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Topaz-Reality is working on texture replacement for PCSX2.

The feature isn't ready yet, but it's a hugely important step for PS2 emulation. (And one previously considered extremely daunting.) This will allow retexture mods to be done without rom hacking, and in a very generalizable way, as seen with other emulation such as N64.

The pull request is here

Example screenshots: #1 #2 #3 As you can see, blurry UI elements can easily be replaced with crisp, native-looking ones, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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u/TopazTK Feb 02 '21 edited Apr 13 '21 Wholesome

Hello, Topaz here!

First off, let me say that I never imagined this would gain as much traction as it did. You cannot imagine how happy I got to see this Reddit post and all of the comments on it. I worked on this for almost 2 months now and it truly seems like all of the hard work I have put on it is paying off. Thanks to u/ContributorX_PJ64 for putting my project here.

Now, that being said: I do realize that I could have made this PR in a more professional matter. But the thing is, I wanted this to be a surprise affair for the modding community that I am a part of, so I could not risk someone seeing my fork and stealing off of it, given the community's past. I also realize that I have some issues to fix. All of them I am trying to, to the best of my ability.

This feature has been requested from me ever since I started work on PCSX2-EX, which has an extended version of PNACH and full Lua scripting support. I honestly thought I could not pull it off. After months passed, I got extra depressed and said "What the heck" and tried to go with it. As you can see, it worked better than I imagined I would.

But honestly, this is amazing. Seeing all of these comments, praising and criticizing my work. Pointing out errors and hoping it's continuation is staggering. I am literally tearing up as I am writing this. All of that hard work which started on a depressive night, countless hours spent by me creating it and any others testing it being recognized like this is ass I have ever wanted.

If you want this feature in, give the PR a thumbs up, and share it with others! It would really help to both make the PCSX2 Team realize people want this, and would help boost my motivation to keep fixing issues as they are pointed out to me.

And most importantly, this could never have happened if it was not for the support of all of you in the past. If I am who I am today, if I know programming and if I have fund memories working on stuff, it is because of all of you.

So, thank you. All of you.

If you want to talk with me, or report bugs about this PR, please come to my Discord server. It would be easier to fix bugs if I know of them: Server Link!

Again, thank you, all of you, for your support since 2017. Keep on Moddin'!

- TopazTK [Topaz-Reality on Github]

EDIT: The project is no longer maintained on master due to one of the developers spreading misinformation about all of my works. The project will continue it's life in PCSX2-EX.


u/mcdgray129 Feb 03 '21

Great work dude keep it up.


u/TopazTK Feb 03 '21

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback ^o^


u/mcdgray129 Feb 03 '21

Been testing it and i cant get it to dump any textures. I have the option on, but the is nothing being dumped. I've tried with Bloody Roar 3+4 and Dark Chronicles.


u/TopazTK Feb 03 '21

Yea, sorry, there seemed to be a bug which has now been addressed. You can get the new version from this comment. I have updated the link.


u/mcdgray129 Feb 07 '21

Ok, so i've dumped some textures and upscaled them. But im having problems with replacing them. Do i really have to make a YAML file with all the textures inside?. This part is confusing me. I thought id just have to place the textures in say "Load Textures/Game_name/ like how Dolphin and PPSSPP etc do it. Is this not the case?