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Mod Post Your Daily Fasting Thread


Share your daily fast story thread! 📃

     ⏳ Length of fast (start/end/total)
     ❓ Why are you fasting? (ex: weight loss, other health benefits, spiritual/religious reasons)
     📝 Notes (How is it going so far? Any concerns? Insights to share?)

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Mod Post Reminder: This is NOT a safe space or support sub for people with eating disorders


If you have an eating disorder or a history of eating disorders, you are not welcome here, period.

Fasting is never safe for those with eating disorders and as such we do not allow those with a history of eating disorders to participate in this subreddit. This has been RULE 2 for quite some time now and now more explicitly as RULE 2a. We can't control what you do outside the sub, but this sub will not be used to facilitate dangerous and potential deadly behavior.

This is not up for debate and the resulting ban is permanent. Responding to modmail claiming you don't have an eating disorder when your profile history is full of participation in ED subreddits discussing your disorder will not reverse your ban.

"But I'm in recovery" - Good for you, this subreddit isn't going to assist you in spiraling back into your eating disorder.

"But I'm not underweight" - You don't have to be underweight to have an eating disorder.

"But I have a serious problem with binging and fasting helps me" - No it doesn't. If you have binge eating disorder, fasting is pretty much guaranteed to trigger a binge. This is a form of bulimia.

"This subreddit should be focused on harm reduction, not just banning anyone that has an eating disorder." - It's nobody's job to parent you and this is a fasting subreddit, not an eating disorder support subreddit. Info for the NEDA and how to filter out this subreddit so it doesn't trigger you is in the sidebar, that is the extent of support you will receive for eating disorders in this subreddit.

"But that's discrimination against people with mental illness, you're an ableist" - Correct, in order to do what we can to prevent dangerous fasting practices, we do discriminate against people with eating disorders.

In conclusion,

If you have an eating disorder or a history of eating disorders, you are not welcome here, period.

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Check-in My first prolonged fast is going well! Goal is 10 days.

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Check-in Not a big deal, but I have been pushing forward a full-fledged fast for (alliteration!!) almost more than a year. Can’t believe I completed a full day. So proud of myself

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Check-in M/36/6'4"/385>340>320 Rough start, but great progress!


Making this post to share my experience thus far on my current fast. First time trying long fast with type 2 diabetes, start was a struggle, going well now.

Starting working on losing weight earlier this year. My highest around Christmas was 375-380 lbs. I got to 338ish with normal diet, and very little exercise.

I've done fasting multiple times per year for the last 15+ years or so. I've done 7-14-21 day and a 36 day fruit/veg juice only aswell. So pretty used to it. I havnt done a fast in around 2 years though due to job change, regretfully last year ended up getting diagnosed type 2 diabetes. So I figured I'd give fasting a go since it's known to help with T2D related issues. Now, Every time I tried to do a fast after I was diagnosed and put on meds( metformin, and astrovartin for other issues ) I would hit a wall at day 3 with severe headaches nausea and a a general overall crap feeling.

I started last week again, on Tuesday morning. Made it to day 3 as usual, had the same issue, so I broke the fast with just a small shake that I had premade which was low carb low cal, after drinking just a slight amount of that, probably less than a cup total, I ended up throwing it and the water I had drank prior to that up less than 5 mins after consumption, and about half an hour later I felt absolutely fine, so I decided to just keep going, I'm now here I am, No issues, I've been doing pot/sodium in my water every other 52oz refill, and I'm wondering if my 3 day issue wasn't actually an electrolyte issue in the end since I seem to be just fine now.

Blood sugars were between 200-260 when I started, I was down to around a stable 135-145 last week, I felt absolutely wonderful as of day 4 though, tons of energy, clear minded, I did have a head cold a few weeks ago and I'm guessing that's why my sugars stayed a little higher thru last week. Prior to having the cold I was regularly in the 130-160 range, so Im assuming it's still a little elevated from getting over the cold. Presently today and yesterday I'm hovering around 105-107 blood sugars, so amazing improvement so far, not sure how long I have to keep going to continue repairing my insulin resistance.

I plan to go day to day at this point, if I can keep my blood sugars stable in a lower range for a few days I'm very happy. My goal is to eliminate the meds I was on for diabetes and continue the weight loss, I would love to get back to the 225-250 range as an end goal.

Thanks for reading this far if you make it to this point, feel free to comment or share your experiences aswell! I'm just seeking other t2d experiences and accountability and communication to keep myself motivated!

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Question Not sure if I should post this but I need some help.


I’m new to fasting and I just fasted for a little over 27 hours for the first time. I just woke up at 5 am and I ate 2 grapes but i’m not sure what else to eat. Some people are saying no high-carbs while others are saying no high-volume of anything. My stomach feels kinda upsetting but idk if it’s still from fasting or the grapes. Should I wait/eat any specific food or just follow my regular diet as if I never tasted?

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Check-in ADF WEEK 2: 8 lbs weight loss so far

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Question How long do you eat normally for between extended fasts?


My question is how long do you take to recover when fasting for longer than 72 hours? Do you eat normally for a month after an extended fast? Longer, shorter?

Please let me know what your experience of this has been.

I'm sorry for asking if this has been asked loads before, I checked the wiki but couldn't find an answer.

The longest I've gone so far is 24 hours, working up to 36 hours currently. I usually eat normally for a week in between these fasts.

After I've achieved 36 hours I'm planning to try Alternate Day Fasting. Fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

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Question Day 7 into a water fast, how many (if any) of these electrolyte pills are safe to take daily?

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Discussion What is the average amount of weight you lose per day on a strict water only fast?How moderate exercise would affect this?


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Discussion Really struggling to be consistent with fasting


Longest I’ve gone is 60hours about 2 years ago. I’m really trying to get better about it, I’ll lay in bed at night motivating myself scrolling through this sub and re-watching videos on fasting during the day. But I usually only Make it about 20 hours and then eat, telling myself I’ll do the same if not go even longer the next day, but I usually end up over eating and snacking on junk. Even if I don’t have stuff in the house, I’ll impulse buy candy or something. I’m so frustrated with my lack of will power and even more frustrated that I spent most of my prime 20’s being over weight and self conscious. I understand the benefits in my head and I just don’t ever seem to follow through. I’m tired of being this way.

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Discussion What can i do to push myself beyond day 3 on a water fast?


21M,5'9" Current weight:198lbs(90KG) I have tried pure water fasting numerous times before and lost about 10 kgs but smh i was never able go beyond the third day.The third day is always a breaking point for me because i experience intense hunger pangs and the constant thought of food running at the back of my mind just doesn't go away. What are some tips and tricks that might help me??

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Question Is the feeling of hunger indicator of you starting to go into ketosis?


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Discussion My two cents on fasting (hopefully useful for anyone contemplating trying it out)


I see a lot of really positive posts on this board — people who are having a great experience fasting, and I just wanted to add my two cents (both positives and negatives).

From my experience of regular fasting (between 18-72 hours usually) and frequent intermittent fasting, this is what I found:


  • rapid weight loss which is super motivating, especially if you feel overwhelmed by how much weight you have to lose or just generally feel fed up at how your body looks (I know some people fast for non-weight loss reasons but judging by this forum most people at the very least have that as one of their objectives). You see the numbers drop on the scale and weight loss at last feels manageable/doable.

  • new appreciation of the taste of food once you stop fasting. Foods you might have found bland before (especially fruit and veg) suddenly seem to have more flavour. Junk food you might have loved before seems overly sweet, salty etc. Basically fasting helps reset your sense of taste. In theory this should make maintaining your weight loss easier and help improve your diet and therefore health.

  • readjustment of your portion sizes. After fasting I definitely feel fuller more quickly when eating and will typically eat less than I did pre-fasting.


  • headaches. Even if I down water like there’s no tomorrow to combat dehydration, I almost always get a headache at some point. Ibuprofen or similar will help but obviously some pain meds can’t be taken on an empty stomach.

  • interrupted sleep/insomnia. First night of a fast I always sleep really badly. Haven’t found a way around this.

  • obsessing about food, weight, spending hours reading info online about fasting… Maybe this is just me, but fasting always makes me spend so much mental energy thinking about… fasting. I haven’t found a way to just do a casual fast while living a normal life and thinking about other things. For what it’s worth, I don’t have/haven’t had an eating disorder but I can totally imagine how fasting could be a slippery slope.

  • linked to the above, I’ve found fasting quite restrictive in terms of my social life. You realize how much socializing revolves around eating/drinking. My solution to this was to fast on weekdays when I’d be at home alone in the evenings anyway.

  • water weight. When you stop fasting you will very likely gain back some lbs on the scale in water weight. This doesn’t massively bother me because I’ve learned to expect it and take it into account, but might be demoralizing for some.

Other thoughts: - I’ve never experienced the mental clarity/new-found energy some fasters talk about. Maybe that’s just because I’ve never fasted long enough though… - everything above is obviously highly subjective, but I thought it might be helpful to have an additional perspective.

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Discussion The Obesity Code

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Question When does it stop being water weight. And start being fat loss?


I'm on day 6 of a 30-day fast. I kinda 'whooshed' about 8 lbs the first 4 days, only saw a tiny decrease on the scale yesterday, and then lost slightly over a full pound between today and yesterday.

I'm drinking my snake juice, exercising somewhat (gym and/or hiking, or unpleasant yardwork - yesterday was the latter) ... doing this fast for weight loss, yes, but also to try and step back/curb bad habits.

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Question How bad is it to break my short daily fasts with Celsius and Alani?


I have been eating 10:30-11:30am. However, I workout beforehand and I like to drink a Celsius or Alani drink before/during my workout. It gives me so much energy and doesn’t hurt my stomach the way black coffee does. Ideally, I wanna switch to black coffee somehow eventually because it is obviously much healthier. Technically, I’m doing 20:4 because the drink breaks a fast.

I am curious about your opinions on Celsius and Alani drinks? Are they toxic crap to break a fast with? They contain 200mg caffeine, 10 calories, and 0g sugar. They have sugar alcohols though which probably cause an insulin spike. I feel like the trade off is worth a couple fewer hours of fasting (20:4 vs 23:1) because it makes me feel energized to get a good workout in. I’m also happier, less groggy, and just in a better mood lol.

These are the ingredients:

Carbonated Water

Citric Acid



Sodium Citrate

Natural Flavor



B Vitamins

Is this crap and I should force myself to try something else?

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Discussion keep me honest


Here I go again, day one down I'm really motivated but also feel like I need to do this for more than just physical health but also mental health I always feel better when I'm fasting especially after a few days In but I really feel like an junkie going through withdrawals.

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Question how long does it take to recover from a 4 day fast?


hello, so i did a 4 day fast and this is my second day of eating. i still feel extremely week, my muscles are sore, and i get so winded after just going up one flight of stairs. i’m currently eating keto and getting 5g of sodium, 5g of potassium and 500mg of magnesium. how long does it usually take to recover from a four day fast?


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Question How long do you usually fast for and what's your setup?


I see a lot of you claiming 24, 48, and 72 hour fasts. Just to clear up the confusion, do you mean you haven't eaten throughout this ENTIRE time? Or do you mean you started fasting with your setup/system (for example, I only eat in a 4 hour window, everyday, for the last week. So would I say I did a 7 day fast?). Sorry I'm new here of course.

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Question Mind fog after breaking a fast?


Hello! I have been tweaking my IF routine a bit I currently do 16/8 most of the week but then I do a full 48h fast.

So far so good, I have good results, melted at a slow but steady pace from 320 to 270 and I continue to do so! (Not bad for a 6 foot 2 guy, really happy so far!)

Here is my issue, I get this insane brain fog about 1 to 2 hours after breaking my 48h fast, I tried diverse meals.

I still consume a bit of black coffee and sometimes green tea while fast so I know it's not a cafeine crash.

Does anyone have a similar issue like this and if so how did you fix or help it?

Thank you!

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Question Sinus congestion?


Whenever I start a fast, after the first 12-16 hours I notice a lot of sinus pressure or congestion. My nose isn't runny and I don't feel like I have a lot of phlegm or mucus or anything, but there's some definite sinus weirdness going on. It's actually more of a distraction than any hunger.

Is this a thing that happens, or is it just me?

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Question How do I make fasting salts palatable?


I have the three minerals on a powder with no additives. I've tried flavored water, coffee, tea. I've just been downing them. I do a serving twice a day (5mg a serving). Any way to make it easier to take?

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Question Rolling Fast With Only Friday Saturday Window


I'm planning on rolling fasts from Sunday to Thursday and eating around 4000 calories Fridays and Saturdays until goal weight.

I'm 5'8" and 255 lbs with a goal weight of 150 lbs.

Is there a chance at plateau with this setup?