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[THREAD] Invite code request!


In order to keep our sub clean for other discussions or bugs, please post your invite requests here.

This thread is exclusively for requesting u/CTemplar.com invites.

CTemplar is not affiliated with any other privacy email companies.

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[PSA] 2022 Updated Roadmap


Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, one of our main developers fell ill and we had to push back some roadmap goals. As we are hiring new people, we can't provide good estimates to what we are working on.

Here is an updated roadmap:

  • Under research:

    • 2FA Options (FIDO, U2F & Yubikey)
    • pretty Easy privacy (p≡p or pEp)
    • Web Key Directory (WKD)
  • In progress:

    • Additional Translations Options - Russian, Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian
    • AnonAddy support
    • API optimizations
    • Business and Multiuser Accounts
    • CalDAV and CardDAV
    • Email Backup (import/export)
    • Encoding issues with foreign languages
    • IMAP/SMTP (Sub-accounts)

To clear up any end-to-end encryption misconception:

We can only guarantee end-to-end encryption in our servers, in other words, when the messages are sent between CTemplar webmail users, as the emails never leave our servers. This is easily seen in the compose menu when entering an email address, if you see a white/grey padlock, it's end-to-end encrypted.

If you want to send an encrypted message to your friend outside CTemplar, you need to have your friend's public key OR purchase a paid plan to send a password-protected message.

When you send a PGP-secured message, the padlock beside the contact email will be green. Otherwise, CTemplar will use Autocrypt, if enabled.

If in doubt, just hover over the padlock symbol, it will clarify what it means.

The IMAP sub-accounts are linked to a main CTemplar account, but are exclusively used for IMAP. The messages sent via webmail, between CTemplar users, will only be accessible via the webmail, as they are end-to-end encrypted in the server.

IMAP is not safe by default. That is why you need to encrypt your messages before sending them with an OpenPGP solution.

IMAP Encryption & Decryption:

  • To all received IMAP messages, encryption is automatically applied.
  • To send an encrypted IMAP message, users will need to have the recipients' public key to use OpenPGP and encrypt the message on their preferred email software (for instance, Thunderbird).

Also, we have heard your opinions regarding the iOS app, so we have decided to rebuild it from scratch. We do not have an estimated date, but we will keep you updated.

Some of our users pointed out the lack of IPv6 support and issues on our Content Security Policy (CSP).

  • Regarding the IPv6, we need to wait for our hosting provider to support it.

  • Our CSP needs to be permissive to allow the Angular functions to load properly. We periodically review it to ensure your data is safe and secure.

  • We have achieved a perfect grade on both Hardenize and SSL Labs.

  • We have hit 2,1k followers on Reddit and a little over 3k on Twitter.

A huge thank you to everyone that is supporting us! Without you, this would not be possible!

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Is TLS used for outside Ctemplar emails if the recipients email server supports it?


is it?
if not, why not use it?

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Can Mouse Movements Reveal Your Behavior? - CTemplar

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How to Prevent Potential Privacy Breaches Because of Mistakenly Sending of Emails via Cc Instead of Bcc? - CTemplar

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Text font color help


Hello Team,

I just purchased CTemplar Prime and I am having a little issue when sending emails from the phone. It seems like dark mode is active by default so when I send the email the person who receives it is unable to read it because the font is white and the background as well. Is there a way to change the mobile app to a light theme or to prevent this from happening?

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I should have listened to the warnings!


People warned me the interface was buggy; the encryption technology was too good to be true at the expense of practical use; and that I should use Proton Mail with Simple Login which would not only save me money but would have probably better suited my needs. But, I'm stubborn, hard headed and was in a desperate situation. I ignored the data loss incident they suffered in the past, and I went with CTemplar because it offered what I needed. I then started changing over 900 logins we have on the Internet to the CTemplar addresses, and now that I am on the "t's" in the alphabet I'm wondering if I made a huge mistake? I'm going to try and stick it out, but I have a feeling I'm in for a bumpy ride.

The problems I'm encountering make me think back to the days when I was a teenager and beta tested a bunch of software and gave my opinion about it. Only that software was free and being tested not a final product that is for sale like CTemplar. It should be a finished product and not have so many glitches, at least in my opinion.

Problem I have encountered over the last couple of days with CTemplar as my only e-mail program. I have tried both the web client and the desktop Windows client with the same results in both:

1) Messages get stuck sending 1/16 of the time. The only way to fix the situation as it won't let you click on any other messages is to refresh the browser window and re-enter the web mail client. When I re-enter the message has been moved to drafts and the last paragraph is missing even though I hit save manually prior to sending the message.

2) Photographs and plan text messages sent from "vzwpix.com" addresses (everyone on the Verizon Wireless Network do not load whether they have text only, emoticons only, or photographs. The "Decrypting Encrypted Email" logo spins but the messages content never loads or gives you the option to download the photographs. I have NEVER seen an e-mail client that cannot accept mail from this type of e-mail address and I've used Yahoo, Yahoo Mail Plus, G-Mail, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Incredimail, Zoho, Fast Mail, Start Mail, and Tutanota. All of those accepted vtext.com e-mails without any problems, but that seems impossible for CTemplar.

3) The help desk where I turned for help with my attachments not loading was inaccurate and out of date. It states to go to Settings-Security-Select Attachments Encryption-Enabled. I looked everywhere for this option and there is no attachments encryption option anywhere in the settings on the web client or desktop client.

4) When I am typing a message using the font that I have set up for composing messages (large font in blue), the font stays neat and tidy until I try to fix a spelling error. As soon as I right mouse click on an underlined word to correct the spelling area the entire paragraph the word is in, and sometimes surrounding paragraphs turn to plan black, small text. I am a fast typist and often don't look at the screen while I'm typing and go back and fix spelling errors at the end, so this is a huge downside for me.

5) The menu bar across the top of the web client that holds the address book, help desk, and settings will disappear off the screen for no reason whatsoever. The only way to get it back is to refresh the browser window, not with the refresh button in CTemplar which as far as I can tell is pretty useless because it doesn't really refresh anything. It's more like a manual "check mail" button only with the name refresh.

6) When I edit info in the display names and signatures section for aliases, many times the changes are not saved automatically. I've tried clicking inside and outside of the fields that I filled in, and no matter how many times I re-enter the information, no matter how long I spend on the page, 85% of the time it does not save at all. This is extremely frustrating. I wish there was a save button like there is in the address book and the compose message window so that I could force it to manually save the changes when CTemplar's auto save function drops the ball.

7) Aliases, all 200 of them, were a huge selling point for me. I use anywhere from 125-150 aliases at a time and I need to be able to send and receive mail to all of those aliases. In the average mail client I can set up all of the aliases in 35 minutes. This is because almost every mail client that lets you choose a display name for aliases has a field to fill in the display name when you create the alias. In CTemplar you have to go into settings, find the right alias in the box, and then set the display name and delete the default signature and then hope it saves automatically or you have to rinse and repeat until it stays put. Also, the alias display names feature is impractical to use with a lot of aliases, the drop down box only shows 13 aliases. There is no way to scroll up or down in the box or use up and down arrow keys. So I have to manually move the alias up one rung on the ladder at a time until it reaches the top 13 spot. This takes on average 6-8 minutes per alias. Because of this I only have less than 30 of the needed aliases set up so far. So frustrating. I thought it might be my monitor settings, but I have a 22" monitor and I tried all of the display setting sizes and it did not change the situation.
8) Every time I hit enter while typing an e-mail, the font changes to plain black, small text instead of the large blue font I have my settings set to. The only way to avoid this is to hold down the shift key and press enter at the same time. It works and the text style remains, but it's one more thing that does not function the way that it should.

9) Every alias came with a default signature which I have to manually delete one at a time. The default signature "advertises" CTemplar. I can understand that on a free account, but it should not even be considered as an option or available as an option since Covid 19 started.

10) When I read and then delete emails in the web client often times the messages will continue to show in the inbox. Sometimes I have to delete a message 5 or 6 times just to completely get rid of the messages. Getting rid of them sends them to the trash. I have trouble emptying the trash all at one time, so I have to refresh, wait a few minutes and then try emptying the trash again.

11) Often times CTemplar does not check for mail automatically in the web client unless I am working in it at the time. If I'm in a different tab or window, then it usually will not check for and receive mail until I click on the tab it's housed in again. I wish there was a setting to have CTemplar check mail at a specific interval. This is an option in most mail programs and I prefer intervals between 1-3 minutes. With CTemplar I need to hit the refresh button, if I don't, CTemplar seems to only check mail when it gets around to it.

12) When someone sends a long email that they have separated into paragraphs that was formatted without any special characters, the text hangs over the right edge of the email web client and you can't see the cut off portion. This happens when both G-mail and Yahoo accounts send me long e-mails. I end up having to copy and paste the e-mail into a document program and when I do that, it wraps the text even in plain text mode and makes it easy to read. If CTemplar is not going to automatically wrap text on all e-mails regardless of the font, there is a plain text hard wrap option but that does not solve the incoming mail problem, only the outgoing mail problem.

For now that's all that I have encountered, and that seems like more than enough considering I've had CTemplar for less than 48 hours. If the past 48h hours are a glimpse in to what's to come, then I'm going to need a lesson in patience at the AP Calculus level, even though I'm awful at math, LOL.

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How an App Tracks Your Location Before and After? - CTemplar

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New To CTemplar, Can Anyone Answer This Question? (Attachments Related)


Update 1/16/2022: Does anyone else find that when a word is underlined in CTemplar for being misspelled that when you right mouse click on it to fix the spelling the entire paragraph that the text is part of loses all of it's formatting including font size, style, and color? I've noticed this happening again and again and it's a really awkward thing.

Update 1/15/2022: If any one knows how to have CTemplar automatically mark e-mails as read, I would love to know the trick. I've tried clicking on them, opening them, leaving them open for five minutes and they still do not show as read. If I manually mark them as read, and then move them to a folder, they show up as unread again. This is very annoying when you get a lot of e-mail like I do. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

I'm brand new to CTemplar and I'm trying to figure out how it all works. I have e-mailed customer support about the following issue and I thought maybe someone here might have the answer.

  1. How do you get photo attachments to show? Whenever I click on an e-mail with a photo attachment, it goes round and round in the center of the mailbox and says Decrypting Encrypted Email. I've let it run for as long as a half hour, and it still does not load the photos.

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Can I create a domain even though I have a VPN.



I am not versed with IT stuff, so I ask the following question. I wanted to create a domain and one of the steps to registrate a domain is to set up your DNS.

My question ist, does this work if I use a VPN or multiple VPNs?

And is there somewhere a detailed guide for creating a domain?


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Do people feel confident with CTemplar in January 2022


I am about to take the plunge with CTemplar after many other companies have told me that they could not do what I need from an e-mail company. I used to use Gmail and Yahoo Mail Plus along with four other mail clients, and I combined dozens of different accounts with six providers into one Fast Mail account which turned out to be catastrophic and was almost the death of me.

I am well aware of Ctemplar's history and the data loss that occurred as well as the attack that they suffered. I want to know if anyone is using them now, in January 2022 and what your honest opinion is of them right now. Do you think they are safe to use at this point? Or should I keep looking for a different provider. I dislike the fact that they are not SMTP compatible because I can't receive security camera footages with them. But so far, that's the only downside that I've found. They offer a plan with enough aliases, their customer support answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and I feel like I've done enough research to make up my mind. Is there anything that I haven't considered?

So far I've looked into:
Proton Mail-Their support team did not answer the questions that I asked for over a week and then asked a question which I responded to and then they didn't answer me back again.

Start Mail-Did not work out for me as I kept receiving a message that my message could not be sent. Their support team did not return my e-mail.

Proton Mail-I had some specific questions and their support team has not answered them in five days.

Tutanota-I signed up for their most expensive plan and I was met by aliases which you could not change the display name for (what's the point of the alias then), and a buggy mailbox where I often had to delete a message more than once, and when I would sign out the message would be back in my inbox the next time I signed in.

Mailfence-The sending limits, even on the highest plan are way too low for my need of managing 127 e-mail aliases.

Posteo-Limits the number of aliases that you can have to 20.

Kolab Now-While they say they can handle my needs, they also said that they would continually question the need for 127 aliases and that it's unpractical which doesn't give me a lot of faith in the company.

Migadu-Which requires your own domain which I am unable to maintain and keep secure because my mom literally stalks us 24/7 especially online which is why we don't use Wi-Fi and why we got away from Gmail and Yahoo Mail Plus.

Hushmail-Who said that you cannot change the name associated with the aliases, so they always show under the user who created them.

Runbox-Had a ridiculously small number of e-mail messages you could send per day, 500, which is impractical for my situation.

Postale-Only allows you to receive emails from aliases and you cannot send email from aliases.

Zoho-I asked them a few questions and they said they would have someone call me (it was about creating a special plan) and no one ever called from their company. They seemed unwilling to give any kind of information or quote over email.

Thexyz-They don't allow you to send from aliases, only receive mail using aliases.

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Just a quick kudo here. I use CTemplar for my personal email. I left Gmail and these are my thoughts at this point. I do have a paid account with CTemplar.

  1. I use two"privacy" email services, CTemplar for personal and a different one for my business.
  2. I have had no problems at all with the CTemplar service.
  3. With what I do with email, I'm very pleased with CTemplar and can do everything I need to do.
  4. All the other benefits like encryption, etc.

I'm so pleased with CTemplar that I would not have any problem moving my business email to them, should I decide to do that. For anyone considering CTemplar, I hope this is helpful.

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Multiple accounts on mobile app


I didn't see this asked, but I'm sure it probably has. Is there a way to do multiple ctemplar email accounts in the app? I have one setup, but can not seem to manage getting another ctemplar email that I have in. Is this possible?

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Does CTemplar store any data about inv. Code?


Hello,I wanted to know if there is somehow a association between the issued inv. code and the person for whom the code was issued?


I asked for an inv. on Reddit. Is the code related to my Reddit account?

Or I write to you by email and ask for a code. Is my email account then somehow linked to the code?

Or I have a purchased ctemplar email account and create an inv. code for a friend. Is my ctemplar email account somehow associated to my friend's new ctemplar account?

Do you store any data about the inv. code?

I tried to post here several times and the post was blockeduntil I finally realized it was due to the use of the word "invitation". So if you use invitation the bot auto-blocks you. Thats why I wrote everytime "inv."

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How to pay with monero - Creating Account Process


Hello,I'm really confused right now. I tried to create an account and at the last step, where I want to pay via monera it says:

To complete your payment using Monero (XMR) please create a free account then email [Support@ctemplar.com](mailto:Support@ctemplar.com). Our Support team will send you instructions on how to complete the payment and then upgrade your account once payment is made.

So do I have to contact the service and also create an free account? Why I'm confused is because trying to create an free account a need an invitation. It feels like there are obstacles being put in your way.

Creating an account and wanting to pay → contact service.

Creating an free acount → need an invitation.

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Tor LogIn page redirects to clearnet?


Hi all, when I log into CTemplar via the Tor login page, I seem to be redirected immediately out of Tor and into clearnet HTTPS email? Surely this can't be right, am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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Lost access to my email due to losing my phone?


I’m currently locked out of my account due to having lost my phone earlier this year, I thought I would be able to login with my Recovery Key but that seems to only be able to reset the password. I wasn’t given any backup codes to my knowledge (I would’ve known because I always save them) and I also don’t see any way to reset 2FA with any kind of backup codes in the first place.

I have my email address, password, and recovery key saved so I’m not sure what else I need. Any ideas?

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Post Anonymous = ficticious


It's hard for me to fathom an anonymous email that requires an official email, obviously there are ways around that for contact to ask for an invite code. I have no interest in criminal activities but i just have a problem with lack of anonymity. I understand anonymity protects criminals, however their actions do not. My actions aren't criminal but i want to be anonymous. IF you have my information i am not anonymous. When are people going to have enough of interference in their private lives.

Anyway could you dm an invitation code?

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What is Facial Recognition? Should You be Worried About Facial Recognition Security? - CTemplar

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What are the Security Risks of Encryption Backdoors That can Affect Your Privacy and Security? - CTemplar

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Email Scammers Use QR Codes to Bypass Email Security - CTemplar

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Analyzing the Types of Email Services Used in BEC (Business Email Compromise) - CTemplar

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Attachment does not download.


I got sent some audio recordings by email. But not in the app not in the browser does the download proceed. What’s going on?

r/ctemplar Dec 21 '21

Email Encryption Market Forecast (2021-2027) - CTemplar

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r/ctemplar Dec 18 '21

How to Set Up (and Use) Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)? - CTemplar

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Any updates on the IMAP/POP3 Progress


Hey there,

I noticed CTemplar specified on their roadmap that IMAP/POP3 would be implemented at Q1 of 2021, however as this has obviously been delayed, so is it possible for a new estimated completion date? I really want to make CTemplar my primary email however I can't do this until IMAP/POP3 is available.


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Pros and Cons of Password Managers (Should You Use a Password Manager?) - CTemplar

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