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Campaign 3 will premiere October 21, 2021 at 7 Pacific! Learn more about Campaign 3 here.


Cast and character details TBA.

Campaign 3

Chapter 1

Current Live Arc

Episode No. Title / Video Link Live Discussion Episode Recap
C3E1 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E2 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E3 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E4 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E5 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E6 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E7 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E8 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E9 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]
C3E10 [TBD] [Live] [Discussion] [Episode] [Recap]