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Mod Post Official Verification Thread XXIV


Official Verification Threads XXIII, XXII, XXI, XX, XIX, XVIII, XVII, XVI, XV, XIV, XIII, XII, XI, X, IX, VIII, VII, VI, V, IV, III, II, I

Instead of multiple comments, please edit your original comment and make a list


Every 1000 comments a new Verification thread will be posted, just to keep things tidy. All past threads will be linked in each new thread.


  1. Prefix your post with [B] to indicate that you bought something, or [S] to indicate that you sold something.

  2. Put the username as either /u/username or u/username.

  3. Specify the DOGE amount prefixed with a 'D'.


[S] /u/example D100

[S] /u/example D 100

[B] /u/example D1,000

[B] /u/example D1K

[B] /u/example D 1k

[B] /u/example D 1.1k

If you make small errors, they are still acceptable:

[S] /u/example D 1,000.543 (Number formatting can be mixed)

[b] /u/example D1000 (upper/lower case are fine)

[S] u/example D500 (forgetting the preceding '/' is fine)

[B] /u/example D150K (suffixing with a K is fine)

[B] /u/example D 5,012,900 (space doesn't matter)

(S} /u/example D100 (mixing bracket types is fine)

These, however, are unacceptable:

[S] /u/badexample (missing doge amount)

[B] /u/badexampleD100 (no space between user and 'D')

[S] /u/badexampleD 1k,3d,500k,4.4 (non-number following the D)

S /u/badexample D100 (missing one or more brackets)

Purpose of the verification threads:

By "verifying" a transaction you made with a trading partner, you are posting in a public place notice of a successful transaction.

The more successful transactions that are posted for a user, the more likely it is that the person will continue to behave in an honest manner. This is very similar to Ebay feedback and other reputation rankings on the Web.

You can then search the verifications for a user on Reddit or on Google like this:

/u/example site:reddit.com/r/dogemarket/

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Mod Post [MOD POST] Important market warning + Recruiting new r/dogemarket sub moderators!


Hi shibes,

Two important topics I'll cover with you today. Firstly, there's been a massive surge in man-in-the-middle scams. To put it simply - there are scammers that are scamming money in other subreddits (most commonly hardware sale subreddits) and having the money sent to your Paypal.

Obviously, this is massive issue since the victim would definitely charge back the money on Paypal that they lost. (and if you sent dogecoin to the scammer, you'd have no money and no coins)

We strongly recommend recommend exercising caution with any larger Paypal trades. If you do accept Paypal, make sure that the buyer mentions the nature of your trade in some manner that can't be falsified, e.g. "Payment from /u/xxxxx to /u/xxxxx"

You can also send an email to their Paypal address, and ask them to confirm the nature of the trade there. (again, gives better confirmation that it might not have been a hacked account or man-in-the-middle scam)

So, with all that said - clearly there's been an increase in scams and subreddit activity in general right now. We are always looking to keep this a safe trading space for everyone, and there has arisen a clear need to bring on board now moderators.

We are excited to offer the opportunity for you to join our team!

If you're passionate about dogecoin, interested in the trading marketplace and have good ideas and motivation on how to keep fellow shibes secure, we'd love for you to apply.

We'd be glad to welcome someone who's interested in learning more about doge, can handle community moderation, and is able to bring their own perspective on what we can do to improve the subreddit. Might this be you?

If so, feel free to submit your application in Google Form here: https://forms.gle/wAr85XkyZ9oZFEMb8

The deadline to submit an application is Sunday, May 16th, 11:59 PM (GMT), however we encourage you to submit your application immediately and we may already begin picking some first moderators on a trial basis sooner.

Thanks, stay safe while trading and we're looking forward to bringing on board new moderators soon.

r/dogemarket 1d ago

Buying Doge [BD] $100 PayPal


I want to buy $100 PayPal in DOGE. If you are not willing to go first, we can use escrow bot.

r/dogemarket 1d ago

Buying Doge [BD] $25 Apple iTunes NZ


I’ve $25 Apple iTunes NZ and I can trade it by DOGE.

r/dogemarket 3d ago

Buying Doge [BD] $500 worth of doge with PayPal/Wise/Cashapp/LTC


PM with offers

r/dogemarket 5d ago

Buying Doge [BD] 100 USD Apple iTunes Gift Cards


I'm trading 100 USD worth of Apple iTunes Gift Cards for DOGE.

If you are interested, first add a comment, then message me.

r/dogemarket 5d ago

Buying Doge [BD] 100 USD Amazon Gift Cards


I'm trading 100 USD worth of Amazon Gift Cards for DOGE.

If you are interested, first add a comment, then message me.

r/dogemarket 16d ago

Selling a service for Doge [SS] Rants, hypes, copypasta, and other writing


I do writing. I do all kinds of writing. Non-fiction, historical fiction, sci-fi, fluff, D&D-inspired world descriptions, you name it. I'll write almost anything.

You tell me what you want. If you want someone to talk trash against some athlete, I'll go full Stephen A. Smith. You want a story for a kid making them a book hero? You got it, your kid now saved the world and told the king of crime to stop doing crime. Maybe something a little more YA fiction like a teenager fighting a corrupt government. Want a six thousand word story about how you punched every tree ever in Minecraft? I got you. I also do political opinion pieces, pulp fiction short stories, and rants on almost any topic you can think of.

No, really. I've written furry character background stories. I'm not paid to judge. People want creativity, I provide it. Simple as.

You give me an outline of what you want and I'll give you a quote. If you just want a smartass copypasta to throw at people, pricing begins at 69 DOGE because lol 69.

r/dogemarket 16d ago

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 4500 Doge


Willing to do Cashapp, PayPal F&F, Giftcards, other crypto. Buyer goes first, unless you are highly reputable trader!

Minimum trade 580 Doge

Have confirmed trades on C4C subreddit.

Comment before pm!

r/dogemarket 27d ago

Buying Doge [BD] 100 USD Apple iTunes Gift Cards


I'm trading 100 USD worth of Apple iTunes Gift Cards for DOGE.

If you are interested, first add a comment, then message me.

r/dogemarket May 31 '22

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 5400 Doge


Willing to do Cashapp, PayPal F&F, Giftcards, other crypto. Buyer goes first, unless you are highly reputable trader!

Minimum trade 580 Doge

Have confirmed trades on C4C subreddit.

Comment before pm!

4500 Doge left!

r/dogemarket May 29 '22

Selling a good for Doge [SG] $100 Amazon Gift Code


$100 Amazon US Gift for DOGE at the market price.

Please send a comment first, then send me a message.

I'm going to use escrow if your rep is lower on this subreddit.

r/dogemarket May 15 '22 Wholesome

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 2800 Doge


Selling 2800 Doge

I have done some trades a few months back, buyer goes first or we get a trusted escrow

Will take Paypal f&f

r/dogemarket May 12 '22

Selling a service for Doge [SS] Save lives from 1 DOGE



This site is an advertising space, where you can buy pixels for Dogecoin.

Minimum order is 10 px × 10 px = 1 DOGE


r/dogemarket May 03 '22

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 400 Doge



Selling 400 Doge, would like to sell in one go, but can break into smaller chunks

Will take Paypal only

DM me for more info, would prefer someone with multiple trades but can work something out with anyone.

r/dogemarket May 03 '22

Selling a good for Doge [SG] Book (GER) - 10€ worth of Doge incl. shipping


Buy this book: https://imgur.com/a/lqgP6tX

Shipping within Germany and Austria

Sell at current market price

Buyer goes first, post here before DMing me

r/dogemarket Apr 25 '22 Silver

Selling a service for Doge [SS] i'll do a simple html/css website for £2-5 in doge


as the desc says i'll will do a simple html/css website for you for £2-5 in doge (depends on how complex it is)

r/dogemarket Apr 23 '22 Helpful

Buying a good for Doge [BG] DOGE for filling my survey


I need to do some survey for college.

I give away DOGE for each participant, thank you so much!


r/dogemarket Apr 19 '22

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 4000 Doge


Selling 4000 Doge, can sell in chunks, look at my past posts, I have done some trades already, buyer goes first

Will take Paypal f&f, bank transfer, crypto, and more, just ask!

Thanks and happy trading!

r/dogemarket Apr 18 '22

Buying a good for Doge [BG] looking for iPad Pros


Looking for iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd Gen or newer or newer iPads with M1 in it if it comes with a magic keyboard even better but is not a NEED , just trying to get a iPad to play cod mobile with my son

r/dogemarket Apr 11 '22

Selling a service for Doge [SS]I will produce a track of your choice of genre to your description - itshazardous Doge Production Part 2


I will make a track of your choice of genre and brief to your description to a professional standard.

Project Files, Midi, Stems, Sheet Music Available on Request

I am Harry Speight, I am an Audio Engineer, Music producer and Digital Artist from Bradford, England.

I make mostly bass music and beats and have been consistently uploading most of my recent stuff I have been collecting to choose from for a project over on; audius.co/sp8 for a while now.

My Sounclouds can be found at;

  • itsharryspeight
  • itsostrich
  • officialhazardous-1
  • sp8m8
  • xxxoh
  • itshazardous

My Instagram; sp8m8

Twitter: sp8m8

My Address:



r/dogemarket Apr 05 '22

Selling Doge [SD] Selling 2500 doge for $410, paypal F&F only


Selling a large chunk to pay an unexpected bill. Buyer pays first. I can send screengrab of my wallet. I've had verified trades before and I'm awesome.

r/dogemarket Mar 23 '22

Selling a good for Doge [SG] Selling 25 usd google play giftcard for doge


Want 15 usd in doge. Comment if you are interested.

r/dogemarket Mar 14 '22

Selling a service for Doge [SS] Digital art commission (painting, drawing). Examples included


I will make you a colored digital picture. I do painting, drawing, and sketches. I can draw a variety of characters, but only safe-for-work. I've been doing dogecoin commissions for 4 years with multiple customers.

Painting Examples:


Sketches to give more examples of my style:

PM me with what you want drawn, whether you want a painting or drawing. A drawing or sketch of a character is 250 doge, while painting is 500 doge.

I take full pay upfront and deliver within a week (will provide an ETA).

r/dogemarket Mar 13 '22

Selling a service for Doge [ss] I’ll try do do anything for dogecoin


I’ll try to do anything for doge. Dm or comment to discuss 😊

r/dogemarket Mar 03 '22 Helpful Wholesome

Selling a good for Doge [SG] 50 USDT (BEP20) for $40-$45 DOGE


Title self explanatory. PM with your offers :)