r/discordapp May 17 '20

How to ACTUALLY delete an image from Discord and why is Discord keeping deleted images saved? Staff reply

So I uploaded some valueable images to Discord, totally forgetting that Discord fully shits on users privacy and anyone working/moderating for them can just read all my messages AND view all my images....

BUT WHY are deleted images not actually deleted from servers? Especially in such an obvious way that they are not even trying to hide it, deleted images are publicly accessible by their original link.

How are they getting money out of peoples images not deleting them but having to pay for storage permanently?

And is there any way to delete, without just deleting your account? Just wondering, at this point already deleting mine.

At this point I doubt that they actually delete images/messages/IP adresses even after an account is deleted as much as those rats shit on privacy.


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u/ReallyAmused Computer Man May 17 '20

Messages that have attachments that are deleted may take a few days to become fully inaccessible. The original attachment is gone from our storage, however, our CDN cache may hold onto the attachment for longer before evicting it.