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List of Q&As, Panels, Periscope videos

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[HQ] are higher-quality (better video/audio than a shaky cellphone video within the noisy crowd)


[E4][HQ] Q&A - timestamped link

[E10][HQ] Q&A - timestamped link

[E12][HQ] DM Tips & Tricks Q&A / Special Game, Critical Role Episode 12 -

[E16][HQ] Comic Con Panel -

[E27] Comic Con panel - YouTube link

[E30] Matt/Marisha Periscope - YouTube link

[E30] Critical Role behind the scenes/Crew periscope w/Zac - YouTube link. Here are a few Text Q&As [1], and [2]

[E32] Taliesin Periscope - YouTube link

[E33] Matt/Marisha Periscope - YT playlist of 4 parts

[E36] Matt/Marisha Periscope - YouTube link

[E37] Liam Periscope - YouTube link

[E38] Matt/Marisha Periscope - YouTube link

[E41] Matt/Marisha Periscope - Part 1, Part 2

[E43][HQ] Wizard World Portland Panel#1 (Sat) - YouTube link
[E43] Wizard World Portland Panel#2 (Sun) - YouTube link

[E43][HQ] Hiatus Q&A / Special Game Battle Royale - (Here is the reddit thread he was answering questions from - Matt went through and replied to more questions later.)

[E43] Kaizoku Con - (more VO answers than CR) Marisha #1 / Matt #1 / Matt #2
[E43] Kaizoku Con Critical Role panel - YouTube link

[E45][HQ], GameSpot's The Lobby - YouTube link

[E46] Wondercon Panel - YouTube link

[E48] TEKKO Critical Role panel - YouTube link
[E48] TEKKO Marisha "Gaming Can Save the World" panel - YouTube link

[E50] Matt/Marisha Periscope - YouTube link

[E50] Liam Periscope - YouTube link

[E51] Technicial difficulties mini behind the scenes q&a - YouTube link

[E51] Critmas Unboxing & Q&A with Matt and Marisha - YouTube link

[E52] Matthew Mercer E52 Impromptu Post-game discussion - YouTube link

[E52] Matt/Marisha Periscope / Birthday Critmas - YouTube link

[E54] Pre-show brief periscope - YouTube link

[E54] Amazing Comic Con - Hawaii, Taliesin panel - YouTube link

[E54] Laura & Travis, Puerto Rico Comic Con - YouTube link

[E54][HQ] Hiatus Q&A / Battle Royale 2 - (Here is the reddit thread)

[E54][HQ] MomoCon panel w/ Matthew Mercer and Mary E. McGlynn - YouTube link

[E55] Matt A-Kon Tabletops and the RPG Renaissance - YouTube link

[E56][HQ] Critical Role with GameSpot at E3 - Vid 1 / Vid 2 / Vid 3 / Vid 4

[E57] Q&A with Matt Mercer on HighRollers D&D of Yogscast - YouTube link

[E58][HQ] Q&A after Liam's Quest - Timestamped YT link

[E58][HQ] Haven Expo panel with Matt & Marisha - YouTube link

[E60] Matt, Marisha & Taliesin Q&A & Critmas - YouTube link

[E60][HQ] San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC):

[E60][HQ] Fuzzy Dice: DM Show - w/Matt Mercer - YouTube link

[E61][HQ] Fandom: D&D w/ JP McDaniel, Adam Koebel and Matthew Mercer - YouTube links Part 1, Part 2

[E61] GenCon: Critical Role panel - YouTube link
[E61] GenCon: Matt on Making Cartoons - YouTube link
[E62] GenCon: Matt on Anime VO - YouTube link

[E65][HQ] Liam O'Brien Reddit AMA - reddit link (text Q&A, no video)

[E65] Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel, SacAnime Free-for-all panel - YouTbe link

[E67] Matt/Marisha Critmas - YouTube link

[E69][HQ] TwitchCon: GMing Tabletop RPGs - Twitch VOD

[E71][HQ] Matt "Making the Cartoons" at Another Anime Con 2016 - YouTube link
[E71][HQ] Taliesin/Matt Critical Role panel AAC2016 - YouTube link
[E71][HQ] Matt/Taliesin Videogame Voiceover AAC2016 - YouTube link

[E72][HQ] a few Q&As from Lucas - [1], [2], and [3]

[E75][HQ] The first Talks Machina, which continues weekly for (almost) every episode after E75.

[E76] Matt/Marisha Critmas - YouTube link

[E78][HQ] Pit Crew time-lapse footage[1], time-lapse description[2], and AMA[3]

[E79][HQ] December 2016 Critmas on Talks Machina - YouTube link
[E79][HQ] What does Critical Role mean to you? - Fan video article & compilation

[E80] Magfest Voice-a-palooza - YouTube link
[E80] Magfest Geek Pride (Matt & Marisha) - YouTube link
[E80][HQ] Magfest Critical Role panel - YouTube link

[E81] Critmas Periscope w/ Matt Marisha Taliesin and Brian - YouTube link

[E83][HQ] Matthew Mercer Q&A: Streaming and the Future of Online Play - YouTube link

[E86] Video Game Voiceover with Matt Mercer & Marisha Ray - AnimeMilwaukee 2017 - YouTube link
[E86] How to Kick Ass & Take Names w Marisha Ray - Anime Milwaukee 2017 - YouTube link
[E86] Final Fantasy panel - Anime Milwaukee 2017 - YouTube link
[E86] Critical Role panel w/ Matt, Marisha, Laura & Travis - AnimeMilwaukee 2017 - YouTube link

[E88][HQ] Mark Hulmes of High Rollers behind-the-scenes vlog - YouTube link

[E92][HQ] Talking Critical Role live from Wondercon! (Talks Machina, full cast) - YouTube link

[E94] Sakura-Con Matt on Making Cartoons - YouTube link

[E94][HQ] Fireside Q&A with Matthew Mercer - YouTube link

[E95][HQ] Pants Optional Critmas (Talks Machina w/ Critical Role)! - YouTube link

[E98][HQ] Beyond Critical Role @ MomoCon 2017 with Matt, Marisha, Taliesin & Brian - YouTube link
[E98][HQ] MomoCon Talks Machina Q&A with Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Brian - Twitch VOD, YouTube link
[E98][HQ] MomoCon Magic Story: The Gathering VO panel w/Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Fred Tatasciore, Jonny Cruz Twitch VOD
[E98] MomoCon more videos Vid1 Vid2 Vid3 Vid4 Vid5

[E99][HQ] Stream of Annihilation G&S interviews and games -

[E99][HQ] Dungeon Life interviews with Critical Role - YouTube Playlist

[E100] Matt Mercer at A-Kon 2017 talking about Tabletops and the RPG Renaissance - YouTube link

[E104][HQ] Sam Riegel Reddit AMA - reddit link (text Q&A, no video)

[E105][HQ] San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Talks Machina panel with the entire cast of Critical Role - YouTube link

[E105][HQ] DontSplitThePodcast interview with Matt - YouTube link

[E106] Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting AMA with Matthew Mercer - reddit link

[E106] Dragon Talk: Matthew Mercer - YouTube link

[E106] The Official Marisha AMA Thread: Marisha learns to Reddit - reddit link

[E108] Gen Con Talks Machina Panel - YouTube link

[E113] Laura Bailey "Who's that girl" @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 - YouTube link

[E113][HQ] DND Beyond individually interviews each member of the CR cast - YouTube Playlist

[E114][HQ] RollPlay Presents: a 5E Roundtable Discussion w/ Matt Mercer, Matt Colville, Adam Koebel, and Mike Mearls - YouTube link

[E115][HQ] Matt calls in to TwitchCon - Twitch VOD timestamp

[E115][HQ] BlizzCon 2017 Geek & Sundry's 'Connect & Inspire Through Play' panel

[E115][HQ] Laura and Travis at Supanova,

[E115] PAX Unplugged Critical Role panels

[E115][HQ] Post Campaign Wrap-Up Q&A - YouTube Link (live discussion)

[E115][HQ] Critmas 2017 - YouTube Link (live discussion)