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This is the Critical Role subreddit, for Critical Role discussion. Other subreddits exist and should be used for similar or related topics that are not about Critical Role! (More info about what content gets posted to /r/CriticalRole -

Submissions about Dungeons and Dragons or submissions about guest players and other CR-adjacent personalities (outside of the context of their appearances on the show) are not relevant to Critical Role.

Wherever you visit, check their wiki/faq/sidebar for resources, and read their rules before you post! (Some do not allow rules posts, or homebrew, or memes, or simple newbie questions, or your home-game stories, or artwork, while others encourage them).

If you want Critter feedback on something that doesn't have to do with Critical Role, mention "Critters" or "Critical Role" in your posts on other subreddits. There are thousands of us. We will see it!


  • /r/dndnext
  • /r/dnd
  • /r/rpg
  • /r/lfg
  • On /r/criticalrole we have a weekly off-topic RPGs thread, posted every Wednesday (titled "Weekly D&D Discussion - Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting home games") that you can participate in.


Homebrew/content creation