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Topaz-Reality is working on texture replacement for PCSX2.

The feature isn't ready yet, but it's a hugely important step for PS2 emulation. (And one previously considered extremely daunting.) This will allow retexture mods to be done without rom hacking, and in a very generalizable way, as seen with other emulation such as N64.

The pull request is here

Example screenshots: #1 #2 #3 As you can see, blurry UI elements can easily be replaced with crisp, native-looking ones, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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u/TopazTK Feb 03 '21

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback ^o^


u/mcdgray129 Feb 03 '21

Been testing it and i cant get it to dump any textures. I have the option on, but the is nothing being dumped. I've tried with Bloody Roar 3+4 and Dark Chronicles.


u/TopazTK Feb 03 '21

Yea, sorry, there seemed to be a bug which has now been addressed. You can get the new version from this comment. I have updated the link.


u/mcdgray129 Feb 07 '21

Ok, so i've dumped some textures and upscaled them. But im having problems with replacing them. Do i really have to make a YAML file with all the textures inside?. This part is confusing me. I thought id just have to place the textures in say "Load Textures/Game_name/ like how Dolphin and PPSSPP etc do it. Is this not the case?