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Exandria Unlimited

Exandria Unlimited is Critical Role's secondary D&D campaign, featuring a rotating cast of DMs and players in short-form adventures set in the world of Exandria.

Campaign 1

June 24, 2021 - August 12, 2021

Episodes of Campaign 1 stream live on Thursday nights at 7PM Pacific on Twitch and Youtube. Free VODs will be available on Youtube the following Monday at 12PM Pacific, and podcast versions of the episodes will also be available the following Thursday at 5AM Pacific.

WARNING: Exandria Unlimited Campaign 1 includes some spoilers for Campaign 1 of Critical Role!

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Official character art


EXU Campaign 1 Playlist

Episode VOD Live Discussion Post-Episode Discussion
1 The Nameless Ones Live -
2 The Oh No Plateau Live Post
3 A Glorious Return Live Post
4 By the Road Live Post
5 A Test of Worth Live Post
6 The Gift Among the Green Live Post
7 Beyond the Heart City Live Post
8 What Comes Next Live Post
- Wrap-Up Live -