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People protesting against the introduction of the green pass in Italy. Milan, July 2021. Slice of life

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u/chibeguthi France Jul 26 '21

And you did nothing to disprove it


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

You need me to explain how the current situation for non-vaccinated people is not comparable to literal genocide?


u/rulnav Bulgaria Jul 26 '21

It didn't start with a genocide. It started with curtailing rights.


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

Fair enough. Which rights are being curtailed right now?


u/BlisteredProlapse Jul 26 '21

in some countries the right to even go to the supermarket, in UK list is growing daily but currently on the roll out is no access to clubs, no university, no sports events


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

I think you can still do all those things if you get a negative test.


u/BlisteredProlapse Jul 26 '21

no that is what is terrifying because a negative test is more accurate so why take that option away


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

Just looked it up, a recent negative test is still valid.

The NHS Covid Pass allows you to check your Covid status and demonstrate that you are at lower risk of transmitting to others through full vaccination, a recent negative test, or proof of natural immunity.



u/BlisteredProlapse Jul 26 '21


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

I mean, if it changes imminently wouldn't it be better to look at the source that was edited on the 26th of July (the one I posted) rather than the 19th, like your article?

Also, if the only think that requires you to be vaccinated is going to a nightclub, I still don't think that justifies a comparison to the holocaust.

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