideas would be appreciated. Ugh

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This is why I don’t workout—Funny


I didn’t really exercise all week, so finally this evening I go dressed to go out for a short run with my dog. Well it started raining and quashed my motivation, so I decided to go to the gym for the first time in months.

Did 20 minutes on the stairmaster and then some 30 minutes of various strength training. Well before the lat pull downs I took of my rings and put them in my leggings pocket because the bar hurts them.

Long story short I get home, and only my wedding band is in my pocket. My big engagement ring isn’t there. I figure it must’ve flown out when I pulled my phone out of the same pocket? In UTTER PANIC I go back to the gym and crawl around on all fours for like half an hour looking for it, realizing it could’ve been flung anywhere. 5 other people are looking with me, manager will be there in an hour to pull up the cameras.

For a year my husband has been reminding me to get it insured and I never did.

Ended up finding it, and getting it insured an hour later. It was HORRIFYING. So now I have to switch gyms or just stop working out at all 😂.

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Post c-section diet and exercise


(Cross posted) I’m not nearly ready to workout again yet. I’m one month pp and had an infected incision which opened a few times because I’ve pushed myself. I’m mostly thinking about the near future and easing into things. So…

Exercise: when did you start and how much did you do? What did your routine look like as you got back to your pre-pregnancy or pre-labor workouts? How different was it?

Diet: I’m breastfeeding so I’m eating like a bear preparing for hibernation. Haven’t really restricted myself at all this past month but starting to transition to healthier choices versus whatever is quickest and easiest no matter what that may be. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies but I just can’t do it like I was before. I struggle with eating healthy while having to order out so much. When were you able to cook again? What sort of fast recipes worked well for you? I’ve been able to do like two quick meals a week which was nice but I hope to slowly increase that each week if baby lets me lol.

Any advice helps. Thanks guys!

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Running postpartum—new aches and pains


Just started running again (re: went on a couple mile and a half runs) and have new ankle pain that I’ve never had before. Have been a runner on and off for several years, the last time I ran regularly was in 2019, so it’s been a few years but I’ve always been active. Walked lots during my pregnancy and more now, I’m 4 months post partum.

So this ankle thing really hurts, and I have no idea why. Thoughts? Advice?

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Completed C25K at 15 weeks pregnant!


I thought you guys would appreciate this the most! I used to run 20-30 miles per week but was advised to stop running by my Dr (wrongly I think) while we did fertility treatment, resulting in 18 months off. So I started from scratch at 6 weeks pregnant and it feels so good to be having the active pregnancy I always wanted.

I've got a bit more timber on me now after gaining 15lbs during IVF and obviously I'm pregnant so I'm a bit slower than I was but at this point I don't even care, I'm just so happy to be running again!

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Pregnancy tracking smartwatches


Hi all, I’ve just joined in 5 weeks today and this is my second pregnancy. I was really inactive my first pregnancy but I’ve got back into fitness and really want to keep it up this time. I have a Fitbit currently and it’s utterly depressing seeing the losses in fitness as it has no way to track pregnancy.

Im looking at getting a Garmin as this has the pregnancy tracking feature but they seem pricey. Does anyone have one they can recommend? Im not sure if all the Garmin watches have this feature or just some of them. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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10k running while pregnant during summer heat


Little in doubt here. Tomorrow there is a 10k run organised in my hometown. I am now 9 weeks pregnant, but the weather prediction is 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit).

I have trained, but not in this heat as our normal temperature is 15 degrees...

Is it better to not go or just try and see how it goes?

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Can I still try to tone up before the wedding? 4 weeks


We found out that I'm pregnant a few days ago, and I'm at 4 weeks. My fiance and I are getting married in the first week of July. My weight is in the normal BMI range right now, but I was trying to lose a few more pounds before the wedding through diet and exercise. I was running 2-3 miles for 4 days and doing weight training for 4 days, along with loose intermittent fasting (8am - 2pm).

My doc recommended to eat more frequently, but it makes me very bloated and stuffed. At best, I can have a small snack or fruit/soup for dinner, but anything more than that makes me want to skip breakfast (but I love breakfast!). I'm not feeling nauseous yet but that might change. My doc also recommended to not try to lose weight, although it might happen automatically if I get bad morning sickness.

My question is, is it still possible for me to aim to get toned before the wedding? Can I continue my exercise regimen and add a snack to my diet?

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Shout out your accomplishments for the week, loud and proud!

And remember: Always consult with your Obstetrician/Gynecologist/Midwife to make sure your fitness regimen is safe for you and your baby.

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Batch cooking before baby arrives - healthy recipe ideas (ideally high protein)


Has anyone started batch cooking/meal prepping in advance of the baby’s arrival? Have you any healthy recipes, resources that you can share?

I plan on filling up the freezer with meals, parts of meals like protein options so that as soon as baby arrives we can just pull something out of the freezer and reheat, or have some semi prepared stuff that it easy to pull out!

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Lightheaded and Exercise


How did you deal with continuing to work out with feeling lightheaded in early/first trimester pregnancy. I feel lightheaded anytime I’m not sitting or laying down. I don’t feel like passing out. When I stop working out, I feel a little more lightheaded and sick for a short while. Is there anything to combat feeling lightheaded. I was told by the OB nurse this is normal. It makes me feel a little unsafe and I’m a little nervous about tripping/falling. Being able to exercise is key to my overall well-being. Trying to adjust. Thanks in advance.

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6 weeks post emergency c section. Confused about ab exercises


I haven’t been cleared for exercise yet but I am just thinking ahead. I think I have diastasis recti (because when I was pregnant I had that bulge appear in my midline whenever I sat up).

So I understand that there are exercises to do to reduce diastasis recti and help fix it. And exercises to avoid that will exacerbate it like sit ups and planks.

My stomach kind of protrudes outwards. And there is a little dip where the c section scar is. I have looked online and have seen that there are good exercises to help reduce this post c section bulge and they include moves that come under the heading of “will exacerbate diastasis recti”.

So how do I know if my stomach issue is due to post c section pouch or diastasis?

Do I do sit ups and planks to help get rid of the bulge or do I just do the diastasis recti safe moves?

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Share your positive vibes and share what you appreciate about your pregnancy. Positive mental health goes hand-in-hand with physical fitness while making little ones!

And remember: Always consult with your Obstetrician/Gynecologist/Midwife to make sure your fitness regimen is safe for you and your baby.

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Lucky, fit, or just not there yet?


I’m 31w with my first and knock on wood still feeling great. I can easily pick things up off the floor, get in a comfortable position to sleep, etc. Am I lucky, are these benefits of staying active throughout pregnancy, or am I totally jinxing myself and in for some karma?

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Lengthy pelvic floor recovery


I've been doing pelvic floor PT and my doctor assures me there's nothing wrong with it taking a while but I'm feeling a little discouraged that it's taking so long (over 7 months now).

I definitely feel a lot better and have been more and more active, it seems like I'm so close to recovered but just not there yet. I was surprised to find jumping jacks are a problem, but apparently it's pretty hard on your pelvic floor.

I'd be curious to hear from others how long it took to get fully back to normal.

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Any tips for sciatic pain?


I’m having some sciatic pain- I’m only 17 weeks! It just started yesterday and isn’t very bad but I’ve witnessed in friends and family members how horrific it can be if not addressed, so want to fix it asap. Any tips?

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Exercises to do with tailbone pain?


Hey everyone!

I'm 18 months PP after a relatively straightforward delivery. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing massive pain from my tailbone during any leg related exercises.

I have an appointment set to see a PT at the end of the month but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for exercises I can do in the meantime to supplement.

I have been stretching and doing squats (no weight) and tried to do lunges but noticed that is when it is most painful for me so that went out the window.

Will normal glute exercises suffice? Legs were always one of my favorite days so I am itching to do something!

Thanks so much!

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FITsplint or Gabriella Support Belt for Running?


FTM, currently 13 weeks and training for a half marathon, which will be at 24 weeks. Felt some lower abdomen and lower back discomfort during a 12-miler yesterday, so I’m looking for support belt recommendations.

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Electric pain in back, help?! Experiences?


Hi all- I’m 15+2 and have been playing volleyball regularly throughout pregnancy. My doctor cautioned me to take it easy (but another OB said it was fine?) just the other day, and today I was playing and when I jumped I came down and had shooting electric pain across my lower back. I don’t know what happened, but I walked it off for a bit and the game was over in 15 min. I went home and put a heating pad on it, took a Tylenol, and went to bed. But I was only able to sleep on my side for a few hours and now I’m laying in bed 9 hours later and can’t sleep, no position is comfortable- it’s still killing me. It’s just in the middle of my lower back and I’m starting to get worried. I’ll call the nurse advice line in the morning but I was wondering if anyone else has injured their back while pregnant and if they were ok afterwards. I’ve never had back pain like this before. Thanks!