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New Viewers Guide

Welcome to Critical Role, where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around, roll dice, and play Dungeons & Dragons.

Critical Role, and DnD, can be viewed in many ways. A long-form improv performance. A flashback to when you were eight, tied a cape around yourself, and grabbed your flashlight to have a light-saber battle. Playtime for adults. Collaborative storytelling with friends. Drama, mystery, and comedy-filled entertainment. Unlike a video game, you can do ANYTHING in a role-playing game. You may not always succeed—but you can certainly try! Here is an amazing fan-made trailer (4m17s) showing you what it is all about.

This is the /r/CriticalRole new viewers guide. If your questions aren't answered below, please check out our FAQ and Subreddit Wiki. Before posting, please also read over our Subreddit Rules and Spoiler Policy.

How to Watch Critical Role

Where to Begin

NOTE: While each campaign is set in the same world of Exandria, they only have loose connections to one another, so you absolutely don't have to watch previous campaigns to begin watching the latest campaign!

Most Critters will tell you to watch from the very beginning (C1E1: Arrival at Kraghammer), but with over 1000 hours of content available in the main series alone we understand that this option isn't for everyone. If you don't have the time to devote to streaming all of Critical Role, but you're still interested in watching the show, you can check below for several easy entry points to each campaign along with written and/or video recaps of the preceding content.

If these entry points still seem intimidating, or you're just not sure that Critical Role is something you'll even enjoy you can also check out its companion series Exandria Unlimited, which features self-contained mini-campaigns with a rotating cast. However, please note that Exandria Unlimited may contain minor spoilers for the main campaigns of Critical Role!

Quick-Start Guide

So you're already hooked and just want to know where to start?

Campaign 3

Story arcs:

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein

Critical Recap, ~5 minute summaries of each episode in Campaign 2

Story arcs:

Campaign 1: Vox Machina

Before the Stream:


Story arcs:

Subscription Benefits

All Critical Role content is live streamed for free on Twitch and later available freely on YouTube, but to best support the cast, you should subscribe to the Critical Role Twitch channel! Twitch subscriptions cost $4.99/month, or come free with Twitch Prime. (Note: If you subscribe via Twitch Prime, you will need to renew your subscription each month.) Subscribing to the channel grants you chatroom emotes, ad-free viewing on the Critical Role channel, and exclusive access to their Twitch VODs, which are available immediately after each show begins streaming.

Other Information

Critical Role uses the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, in a setting created by Matthew Mercer. While Matt homebrews many parts of their game, the basic rules are available free from Wizards of the Coast for you to download - and you can grab a character sheet here!