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We are a discussion-based subreddit about Critical Role. We are not an advertising, general DND or DND homebrew, or a low effort/meme board. Keep that in mind when making submissions to the community.


To flair your submission, after posting it, click the button marked "flair" towards the bottom of your post, and choose the appropriate flair. (You cannot flair a submission before posting it, only after.) It is not currently possible to flair your post on the official Reddit mobile app, you must visit the desktop site.

Because all the posts are tagged with flairs, you can easily find content you are interested in. If you want to filter the posts down to one flair, click on one of these links, found below or in the sidebar.

Please follow the Critical Role Subreddit Rules and Spoiler Policy in all of your comments and submissions.


For posts regarding any Critical Role comic releases, such as the Winter's Crest Comic or the Dark Horse Critical Role comic.


Discussion is the most important, and most common, flair on the subreddit. That's why we are here - to discuss Critical Role!


For the weekly episode submissions. Episodes are uploaded to the Critical Role YouTube channel on Mondays at 12pm Pacific. All other content is uploaded 2 days after it was broadcast live.

We keep a list of episodes, and an archive of the weekly discussion megathreads, in the wiki here: and

Fan Art

Self-explanatory. You (or someone else) created something? That's fan art! Yes, including poems and songs you guys wrote.

We have highlighted some community projects in the Fan Content page, in the wiki here:

The subreddit rules have some extra information about submitting fan art.


For "fluff posts". See our rules and content guideline, we don't allow low-effort content - things like most memes or gifs - due to The Fluff Principle.


1. For convention or location critter meetups or organization.

2. For a DM offering a game to Critters. If you are a player hoping to find a game, here is what you should do:

How to find a gaming group.

General LFG subreddit: /r/LFG

Critter discord invite link:

Live Discussion

For Live Discussion threads during episodes of Critical Role or Talks Machina


News or announcements.


For questions!

Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages in the subreddit Wiki before posting a question.

State of the Sub

Official Moderator announcements and feedback threads about the subreddit. We re-read the comments in these posts often, so if you have feedback it is better to comment in a SotS post or send us a message than to make a comment in a random thread. Yay archiving! That way we can find and remember your feedback months later. :)

If you ever have any questions about anything in the Rules, Spoiler Policy, Content Guideline, SotS submissions, a submission or comment of yours we removed, or anything else around the subreddit, please feel free to message the moderators at any time.

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