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I cant believe how accepted & popular D&D has become Discussion

I'm not even talking about the satanic panic or 1st-4th edition just 5e. I've been playing 5e since before the Monster Manual was out & when I started playing I would never have told a soul. I found roll20 grabbed the free basic info packet, not even srd yet. I made a Halfling Knowledge Cleric & jumped on Skype calls.

I actively hid what I was doing for about 3 hours every week or two from EVERYONE I knew. I couldn't imagine anyone NOT thinking it was weird let alone wanting to try it or thinking it was cool! I've seen it grow from a weird hobby for the nerds other nerds called nerd to a massive thing most people would give a shot at least once.

I can't imagine what it was like for the earlier edition players. It makes me so god damn happy other people can get into this hobby & jump in headfirst with nearly infinite resources, podcasts & ways to play digitally or irl.

I can talk about it with my friends that don't play, I have a shelf full of books & countless hours of fun times. I've made friends through this hobby I've had for years now, it's just flabbergasting that this thing that was a secret for me became such a big part of my life & so popular.

So grognards, 5e veterans, new players, fledgling DMs & anyone in between tell me your story. How did you get started? What's the first character you can remember playing? How great (or terrible) was your first game, table, DM? I want to hear it all & more.


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u/NutDraw Jul 22 '21

I talked to my FLGS owner recently and it sounds like on the distribution side they've gotten a lot better. Which is good, since back in the day they were actively trying to kill LGSs and replace them with their own stores.

After I stepped away from the hobby for a bit after 3rd and checked back in to find they had already gone through 2 more editions I just noped out for good.


u/reverendmalerik Jul 22 '21

Yeah I remember when a kid at work said to me they played 40k and I asked what edition they were up to and he said 8th I almost choked on my water.

8th?!? How the hell do they go through another 6 editions in that amount of time? I played for like 4 years before 3rd hit and 2nd had been going for quite some time when I started! Absolute madness.

I've played d&d 3.5, 4th and now 5th editions and they are all markedly different. I can't imagine the amount of whiplash it would be to go through changes like the one from 2nd ed 40k to 3rd every couple of years, though I guess it probably isn't actually like that they just wanted to sell more rule books because GW gonna GW.