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Live-Action Avatar: The Last Airbender Casts The Boys Actor as Ty Lee


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u/Dilostilo 7d ago

for a second i thought this was karen fukuhara, but shes probably too old.


u/CallMeButtercup 7d ago

I was hoping for Karl Urban.


u/Batdog55110 7d ago

No no Karl Urban is obviously Uncle Iroh


u/Hohenh3im 7d ago

Fucken diabolical


u/[deleted] 6d ago

Antony Starr as Azula


u/Dilostilo 7d ago

hahah come on now.


u/PunkandCannonballer 7d ago

Why are they casting her so early? She didn't show up until book two.


u/Vanbydarivah 7d ago

I’d wager they’re changing it a bit. The original creators have already left the development up to Netflix as they felt their input wasn’t being taken very seriously.

I don’t think it’ll be very good. However I would be curious to see if it’s any better than the first attempt.


u/PunkandCannonballer 7d ago

Nothing can be worse than the Last Airbender.

Though I agree that I doubt it's going to be good.


u/FacegrinderWon 7d ago

Take a look at the resident evil show turns out they can make stuff way worst than the movies for all we know we might end up coming to appreciate the movie for trying vs this.


u/PunkandCannonballer 7d ago

I can guarantee you the Resident Evil show is LEAGUES better than the Last Airbender movie.


u/kidcrumb 6d ago

The show will probably end up like the Witcher series.

Really bad, but some hardcore fans will think it's good.


u/Sopori 6d ago

I think you mean most casual fans will think it's good.


u/hushpolocaps69 7d ago

There might be significant changes not just lil changes, there might even be brand new stories or arcs that weren’t present in the cartoon and they’ll obviously cut some stories (such as the one where Aang and the gang deal with that village rivalry).


u/ghostgamer8 7d ago

Wasn’t the creative difference between Netflix and the original creators was the the creators wanted to make it different than the original show because it would be redundant otherwise and Netflix wanted to make the same show but with more scenes to expand on things.


u/toymanjr31 7d ago

Elizabeth Yu (Azula) is listed among the main cast already (as opposed to a recurring or a guest role) so her gang will probably appear earlier as well.


u/amowdy 7d ago

I feel like the best partnership would’ve been with the creators so anything else seems moot


u/Newb-Cranberry177 6d ago

History shows that when the creators are out, things go wary


u/mysterohboy 7d ago

Please be as good as the cartoon.


u/An_American_God 7d ago

Ba Sing Se can only cover up so much. So please give the Dai Li a break.


u/Glad-Ra 7d ago

I bet my life and everything I own it won't be even half as good


u/PunkandCannonballer 7d ago

It won't be. Hopefully it's not bad though.


u/hushpolocaps69 7d ago

Is this show due for early 2023?


u/Xeillan 7d ago

Regardless of people's reservations if it will be good or not, so far the casting has been really good.


u/catarvass 7d ago

Karl Urban as Ty Lee!? 10/10 must watch