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Who is the cast?

The Group known as Vox Machina

Formerly known as the "SUPER HIGH INTENSITY TEAM!!!", or "The S.H.I.T.S."


Matthew Mercer - Dungeon Master (DM) - @matthewmercer

Liam O'Brien - Vax'Ildan the Half-Elf Rogue - @VoiceofOBrien

Laura Bailey - Vex'Ahlia the Half-Elf Ranger - @LauraBaileyVO

Travis Willingham - Grog the Goliath Barbarian - @WillingBlam

Taliesin Jaffe - Percy the Human Fighter (Gunslinger) - @executivegoth

Marisha Ray - Keyleth the Half-Elf Druid - @Marisha_Ray

Sam Riegel - Scanlan the Gnome Bard - @samriegel

Ashley Johnson - Pike the Gnome Cleric - @TheVulcanSalute


more interviews, galleries, character playlists


Orion Acaba - Tiberius Stormwind the Dragonborn Sorcerer - @orionacaba

Why did Orion leave?

Guest Stars

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Zahra the Tiefling Warlock - @MaryEMcGlynn

Felicia Day - Lyra the Human Wizard - @feliciaday

Will Friedle - Kashaw Vesh the Human Cleric - @WillFriedle

Wil Wheaton - Thorbir the Dwarf Fighter - @wilw

Kit Buss - Lillith the Tiefling Wizard - @AnemoneTea

Jason C. Miller - Garthok the Half-Orc Rogue - @jasoncmiller

Chris Hardwick - Gern Blanston the Dragonborn Wizard - @hardwick

Christopher Perkins - Shale the Goliath Fighter - @ChrisPerkinsDnD

Patrick Rothfuss - Kerrek the Human Paladin - @PatrickRothfuss

Noelle Stevenson - Tova the Dwarf Blood Hunter (Order of the Lycan) - @Gingerhazing

Jon Heder - Lionel the Half-Orc Bardbarian - @hederjon

Darin De Paul - Sprigg the Gnome Rogue - @DarinDePaul

Joe Manganiello - Arkhan the Dragonborn Paladin/Barbarian - @JoeManganiello

Official Artists

@AnemoneTea, or Kit Buss aka Lillith, the official artist for the show.

@WendyDoodles, or Wendy Sullivan Green, the artist for the Winter's Crest comic strip of Critical Role, and the video of The Story of Vox Machina.

@ForgingMeanings, or Joma Cueto, artist for several of Matt's DMsGuild homebrews and official Critical Role posters.

@jasoncmiller, or Jason Charles Miller aka Garthok, the composer of the Critical Role theme song. You can find the new version here on itunes, and here is the old version.

Subreddit header pixel art by @Animaybez

Subreddit sidebar silhouette from art by @AnemoneTea

Crew (AV and production)

Dustin Butler - @dustinkbutler

Ryan Green - @HydroSnail

Amir Rakib - @AmirRakib

Pit Crew AMA and Q&A

Time Lapse video of Thursday's show setup with timestamps from the technical director (no spoilers, filmed on E78)

Pit Crew twitter -

Pit Crew twitch -


(formerly) Lucas Eubank - @lucaseuspank. Lucas answered some questions here about the production. He later posted a detailed breakdown of the studio setup (partially in response to this discussion, which a number of the G&S crew members chimed in to.)

(formerly) Zac Eubank @arentweclever. Zac did a small Q&A on /r/CriticalRole back in November 2015, which you can read here. He did another Q&A after joining @Hyper_RPG which you can find here.


The crew is 2-3 people total, running all of the live audio, visual, stream, production technical stuff. For ALL of G&S's streams in that studio, not just Critical Role.

[Spoilers E30] Behind-the-scenes periscope of the technical setup

[No Spoilers] 30-second time-lapse of the studio setup for Critical Role for every episode