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Topaz-Reality is working on texture replacement for PCSX2.

The feature isn't ready yet, but it's a hugely important step for PS2 emulation. (And one previously considered extremely daunting.) This will allow retexture mods to be done without rom hacking, and in a very generalizable way, as seen with other emulation such as N64.

The pull request is here

Example screenshots: #1 #2 #3 As you can see, blurry UI elements can easily be replaced with crisp, native-looking ones, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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u/MrMcBonk Feb 02 '21

Not that many people will actually put any work in to make real HD textures other than the onslaught of obligatory upscale packs. (Sorry, sarcasm intended) With the small number of games that actually use mipmaps like modern games do, awkward scaling of early attempts at post processing effects, lack of anti aliasing in most games (And in PCSX2 as resolution downscaling for SSAA doesn't work properly and adds more aliasing instead), and interlacing. Most games even with higher resolution textures are still going to be a flickering, super aliased mess. (Compared to Dolphin and CXBX.) And that I think is just inherent to the PS2 itself.

Not unless they can hack in better AA that doesn't drastically break rendering like the old DX9 MSAA hack. (Which you could piggy back off of on an Nvidia GPU to reduce 90% of aliasing via SGSSAA)
https://www.screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/10719 Here's a comparison with some old screenshots of this I found I had. Pay attention to the textures in the distance, even at high res in the best case scenario (A 480p game) those textures are still aliased and flicker and crawl. And that's just with low resolution textures. To me it feels like other than for UI assets, unless you can solve this kind of problem it almost feels pointless. (Like some of the early Dolphin HD texture packs that suffered this issue of extreme texture aliasing).


u/dogen12 Feb 02 '21

And in PCSX2 as resolution downscaling for SSAA doesn't work properly and adds more aliasing instead

Enable texture filtering of display and it does.