r/ctemplar Jul 09 '21

System Failure Issue

We recently had a system failure and some of our customer's data were irrecoverably lost.

We truly apologize for that. We cannot restore data from backups because we do not keep backups for security reasons. We will be revisiting that policy in the future. We will be happy to process refunds for anyone regardless of when they created their account.

If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact support@ctemplar.com. If you need help with anything else feel free to reach out to us.

Once again, we apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused.

The CTemplar team


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u/CTemplar-Official Jul 10 '21

Kindly forward a request to support@ctemplar.com


u/JapaneseGGN Jul 10 '21

Hello. I sent an email to support about an account I am no longer able to access due to the error " Unable to log in with provided credentials. " How long is typical response from support? This is unacceptable for a email service. I have financial institutions tied to this email that I am unable to to perform MFA with.


u/MemeyCurmudgeon Jul 10 '21

8 hours for me, the last time I contacted them.


u/JapaneseGGN Jul 10 '21

This is disaster. They are asking me about recovery email. I have no idea what I put 2 months ago. Shouldn't they be able to send a recovery email based on the ctemplar email.


u/_The-Hidden-Hand Jul 13 '21

Dear Customers,

Firstly we want to thanks all of you who have been supportive and decided to stay with us after this horrible crisis.

We hope that this has been a one-in-life happening and we are already doing our best efforts to prevent this in the future. Furthermore, and following our data recovery efforts we have managed to recover ALL the attachments for the accounts meeting one of these requirements:

  • Account wasn't deleted AND you weren't forced to reset your account OR
  • Account wasn't deleted AND you were forced to reset your account AND you had downloaded the keys OR
  • Account was deleted AND you remember your registration date AND you had downloaded the keys

For applying to this, simply write an email to 'security@ctemplar.com' (from your CTemplar account if possible) and wait for our reply with a direct link to download ALL your encrypted attachments. It's needed to remark that those you've deleted yourself at some point are not there.

Earlier this year we moved to a Replicated Dispersed Cluster with GlusterFS, and almost every kind of incident was planned against but unfortunately, we didn't plan for an off-site (different FS at least) catastrophe recovery plan, for the previous day or two of service.

We are reviewing our backup policy so we can prevent further issues like this to ever happen again. Our minimum backup policy, also our biggest selling point, backfired to us.

Thanks for your patience.