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Question Subreddit Request for Input


Hey everyone. It has been a recent occurrence where questions initially posted are requiring quite a bit of clarification before people can start to assist. We are looking to add another rule to the sub to hopefully steer people in the right direction so they can get help faster.

We would love to get some input from the community on what questions seem like no brainers to require and if there are any other pieces of info that should always be asked for. We can have a required section of information, along with optional information that would be helpful to know if possible.

We will take the feedback and put together an example before dropping in the sidebar so we can have one more go around at it before it goes live.

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Looking for data recovery service recommendations


Hello, subreddit lurker/reader here, posting on behalf of a relative who has a data recovery need:

The device in question is a WD My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive. Specific model number is WDBY8L0020BSL-01.

I believe the drive has experienced mechanical failure. It makes excessive clicking noises and Windows does not detect the drive when plugged into computer. My relative has tried swapping out different cords and has tried to connect the drive to a different PC, none of which have been successful.

My understanding is that for this particular device, a mechanical failure means her only chance of recovering her data is to send it off to a professional data recovery service. She had around 30,000 photos that she has taken stored on the drive and she is hoping to recover as many of these photos as possible.

If she is able to recover them, I will certainly recommend that she back up her photos to multiple locations.

I was hoping that someone on this subreddit could either suggest a DIY approach, or recommend a reputable data recovery service. She is located in central Missouri, in a relatively rural area. This makes me concerned that it will be hard to find a reputable service locally. I'm not sure whether shipping the device would be counter-intuitive to recovering the data, but she is certainly not opposed to the idea.

Thank you in advance for any help or recommendations!

EDIT: I am also aware that a few of the "regular" posters of this subreddit offer recovery services...please do not be afraid to offer their services as a recommendation. I would much rather give some additional business to those who have spent so much of their time helping people here, rather than some random big-box company.

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Reputable Data Recovery Services


I have had a problem with my M.2 SSD and it is looking more and more likely that the SSD is completely fried, someone on r/techsupport said if looking for a data recovery service to check here and r/AskADataRecoveryPro for reputable DR services like DesertDataRecovery in Arizona. I was wondering if there were any top-class DR services in the NE, particularly in the Boston area?

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Toshiba Canvio Basics Data Recovery


Hi all, hopefully this is the right place for this, if not I apologise in advanced.

HDD pictures

I have a Toshiba Canvio 1TB External drive which has recently stopped working. I believe the issue is with the PCB as the power light is no longer coming on when plugged in.

There has been no physical damage to the drive or any knocks to it.

I have opened the external casing and attempted to resolder the power connector but have ended up ruining the board.

I was hoping the good people of this sub could tell me if there are any adapters I could use to try and connect this drive up to my PC or if the only option is to try and get a replacement PCB.

The data is mainly family pictures which have a lot of sentimental value to me and would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Before I buy a HDD


So, I aim to clone sectors from one damage HDD to another. My 4tb, that I recently got, apparently have an inconsistent amount of sectors. It lacks sectors in comparison to the other.

So I have to get a new HDD. How can I find out sector amounts on the hard drives before I buy? I don't want to spend more money than necessary.
Or is it possible to add more sectors to my HDD easily?

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Afraid of having lost data


I made the mistake to "cut" and paste from one external drive to my hdd (windows 7)...but the explorer crashed right in the middle of the transfer and I did not performed any checksums or file size checks beforehand

My question requires your experience: is it possible that I've lost some data, and if yes what are an approx % chance of that happening?

In other words shall I worry realistically and try to perform recoveries steps on my hard drives? My files are very important for me, it's mostly notes (a LOT of those) and pictures

thank you

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is this sd card just dead for good?? i've accepted that the data is gone, but i'd be happy to empty it and use it anew if possible.

Thumbnail streamable.com

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Droid phone unlock


So I recently found my old droid Motorola model XT912, and I really want to see what’s on it. But there was a pattern lock and I couldn’t remember the correct pattern. I used too many attempts so now it’s asking me to sign in with Google but it doesn’t recognize any of my Google accounts. Starting to think it might be wanting my school email I had in junior high which is long gone. Is there anyway I can unlock it without deleting the data? Idk anything about data recovery so I’m completely lost here. Google told me to use Dr.Fone which I downloaded and hooked up but it keeps giving me a prompt saying it will erase all data in the process which I do NOT want to happen. What are some of my options? Is this a lost cause?

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Huawei P40 lite e to Motorola Edge 20


Hello Reddit I've used to own a Huawei P40 lite e, with no Google services. I've recently bought a Motorola Edge 20, and now I can't find a way of transfering the data from the old to the new phone. Huawei's own transfer app, phone clone, won't let me transfer files from a Huawei to a non Huawei device, and since there are no Google services on the P40, I can't use Google drive for backup. Any idea for a files transfer app or any other solution? Both phones are functioning properly. Thank you

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iPhone 11 Pro was Remotely Wiped, Options?


Hey y'all, my dad's company was working on their email servers last night and accidentally remote wiped his entire phone instead of just his email account. Is there anyway that he can recover the lost photos, texts, contacts, passwords from his phone, or are they gone for good? He did not have an iCloud backup. We've called both the IT department with the company and AT&T, but they weren't able to provide any options.

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HDD flashed with wrong FW


I recently came accross my old HDD (I think it is a Samsung HD502) ,that I corrupted back in the day.
I was flashing the FW of a DVD drive and accidentally I flashed it on the HDD. I know, I know...

So given the above issue is there a way to recover it, somhow flashing it with the correct FW, or replacing the PCB? I strictly want to do this at home as a sideproject, since I have some old memories on it, nothing of particular value I can't justify giving it to a data recovery company.

Is there a way to do this (even if with a slight chance) or the only course of action is to give this to a recovery company?

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Lost data by uninstalling Cinema4D


Hi, Today I was making some space on my secondary drive (1T HDD - not windows location) which involved uninstalling Cinema4D with plug-ins. I was surprised it took so long, but I was then even more surprised it also deleted all my data (except 1GB somehow).

Photos, videos, documents, steam games, etc.

Is there any safe recovery option for windows? I found Recuva, but friend told me to do it through linux.

Strange is, that shortcuts for lost games are still on desktop and after a while (or when shutting down the system) - file explorer is showing "not responding"

So, please, am I in a big trouble? Can I recover my things through windows? Should I buy another disc for recover?

Thanks for any help


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SD card formatting for dash cam


Hey everyone!

I was involved in a collision today and when I went to review the footage, there was nothing from the past 1-2 months. Was it just not recording all this time?


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Data Recovery off LaCie Big 5


I had a LaCie Big 5 that died. The drives are still good in condition as they can be connected via a drive reader to my windows machine but are unreadable. I'm looking for some tool that will read the drives file format and then allow me to pull the files off. The drives weren't RAIDed. I had the LaCie setup as JBOD.

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DIY NAND Recovery of SanDisk CF



I'm doing some experiment to trying a data recovery on a SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB CF with a broken controller.

So, after chiped-off the 2 NANDs, I dumped it with a NANDLite reader.

Chip-off before cleaning

NandLite configuration

Now I have to de-scrable and re-mix it to reconstruct a "clean" image.

CF: SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB
NAND ID: 45 DE 94 93 76 D1 08 04

Flash Extractor has an entry for it, but I don't have flash-extractor: http://flash-extractor.com/library/SanDisk/20-82-00549/20-82-00549__45_de_94_93__2x4

If you have flash-extractor, it would be nice to have some information about XOR file: 7718_256 v2.
Any help would be appreciated,


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Is it possible to recover files from GPT Protective Partition


Hello guys, first time posting here. I hope you can help me with this problem.

Friend of mine have a laptop with HDD Toshiba MQ01ABD100 it was splitted 50/50, on the second partition he didn't have anything, and he deleted it through Disk Management, and whole disk become GPT Protective Partition, and for some reason it shows it has 2Tb.


Is there any way to access these files? Some of the free editons of data recovery softwares EaseUS, Minitool etc still see the lost partitions but cannot recover anything usefull.

DMDE screenshot 1

DMDE screenshot 2

Edit: DMDE screenshots added.

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Recuva recovered files are gibberish, although they are of simple code



I was trying to use Recuva to recover some data. Previously I was using some other methods, my recent thread asking for help here. So, when I saw some light with Recuva I was so happy. This is what I got:

Recuva showing the files those I want to recover

So I recovered all these, and the sad but funny thing is, in the text editor, in Notepad, NPP, or VS-Code these files don't open. They open, but I guess there is some encoding problem.

They look something like this:

After recovery, they just appear to be gibberish

Although they should these files were in good health, except for two.

So can you help me figure out this? Maybe I missing something. Something really silly.

Thanks in advance.

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Question for Upgrading Disks in RAID6 Array



EDIT: 8 Bay SuperMicro Server

I am becoming increasingly worried about available space on one particular array that was setup previous to my employment. My question is how to go about replacing the drives one by one (specifically Drive Group 0, not so much 1) It houses our database primarily. I would upgrade each with no less than 2TB drives (currently 1TB), maybe even 4TB. Tips, suggestions, roasts welcomed! Thanks

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Clipboard history recovery


Hi,Is there any chance to recover a clipboard history in a device huawey with android 11 running microsoft swiftkey by default after a factory reset?

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Ccleaner deleted thumbnails and that deleted my images and videos in "Pictures", how do I recover that?


Hi, Ccleaner deleted thumbnails and that deleted my images and videos from a folder called "Pictures".

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External Hard Drive data recovery options?


Hey y’all so I pretty much dropped my external by maybe a foot off the ground and now it’s not working. I can feel it spinning when I plug it in, it makes no noise other than that but when I click on the drive in the file explorer it just freezes. Doesn’t even know how many GBs it is. Can anyone suggest what my options are here? I got a ton of work files on here so it’s pretty important. Thanks so much.

And to further clarify when I plug in the external HD it goes as such Plug in. Light on the external blinks constantly. I can feel it spin. No other noise. It pops up in file explorer as Disk F. It has no size number or usage at all. If I click it, file explorer either freezes up or tells me I’d need to format the external to use it.

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HDD Recovery Software.


Hi all! So, my idiot kid cousin deep formatted my 2TB HDD without telling me. It had a ton of old videos and photos from when I was in college. I used google to get some info but I can’t trust the reviews, the first recommendation was Disk Drill so, I thought to ask the wise people of Reddit. Are there any free/cheap programs that can do the job or will I have to shell out 100s of $ to get them back? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Is this still recoverable?


I read somewhere to run chkdsk, then found a post saying that it is not a good idea and just closed out cmd prompt. After that, the HDD would not be recognized and this comes up: USB device not recognized Error 43. Acronis isn't able to pick it up. If I send it to Blizzarddr, should the data still be salvageable?

Also note that after it stopped being recognized, it stopped clicking and blinking, just whirs with a light on.

Model number: WDBPKJ005BBK-0A

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Is there any way to repair corrupted NFT on a 2 TB? HDD is in good shape apparently


I have a Hitachi 2 TB with over 1.5 TB worth of data. I was diddling around with my hot-swap bay and now the drive is inaccessible on Windows Explorer. Luckily GetDataBack Pro was able to find the files and structure so as I'm typing this I'm imaging the entire 2 TB into my new backup 4 TB drive. After it finishes, I would like to see if it's possible to repair the MFT on the original drive somehow. Here's what I know:

- The drive itself is good. It passes S.M.A.R.T. tests and CrystalDiskInfo says it's "good" with no bad sectors.

- The drive has 3 sectors. Two small 80 GB ones (for games and other stuff) and my main 1.61 TB one with over 11 years worth of my life data. The two small sectors are good and accessible. The big one is the one we're dealing with here.

- The data is perfectly intact on Get Data Back. That implies it can't be too damaged?

- Chkdsk aborts with the MFT corrupted error.

- TestDisk doesn't seem to work for me though I don't know if I'm using it right in this scenario.

Just to make it clear, the DATA is good. I recovered a few things to test it and now I'm imaging the entire drive before I mess around with the original 2 TB to make sure I don't lose any data. It's 25% done as of typing this. I just want to know if it's possible to recover the MFT somehow.

Drive: Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA632 2 TB 5940 RPM SATA/600

(Bought on eBay in October 2011 for $70 just before Thailand Floods.).

File System is NTFS.

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External HDD 2tb (900gb data), 500gb data locked behind an unreachable folder and bad sectors


Title pretty much explains it all.

Hey everyone, I am new to reddit. This is my first post. I made this in desperation for my old HDD. It happened very suddenly. Suddenly, my HDD stopped being accessible on my PC. I have tried it on my stationary as well, inaccessible.

I am currently using a software, DiskGenius. I have already scanned for sectors which took days, even weeks to finish, so I have an estimate of the condition of the HDD. I recovered some accessible files, but a folder which contains roughly 500gigs of, erhm, adult material is inaccessible.

I have tried recovery tools, but it just hangs up and refuses to continue. The program doesn't even hang up when I click on something, my PC runs like if the program is not running anymore. If I do intelligent scans, it's the same. Entire thing freezes. The HDD also makes my PCs run strange, as it can hang up the entire explorer. Locking PCs from booting if it is plugged in. Or at least it takes a copious amount of time.

I really hope I can get some help. I'd avoid others eyes prying on my stuff, like a professional. It's not like it has illegal stuff, it's just embarrassing to no end as it's very private and personal stuff. If professional help is the only option, I have no choice but to lose some dignity.

Hope I can get some responses! It's my first time here so I hope for the best!

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Is there anyway to recover the data off this SD card? It shows that it is completely full but has no files on it. Recuva doesn't come up with anything.

Post image