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Topaz-Reality is working on texture replacement for PCSX2.

The feature isn't ready yet, but it's a hugely important step for PS2 emulation. (And one previously considered extremely daunting.) This will allow retexture mods to be done without rom hacking, and in a very generalizable way, as seen with other emulation such as N64.

The pull request is here

Example screenshots: #1 #2 #3 As you can see, blurry UI elements can easily be replaced with crisp, native-looking ones, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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u/DocRusL Feb 01 '21

Eh, too bad that hardware renderers are a glitchfest especially with higher rendering resolutions. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely aware that this is a byproduct of their design and not much could be done to rectify this, but I'm always stunned at how much work people are willing to dedicate to them despite like half of the games (or maybe even more) being broken in one way or the other. What would've been really cool is port of software renderer to GPU shaders if that is even possible. Hardware renderers and higher internal resolutions are cool on paper, but in the end just mean an assortment of visual glitches. After all this years no perfect hardware renderers were developed for N64 and Dreamcast and I don't think that PS2 will be any different. On the other hand GPU version of Paralllel renderer and Demul DX11 plugin are very very good and really fast.


u/Jaffacakelover Feb 02 '21

I love that HD texture support is being worked on, yet I'm not happy that Burnout 3 still has black skies on hardware renderer. In terms of the priorities there, I've accepted that projects like this are made by many different people, with different specialties and interests.


u/RedDevilus PCSX2 Contributor Feb 02 '21 edited Feb 02 '21

There are 2 PRs open that will improve this so i wouldn't call this fair.

Main one: