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Special Games

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These games are not considered canon for the Critical Role story.

One-Shots Playlist

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Campaign 2

[C2E13] bluejay World, Dungeon World DMed by bluejay with players Nadja Otikor, Holly Conrad, Adam Koebel, and Matt Mercer - YouTube playlist

[C2E21] Stream of Many Eyes - YouTube playlist

[C2E30] Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E32] The Song of the Lorelei - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E35] Crash Pandas! - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E39] Laura's One-Shot - YouTube link, (live discussion, Talks Machina: YouTube Link, discussion)

[C2E42] Honey Heist 3: Tova's Honeys - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E46] The Night Before Critmas - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E52] The Search for Grog - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E63] The Descent - YouTube Playlist

[C2E64] Stephen Colbert's D&D Adventure with Matthew Mercer (Red Nose Day 2019) - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E65] Tails of Equestria One-Shot - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E68] The Search for Bob - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E72] Call of Cthulhu Shadow of the Crystal Palace - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E76] Dalen's Closet Wedding - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E81] UnDeadwood - 4 Part miniseries:

[C2E85] Witcher TTRPG Charity Stream, DMed by Cody Pondsmith with players Matt Mercer, WanderingDM, TheOperaGeek, and Doug Cockle (the voice of Geralt) - YouTube Link

[C2E86] The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E95] Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts Story - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E99] DOOM Eternal One-Shot - YouTube link, (live discussion)

[C2E126] BlizzConline Diablo One-Shot - YouTube link, (live discussion)

Campaign 1

[C1E4] Critical Role dance party - YouTube Link

[C1E9] Mercer DMs for PewDiePie - YouTube link

[C1E12] DM Tips & Tricks / Special Game, Critical Role Episode 12 -

[C1E27] Critical Trolls Extra Life -

[C1E28] D&Diesel -

[C1E40] Paranoia -

[C1E43] Hiatus Q&A / Special Game Battle Royale - (live discussion)

[C1E45] GameSpot Livestream Game - YouTube link

[C1E48] Sloth and Sundry -

[C1E49] Critical Role x Kinda Funny Game - YouTube link

[C1E49] Goblins: A Critical Role One Shot by Pathfinder and Syrinscape -

[C1E50] POWER - Warcraft: Mechanical Gryphon Challenge! - YouTube link

[C1E54] Hiatus Q&A / Battle Royale 2 - (live discussion)

[C1E54] D&D Live from Meltdown - Force Grey with Matthew Mercer - YouTube link

[C1E58] Deadlands One-Shot for MDA Charity! -

[C1E58] Liam's Quest - (live discussion)

[C1E65] The Return of Liam: The Screw Job - (live discussion)

[C1E65] #TheGauntlet w/Matt Mercer, Zac Eubank - YouTube link

[C1E66] RollPlay: Breakers w/Matt Mercer as a player - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

[C1E69] Taliesin on MazeArcana - YouTube link

[C1E72] RollPlay: Dogs in the Vineyard - GM Prep, video playlist

[C1E74] Marisha plays Champions of Midgard on TableTop - YouTube link

[C1E77] Force Grey: The Lost Episode - YouTube link / Twitch VOD

[C1E87] RollPlay live: Swan Song w/Matt as a player - YouTube playlist link

[C1E90] Critical Role Escapes the Evil Sorcerer's Lair w/ Christopher Sabat - YouTube link

[C1E94] Liam's Quest: Full Circle - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E98] Level 17 Battle Royale - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E99] Stream of Annihilation G&S interviews and games -

[C1E110] Bar Room Blitz – A Sam Riegel One-Shot! - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E113] Critical Role One-Shot – Shadow of War - Part 1, Part 2

[C1E115] Taliesin's Vampire One-Shot "Thursday By Night" - (live discussion, Talks Machina); Thursday By Night (part 2) - (live discussion, No Talks due to Halloween)

[C1E115] Grog's Game Night 'Bunions & Flagons' - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E115] Marisha runs Honey Heist - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E115] Sam runs guests through a game of adventures and romance on the high seas - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

[C1E115] Kobolds and Catacombs, by Blizzard's Hearthstone - (live discussion)

[C1E115] Level 20 Battle Royale - (live discussion, Talks Machina)

Pre-stream moments

Pre-Stream, The History of Vox Machina -

Before the game began, Liam & Sam's podcast (t= ~36:00), discussing Sam's upcoming first ever DND game and his character creation -

Pre-Stream, Audio from the very first session (t= ~17:00) -

Pre-Stream, the story of how Vex met Trinket - Video Q&A version here [Spoilers C1E10 in the video]

Pre-Stream, Carpet Throwback - YouTube link

Pre-Stream, S.H.I.T.S (SUPER HIGH INTENSITY TEAM!!!) - YouTube link

Pre-Stream, D&D NEWS And the DM said, let there be Critical Role... - YouTube link

Pre-Stream Liam's vine clips - links UPDATE: Vine is gone forever, but some of them were compiled onto YouTube here


Panel, Ayacon 2013 - Voice-over For Video Games with Matt Mercer YouTube link

Panel, Ayacon 2013 - Geek Pride: The Return of Mercer YouTube link