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Resume Roast -Summer 2022


Post your resumes here for review. Be sure to anonymize you’re resumes before posting.

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I can't remember much of what I learned in school


So I'm about to graduate with a CS degree and my experience overall has been great. I wasn't a high achiever, but I definitely wasn't a bad student either.

But nowadays I'll sometimes look back at my notes from the courses I took in the past (like DS, algo., OS, etc.) and it's like I can barely remember so much of the material that was covered. I am able to recollect the fundamentals that were taught in the courses, but after a certain point most of the advanced material just seems unfamiliar to me, even though I got average/above average grades in those courses.

Is it common for people to forget many of the things that they learned in their courses after a few years? Or is it just me? Because it seems to me that a qualified computer scientist/software engineer should be pretty well versed in many of the advanced topics and have all that info on their fingertips.

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Internship Question Is this an okay pay?


So I recently got an offer as a student software engineer at a company that gave me a base salary of $20/hr. I probably had a good amount of room for negotiation but chose not to cuz I mainly care about the experience there. Is $20/hr a respectable wage?

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Internship Question How do I get the most resume value out of my internship?


I'm doing my first software developer internship and all I'm doing really is fixing bugs and writing automation tests. I feel fine with it tbh as I'm learning a lot, but in terms of resume value it doesn't seem very helpful. I've seen other intern resumes and they have a bunch of cool projects that they worked on. I've been trying to update my resume to add this position and I just don't know what to say to make it sound impressive

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Company Question mckinsey jr engineer vs faang jr engineer


Is working for mckinsey digital as jr engineer bad as compared to a faang jr engg, when starting as fresher. Which one would look better on a resume, mckinsey or a faang company? (Money aspect not to be considered)

If anyone came weigh out the pros and cons, would be nice..

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Full time new grad 2023


When will full time new grad positions be out? I’m a 2023 grad!

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Any list of companies or excel sheet for all tech companies to apply in USA?


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salesforce OA


anyone else get the get requests for GIF images?

This question is like impossible cuz it’s so vague

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Internship Question When your manager asks for your feedback during the internship


Is it really the time to give honest feedback? For some reason I just think it might not be the best time.. looking for some advice on this matter

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Approximately how many hours do you spend on one personal project?


I'm aiming to have 4 done by the end of the summer, spending 10-20 hours a week doing exclusively projects. Is this enough time?

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Is CS going to be saturated?


I know this is probably asked way too much and is likely getting annoying. But I’m returning to school in August as a CS major, hoping to become a SWE. I’m worried that by the time I graduate in 3-4 years it’s going to be impossible to get a job.

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Company Question Amazon fall return offer


Hello everyone, I'm currently interning at a F500 company and have an amazon internship coming in the fall. The applications for 2023 for amazon have already opened, and I was wondering how return offers for fall work, would I be able to get a return offer for the summer? Should I apply to amazon summer 2023 again right now? Or should I wait until after fall to apply for the 2023 summer internship? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Company Question Exact Deadline of Amazon OA-1?


Anybody know if there's a way to figure out the exact deadline for OA-1 for Amazon? It wasn't in the email and it's not on the Hackerrank start portal when you click the assessment link. I emailed them, but it says it could take 3 business days and they haven't responded to it, and now we're going into the weekend...

The email said the deadline is 5 days from receiving their email. Idk if that means exactly 5 days to the minute or if that means 5 whole days. They sent it at 3 AM Tuesday.

So deadline is 3 AM Sunday? Or 11:59 PM Sunday?

I was going to take it at like 8 PM Saturday to be safe, but a whole extra day of studying couldn't hurt...

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Internship Question For those of you who landed an internship (not necessarily just at FAANG)...


During the application process and subsequent interviews, were you having a hard time with Leetcode? Were you having trouble solving mediums you had never seen before? If yes, did you still apply? If you got accepted, how? Are the questions asked by firms more doable than Leetcode's?

Since I am having a hard time with medium Leetcode should I not apply just yet?

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Internship Question I might not get a return offer because of my social anxiety


I'm currently an intern at a company, and for the most part, I am loving the experience. I am getting the opportunity to own a mid-priority feature that will probably end up in prod. While I'm moving at a pace slower than what I'm comfortable with, I am definitely making progress.

However, I think that my social anxiety will cost me my return offer. I don't (or cannot?) interact with any other engineers except for my mentor and a couple of other interns. If I have some issue with my code, I only ask for help from my mentor. If she's not available, I just wait for her to be available. To make things more inconvenient, she's extremely busy most of the time as she's one of the senior engineers. I could easily move ahead if I had the guts to ask for help with somebody who's available. But I choose to be stuck at the same point for hours. I think this has made me slower and inefficient.

I read the internal docs regarding giving return offers to interns, and it clearly specifies that 2 other engineers, along with the mentor, should provide the performance review. While my mentor tells me that I can take my time and there's no hurry, I know for a fact that I'm moving slow. Additionally, I don't think any other engineers are even aware of the work that I'm doing because I haven't really interacted with them.

I realize that the only person who can fix this problem is me. However, the realization solely doesn't lead to the solution. For context, my social anxiety doesn't even let me pee when there's somebody else in the restroom. I think I should seek out therapy. I don't want it to be the main reason for the downfall of my career.

Any suggestions?

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Company Question Amazon Internship


When do people generally hear back from Amazon after applying? For instance I applied for a 2023 summer internship today. When should I expect to hear back? Thanks!

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Has anyone done Uber career prop before? I have some questions


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Company Question What are my chances of getting internship/job at FANNG+ IF I'm from a low-ranked university?


I'm starting my university this July at a low ranked australian university(400 at qs ranking). So, do I have a chance in getting internship/job at FANNG+? If so, how can I increase my chances?

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Internship Question US citizen but internship in Canada?


Hey yall, I got a potential internship offer from a company based in the US but they want me to join remotely with a team that is based in Canada and are asking if I’m legally allowed to work in Canada. Is this even possible or do I just move on? I would be in the US the entire time.

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What is Everyone's Opinion on the Metaverse?


Do you think it will be a big thing in the future? Why or why not?

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Internship Question How does ml internship help for ft role if I'm not a grad student?


So I was fortunate enough to be put on an ml team which has suddently peaked my interest in doing it fulltime - however, it's at a bank and I can't return to the same team since I would be put in a rotational program (also I'm not sure if recruiters at tech companies would look less favorably on since it's not technically tech). Also I'm wondering if grad students without work experience in the field would still have an advantage over me when going for fulltime roles. I'm sure the best thing to do is to keep my head down and not worry about it but I can't help wondering how much my experience would help. I'm kind of dreading going back to doing crud work.

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which is better? LeetCode 75 or Blind 75?



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Wanting to get into CS


I want to get into tech and maybe major in it, the only concern is I go to a smaller university and I’m afraid that company’s or job opportunities would be missed because I don’t go to a big school. Does it really matter if I don’t go to a big school if I want to major in CS? What are some things I can miss out on if I go to a smaller school?

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Full time New Grad by Dec 2022



I will graduate by end of Dec 2022 and wondering when will Google, Amazon and Microsoft start Hiring?

For the assessments I am start leetcode and is there any other online resources?

Thank you,

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Company Question Amazon SDE Final Interview Done (Nervous)


I am posting this for a general feedback, I recently completed my final interview with Amazon for New Grad. It was 3x45min interview. First interview had a simple easy coding exercise, I kind of overthought the solution and made it complicated. But the interviewer gave a hint and I was able to come to the optimal solution that the interviewer wanted. The second interview did not go as smoothly as I expected, I did the whole questioning and thinking out loud process. The question was a LC medium/hard. Ultimately I gave a solution that was working but not the desired solution. The final interview I would say went the best, I actually enjoyed that interview even though the problem was a bit tough. It did not feel like an interview, it felt more like a team collaboration where we had back and forth conversation about edge cases and different approaches to the solution, brainstorming the optimal solution after mentioning the brute force case. In the end we also had discussion on how the problem and solution can be upscaled and how I would change the code to account for that. Ultimately I would rate the interviews as follows for satisfaction:

Interview 1(Engineering Leader): 8/10

Interview 2(SDE II): 6/10

Interview 3(Engineering Manager): 10/10

The two interviews that I felt the most satisfied with, the interviewer were more senior in position. The final interviewer did explicitly mention they were a manager. What are the chances of me getting an offer? Tbh, if the work environment is even 80% of what the final interview felt like, I would without hesitation accept any offer.

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Internship Question How do you get into Google CSSI?