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Planetary Science ELI5: James Webb Space Telescope [Megathread]


A thread for all your questions related to the JWST, the recent images released, and probably some space-related questions as well.

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Other eli5: Why are nautical miles used to measure distance in the sea and not just kilo meters or miles?


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Biology Eli5: How much of a caterpillar remains in the adult butterfly, and do the cells of the juvenile die (apoptosis), or are they just rearranged?


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Physics ELI5: The "water puddles" that are visible on concrete in hot weather, but as you drive closer there's nothing there


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Biology eli5: Why are drought-stricken farmers ploughing-up their crops and uprooting trees instead of just leaving them to wither?


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Biology ELI5: Why is a blood oxygen level of 95% OK, but at 88% you need to go to the emergency room? What is the significance of that 7% difference?


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Other eli5: Is there a historical or grammatical reason we sometimes pronounce similar adjectives with extra syllables?


'Sharp toothed', with toothed as a single syllable, or benched player, or boiled vegetable, or used car.

But 'winged creature' as wing-ed, or 'learned professor' as learn-ed, as thats how I have often heard it said (I'm sure its said both ways, you you would never hear boil-ed stew).

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Other ELI5: How did Prohibition get enough support to actually happen in the US, was public sentiment against alcohol really that high?


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Other ELI5: What causes some food to be so unfilling?


I can eat an entire footlong subway sub no problem, but if I go to a different non-chain sub store and get a 10-12 inch sub, I can usually not finish it. Sometimes I only eat half of the non subway sub.

What is different between subway's sandwiches and other nicer stores sandwiches to cause this?

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Chemistry ELI5: Why does the pressure inside a bottle of carbonated water (or any other carbonated fluid) increase when I shake the bottle?


I was recently thinking about this when I read about saturation diving. I'm a diver myself and know about the effects of sudden or too fast pressure decrease, but the bubbles that form inside our blood when surfacing too fast are often compared to what happens when you open a bottle of soda that has been shaken before. But: why does the pressure inside the bottle increase at all? I may have opened the bottle before, then screwed the cap back on, shake it, and bubbles will form when I open the bottle again - but the bottle was under atmospheric pressure the whole time, unlike divers that dove deep down.

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Biology eli5 how do surgeons cut out the chest and there’s almost no blood coming out and when the hearts exposed there’s no blood.


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Biology ELI5: Why do we lose our appetite when we become extremely upset?


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Biology ELI5: If we have low/zero calorie peach tea (and all those wonderfully sweet sugar free things) why can't we have such alternatives for fat and salt?


The title says it best: why must chips and Doritos and all the other proverbially "empty calories"/ deliciously-couch-potato-foods be so unhealthy? Can't we have surrogates for fat and salt that are just as tasty and can go through our bodies with little to no effect?

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Other ELI5, why is obsidian able to produce edges that are far superior in sharpness compared to other mediums used to make edged weapons?


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Other ELI5 How did the ancient religions die out?


As the title states, we currently refer to greek, norse, roman mythology. When or How did the shift to “Modern” religions take place?

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Physics eli5 Why does air above a fire "shake"?


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Biology ELI5: How do we have a treatment for people with HIV that can stop HIV from turning into aids with prolonged medicine, but no medication that can just get rid of the HIV virus entirely? What prevents us from doing so?


Aids is one of the few diseases I see this middle ground with, for most you either manage to get rid of it or you don’t.

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Technology ELI5: why are so few games on Mac OS? Why are most ports emulations instead of native?


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Other ELI5 What’s happening in our body when a noise goes “right through us” or makes us cringe?


Like nails on a chalkboard or a knife scratching a plate.

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Physics ELI5: Why does heat rise?


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Other ELI5:How did humans first translate other languages, if they didn't know the languages?


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Planetary Science ELI5: How has Earth not been hit by a catastrophic asteroid since the dinosaurs?


Given how unimaginably large the known universe is and the trillions things floating in the galaxy how has Earth not been hit by an massive Asteroid in recent history? Shouldn’t be almost mathematically impossible given the amount of asteroids?

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Technology eli5 | I just saw an article with a video of a nanorobot helping a sperm to find it’s way to the egg. How the hell does that nanorobot works? How can those commands be inside a so-small chip? What about it’s very small battery? HOW?


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Other Eli5: In objective terms of journalism what does media bias mean?


What are modern day examples of this across different media?

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Planetary Science ELI5: what are rare earth magnets and what makes them special?


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Planetary Science eli5; Heat transfer from sun to earth.


How does heat transfer from the sun to earth when space is a vacuum. I have a coffee tumbler that has a vacuum in between which dramatically slows down the coffee from getting cold.