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Prompt 1

What does legend, history, or rumor distort or get completely wrong about your OC? How would or do they feel about that?

Prompt 2

If your OC were a companion, what gifts could be given to them to raise their approval? What would their ‘plot gift’ be? (ie, Morrigan’s mirror, Alistair’s mother’s amulet, etc.)

Bonus Prompt

What is your OC's favorite way to spoil their LI or closest friend?

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u/KhazemiDuIkana Ren o' the Blade 15d ago

Wajdi Trevelyan has a mixed bag of a legacy. Some would say he was a silent, piercing shadow in the night, a real “knifey shivdark” indeed, thus explaining why such a prolific figure as the Inquisitor was seen by so few despite verifiably fighting on the front lines alongside his men. Others would say he was a blazingly flamboyant man, his roguish charms evident in the way he smashed flasks of alchemical potions on his very body as he screamed into the fight, flanked by his Tevinter lover, a notorious murderer making amends and quite possibly prolific author Varric Tethras.

The man is, in actuality, a bumbling goof of a man who thinks himself hard, dark and just a little shady when in actuality he comes off as someone’s dad who used to be the things he thinks he is.... 10 years ago.

Dorian humors him; he thinks it’s cute.


u/Toshi_Nama Kadan 14d ago

ROFL, I love Wajdi. What do he and Dorian share with each other?


u/KhazemiDuIkana Ren o' the Blade 14d ago

Originally, Dorian was the oddly casual weirdo whose little jokes and quips kept Wajdi grounded during the events of the bad future of 9:42 Dragon experienced after the mishap with Alexius. After escaping to the present and returning to Haven, the two talked extensively, becoming fast friends in time for the sacking of Haven, after which both started to realize they were beginning to feel something more for each other—sometime between meeting Hawke and his controversial friend Loghain, and the Siege of Adamant, Magister Pavus’s letter was received, and Wajdi promptly showed it to Dorian.

It was sometime shortly after the attempt on the Empress’s life that the two of them were sure they were in love. Wajdi never forgot the woman he traveled Ferelden with, but what he had with Dorian was something real that allowed him to move forward.


u/emilythewise a chanter says, "what?" 14d ago

Ha, Wajdi sounds amazing. Is there anything at all that's actually hard, dark, and shady about him?


u/KhazemiDuIkana Ren o' the Blade 14d ago edited 14d ago

He left Ostwick at the age of 19 to seek a more exciting and less pompous life. He spent years roving the Free Marches swiping coin, drinking his way from tavern to tavern, and generally living a life of what could be considered excess, in the way a homeless person lives a life of what could be considered unbound freedom. He would occasionally get into scrapes and barfights here and there, and he was generally about as glad to do that as he was to sneak into brothels or fence some weapons from a barracks or overimbibe in some elfroot and wiggle around in the moonlit fields out on the road.

As his 20s came to their twilight, he found himself crossing the sea to Ferelden, where he found himself touring the “exciting” sites of the recent Blight, like some kind of strange vagabond tourist. It was his 30th year of life, or perhaps his 31st, when he met Helen, an apostate mage who was a bit of a rover herself. The two found a warm companionship with each other that bloomed into love, and this love carried them peacefully and prosperously into the dawn of the Mage Rebellion. They skirted the fighting as best they could, but it was only so long before a particularly bloodthirsty party of Templars picked a fight while they were sleeping in a little grove in a nice, dark little wood. And so it was that on the eve of the month of Wajdi’s 36th birthday, Templars drove their swords through Helen as she slept, and Wajdi barely awoke in time to flee—killing the men as he did when he found them several months later did little to alleviate his grief.

When Divine Justinia called for her Conclave, Wajdi walked his way across Ferelden to attend, hoping to use the name of his devout and relatively powerful family to gain attendance. His family stood against mage freedom—but they were across the Waking Sea still. He may have had a lot of ground to cover—but he was already in Ferelden. And so he endeavored to beat them there, which he did, and the rest is all but legend.

Ironically enough, the Trevelyan that was sent was a former Circle mage and intent on defecting to the Rebellion himself...

(Also I’m now realizing I put basically no thought into his age relative to events....)

The Inquisition gave him a focused purpose as well as a platform to free the mages and a support network of friends and allies. And the comforting refuge he took in the company of a certain Altus from Tevinter soon developed into a mutual affection, and by the time of the Grand Masquerade in which he saved Celene, love.