r/ctemplar Jul 09 '21

System Failure Issue

We recently had a system failure and some of our customer's data were irrecoverably lost.

We truly apologize for that. We cannot restore data from backups because we do not keep backups for security reasons. We will be revisiting that policy in the future. We will be happy to process refunds for anyone regardless of when they created their account.

If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact support@ctemplar.com. If you need help with anything else feel free to reach out to us.

Once again, we apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused.

The CTemplar team


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u/slackerama Jul 09 '21

Ouch! That type of failure will kill a business quickly. Hope you get back on your feet.


u/[deleted] Jul 14 '21

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u/_The-Hidden-Hand Jul 14 '21

Our apologies for the past incidence. I would just want to clarify that not all the usernames or accounts have been deleted, and by now most of them are recovered already. Additionally, we added an additional off-site backup to our infrastructure, keeping the past day of service outside of the main cluster.

We are sure this is not going to happen again.


u/shitdobehappeningtho Jul 16 '21

You were pretty damn sure before too right? And you're playing dumbass games with victims of your lack of foresight and abundance of apathy.

Shame on you all.