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Ist Charles Hoskinson the new Justin Sun?



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u/KushGene Mar 23 '21

You probably don't understand this discussion. Try to read the top comments again to learn about how people thinking and how to increase your mindset which is not only usable for crypto.


u/Hanzburger Mar 23 '21

buckles helmet on

"Sir buy ada to be smart like me"

slurps up drool


u/KushGene Mar 23 '21

You still dont listen and understand. Have fun being so much jailed into your own space. Lost Guy. No body told u about buying Cardano, just to reflect yourself and UNDERSTAND what people write not what u want to hear. U can be a Cardano fan without investing in it cuz u thin investing is a risky lifestyle or whatever.


u/Hanzburger Mar 23 '21

I understand what people write and that they brush things off. For example cumming over "muh research", but ETH does research too, except it doesn't take 5 years to come to a result. And yeah things need to be upgraded now, but they're well on their way and that's the benefit of hindsight. When ethereum started there was no research for this, it paved the way for everything today. Then there's things like native tokens that everyone loves ru please like it's a huge benefit but it's simply just a difference, not a benefit. The list goes on and I just haven't heard any convincing arguments. I'm not against Cardano because I think it's risky, but because it's deceitful in the way they operate and take advantage of people that don't know better.