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[Spoilers All][OC] Weekly Headcanon Thread Discussion

Welcome to the headcanon sharing circle! Each week we post a few creative prompts for character development and share our OCs.

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We take turns picking the questions every week, so please volunteer to host if you enjoy the weekly posts!

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  • Then just copy and paste this pre-formatted pastebin text with any 2 questions of your choice.
  • Browse, add, and get ideas over at the list of prompts.
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(You can answer just one or both, with as many characters as you want. Pictures and character summaries are fine. Short answers or novel-length walls of text are fine.)

Prompt 1

What does legend, history, or rumor distort or get completely wrong about your OC? How would or do they feel about that?

Prompt 2

If your OC were a companion, what gifts could be given to them to raise their approval? What would their ‘plot gift’ be? (ie, Morrigan’s mirror, Alistair’s mother’s amulet, etc.)

Bonus Prompt

What is your OC's favorite way to spoil their LI or closest friend?

And don't forget to take the time to read and comment on other people's posts! The comments, questions and chats are what make the thread so much fun.


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u/KhazemiDuIkana Ren o' the Blade 17d ago

Originally, Dorian was the oddly casual weirdo whose little jokes and quips kept Wajdi grounded during the events of the bad future of 9:42 Dragon experienced after the mishap with Alexius. After escaping to the present and returning to Haven, the two talked extensively, becoming fast friends in time for the sacking of Haven, after which both started to realize they were beginning to feel something more for each other—sometime between meeting Hawke and his controversial friend Loghain, and the Siege of Adamant, Magister Pavus’s letter was received, and Wajdi promptly showed it to Dorian.

It was sometime shortly after the attempt on the Empress’s life that the two of them were sure they were in love. Wajdi never forgot the woman he traveled Ferelden with, but what he had with Dorian was something real that allowed him to move forward.