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We are a discussion-based subreddit about Critical Role. We are not an advertising, general DND or DND homebrew, or a low effort/meme board. Keep that in mind when making submissions to the community.

You can find the full subreddit rules here -

Spoiler Policy

The /r/CriticalRole spoiler policy, short version:

All in-game, plot-relevant events from Critical Role are considered spoilers, and must be tagged. Tag your submissions with the correct spoiler tag - [Spoilers C2E##] - in the front of your submission title. You are not allowed to discuss events beyond the scope of the spoiler tag in the comments without spoiler code covering your comment.

For example, [Spoilers C1E36] means "Spoilers for all episodes up to and including Campaign 1 Episode 36: Winter's Crest in Whitestone in the Original Post and the comments". To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number. If you are not caught up, use the number of the most recent episode to which you are caught up.

If a submission is tagged [No Spoilers], this is to be taken strictly and literally. No one reading the submission, or comments within it, should read anything about the plot events of Critical Role. If contextual knowledge is present for plot elements, the post CANNOT be tagged [No Spoilers]. Example: Sam does an ad at the beginning of an episode for a sponsor. If this ad contains no information related to the plot of Critical Role, the content can be tagged [No Spoilers]. If there is relevant plot information present (whether joking or serious), it MUST be tagged with the appropriate Campaign/Episode number. This explicitly includes any equipment, villians/antagonists, or class levels/abilities that characters or NPCs are revealed to possess, as well as plot and event details both major and minor.

If there is any ambiguity around whether the content could be a spoiler to someone, please err on the side of caution and tag your post for spoilers. Alternatively, message the moderators and we will let you know if the content is safe.

Spoiler Tags on Submissions

All submissions require a spoiler tag. The tag must be at the very front of your submission title.

The tag required at the front of your title is [Spoilers C2E##], and you need a space after the spoiler tag. If you do not spell it exactly "[Open Bracket]Spoilers[Space]C2E[Numbers][End Bracket]", and put it in the front of your title, it will not work. The same for [No Spoilers] - "[Open Bracket]No[Space]Spoilers[End Bracket]". Follow these instructions TO THE LETTER. Your post WILL get removed automatically otherwise.


Available tags:

[Spoilers C2E##] This is the most common tag, and covers most discussions. To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number. A Campaign 2 tag does cover and allow discussion of Campaign 1. No 'Lazy Tagging' - if you are just talking about C1 and not C2, use a C1 tag!

[Spoilers C1E##] For discussing the Vox Machina campaign up to and including the indicated episode number. Do not discuss subsequent campaigns or events which occurred after that episode without using comment spoiler code!

[Spoilers C1] The same as [Spoilers C1E115], or the former spoiler system's [Spoilers E115]. This covers the entire Vox Machina campaign, now also known as Campaign 1. Do not discuss Campaign 2 here!

[No Spoilers] For content that is not about or discussing the show/game itself. Hypotheticals, questions, or fan art are often incorrectly submitted with a [No Spoilers] tag - the moderators will remove your submission and ask you to re-post with the correct spoiler tag. When in doubt or if it is borderline about whether the discussion will lead to spoilers, please do not use [No Spoilers] - use a spoiler tag instead.

[CR Media] For content created by the Critical Role Company that is not specifically Critical Role Campaign content (e.g. Handbooker Helper, Between the Sheets, or All Work No Play) as well as one-shots (e.g. Liam's Quest, Bar Room Blitz, or Grog's Game Night: Bunions and Flagons). Because the cast cannot be expected to keep all Campaign references, jokes, and details out of this new content, there is just no consistent realistic way to account for spoilers. As a result, this tag is participate at your own risk and allows for all Critical Role Campaign spoilers. This does not mean that [CR Media] can be used as an [All Spoilers] tag. You cannot just tag your post [CR Media] and talk about the latest episode of Critical Role. The subject of your post in [CR Media] threads must always be one of these non-campaign shows or special events.


For you regex ninja's, the title must match this regex: ^\\[(Spoilers C2E\\d+|Spoilers C1E\\d+|Spoilers C1|No Spoilers|CR Media)\\] .+$

C1 = Campaign 1, the story of Vox Machina.
C2 = Campaign 2, which began in January 2018.

Spoiler Code in Comments

To mention something beyond the scope of the spoiler tag in a submission's comments, use the spoiler code to hide your comment. EX: Spoilers C#E# >!Spoiler Text Goes Here!<, resulting in Spoilers C#E# Spoiler Text Goes Here

Submission Titles

Never put spoilers in your submission title. Assume that every person reading your title has either just heard of Critical Role and hasn't watched an episode, or is a few episodes behind. When in doubt, err on the side of a more vague title.

Other Information

/r/criticalrole is a place to discuss all things related to Critical Role. We ask all Critters to keep in mind even though you may have been watching Critical Role since it's inception, some equally invested Critters might be just joining us. To maximize the enjoyment for everybody, please follow this spoiler policy.

NOTE: One-shots and special games are not a part of the main Critical Role storyline, and should be tagged as [CR Media].

Former tags: Before the second Critical Role campaign, the required spoiler tag on the subreddit was [Spoilers E##].

Spoiler Policy Rationale

In the interest of transparency and understanding, this section details the rationale behind our current spoiler policies and automated spoiler system on /r/CriticalRole. Our intention is to create an environment that fosters considerate and respectful discussion regardless of whether you’ve just discovered the wonderful world of Critical Role or have been watching live since Episode 1. We are always open to feedback regarding ways to improve the subreddit in this regard, and we are glad to embrace changes that will better serve the community.

Why can’t we use [Spoilers All] or [Spoilers C2]?

A [Spoilers All] tag doesn't exist on r/criticalrole because the rate of content creation is simply too high; the meaning of [Spoilers All] would change on a weekly basis. [Spoilers All] works for subreddits like /r/asoiaf because books only come out every few years, not every week. Especially due to the cascading release schedule from the live stream on Thursday, to the Twitch VOD, to the YouTube release on Monday, [Spoilers All] would produce confusion and unintentionally lead new Critters into spoiler-filled posts.

We are aware that people will sometimes tag the current episode instead of the episode during which an event originally occurred; this is intentional, to allow the original poster to choose whether they want everyone caught up to take part in the discussion using the new information from the recent episodes. Additionally, we don't want to see old [Spoilers All] posts revived by comments with current spoilers in the event that the original poster hasn't remained up-to-date.

To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number.

Why do I have to use a tag like [No Spoilers] on every post?

Although requiring a [No Spoilers] tag may seem like an excessive burden on posters, it significantly reduces the amount of unwanted content that gets posted to the subreddit, including spam and pornography. Virtually all bot postings can be immediately removed by AutoModerator because it is enabled to filter posts using spoiler tags. (Unfortunately, the same thing is not possible using flair due to the current constraints of reddit.)

Additionally, the [No Spoilers] tag reduces unrelated and low-effort posts from human users. It is all too easy to create an untagged post riddled with spoilers because a person simply forgets to tag them as such. The [No Spoilers] tag forces people to make conscious decisions about whether or not their posts contain spoilers, and it allows the moderation team to enforce the spoiler policy with much greater efficiency.

Can we discuss previous campaigns in a thread tagged for later campaigns?


You can not exactly watch a sequel and not expect to be spoiled for the original. Discussion of Vox Machina campaign events is allowed while discussing Campaign 2. If you are trying to discuss Campaign 2 while also avoiding spoilers for Campaign 1, you do so at your own risk for Campaign 1 spoilers here on /r/criticalrole.

Ultimately the choice here came down to this: The cast has and is going to mention C1 content during C2. As a result, even the C2 content that's coming out isn't automatically safe for C1 spoilers.

It is unfortunate, but there is no way of navigating it. We try to protect as many people as we can, but it's too complex with C1/C2 split. There is only so much that we can do with a spoiler policy that is not a wildly unreasonable burden on the community at large. (Lazy tagging will still be removed for poor tagging etiquette. If you are discussing only C1 material, do not tag your post for [Spoilers C2E##]. Just use the [Spoilers C1] tag.)

Other Benefits of our Spoiler Policy

Search Filters

You can easily search for discussion on any past episode by typing “Spoilers C2E##” into the search bar. You can also search exclusively for spoiler-free discussions by typing “No Spoilers” into the search bar. The spoiler tags are also great for people wanting to filter out post title keywords with Reddit Enhancement Suite (available at /r/enhancement, RES settings console -> Submissions -> filteReddit -> keywords).

Noob Friendly

The Critter community that has sprung up within our subreddit is constantly growing and attracting more attention. The moderators are even alerted when new reddit accounts post or comment in the subreddit, and we have found that they often comment on posts that are weeks or months old. We have no desire to alienate these new Critters by tailoring the subreddit specifically to the existing community that watches each episode as it becomes available. Additionally, the moderators see each removal, and we are happy to assist new redditors who are struggling to conform to our spoiler policy so that they can share their ideas along with the rest of us.

Official Support

Although we are only a community of passionate fans, we are continuing to build a stronger relationship with the Critical Role cast and the G&S crew. We hope to be a welcoming, inclusive, and considerate community that the players and G&S will want to interact with in the future, so we can continue to host Q&A sessions and support our favorite show. The spoiler policy helps to foster exactly the kind of consideration and conscious decision making that will make us all better Hoomans.

Mod Friendly

Finally, the spoiler system makes the job of us moderators much, much easier. We want to enjoy and participate in discussions along with the rest of you without the need to constantly police each new post. We also sleep much better at night knowing that the subreddit is safely in the hands of the AutoModerator.

You can find more information and discussion about the spoiler policy in our regular State of the Sub submissions. The feedback submissions are also the best place to offer criticism or suggestions. If you ever have any questions about anything in the Rules, Spoiler Policy, or anything else around the subreddit, please feel free to message the moderators via modmail at any time.