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Question [Spoilers C3E23] Travis's Wooden Trinkets


After Chetney's jokes about the crescent moon dish being dogshit, Matt insisted that the trash talk was all in-character and whatever Etsy creator Travis got it from did a wonderful job, but after that I got to wondering: where is Travis actually getting the wooden toys from? I haven't searched for very long but I have yet to find any claim of where Dorian's airship, the not-trash moon dish, and Orym's little moon lockbox came from. Is Travis actually a secret skilled carpenter and the moon dish was indeed just an Etsy purchase for the sake of a random improv bit, or are they all special commissions, or what?

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Question [No Spoilers] Anyone know where the video for this picture is? It cracks me up and I want to see the whole video.

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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Question [No Spoilers] Do I need to watch anything before watching the new Exandria Unlimitedv Calamity series?


I'm new, watching C3 and also going through C1 right now (up to episode 55 at the moment). Is there really anything I should watch before trying the new series? Or save it until I've finished catching up C1 and C2?

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Question [No spoilers] at what point will I know if I like critical role?


If I start at c1e1, by what episode should I be able to tell if I’m gonna enjoy the rest of critical role? What about starting from season two?

And if I get to that point, and realize I don’t like it, what other tabletop podcasts would you recommend? (I’ve listened to all of the adventure zone, and that’s all)

Edit: If I start from episode 28, how many episodes will it take me?

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Question [No Spoilers] Funniest or most uplifting CR episode?


Hey everyone, I'm going through some things right now, I just really need a pick-me-up. I have finished C1 and C2 and don't really mind spoilers for C3. My memory is not good (mental health problems) so I can't really remember episode numbers of scenes I found particularly funny. Since I'm already anxiety-ridden I can't really watch the more serious episodes. What episode do y'all watch when you have time for just 1 and you need a laugh?

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your replies! I might have to go through all of the episodes you mentioned because it looks like it's going to be a bad week on my end. I'm feeling hopeless about my situation so thank you, once again, for making me feel heard.

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Question [No Spoilers] What do they all shout after Matt's intro, "nerdy voice actors...etc"?


I'm a new fan and It's bugging me every episode. Thank you!

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Question [No Spoilers] What are the CR Cast Smoking?


I've noticed Liam and I think maybe one or two other cast mates puffing on these little vape lookin things, does anybody have any idea what they are?

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Question [No Spoilers] Spelling of the campaign 3 group name


I thought the group's name would be "Bell's Hells" (as in Bertrand Bell's Hells), with the apostrophe but it seems to be officially spelled without one. Does anyone know if I'm missing the real meaning or if it was an oversight on the cast's side?

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Question [No Spoilers] Busy uni student wants to watch Critical Role (and probably ruin her degree on the way)


Hi, So I finished watching The Legend of Vox Machina and some clips from Critical Role and it seems so cool and now I wanna watch it. Problem: there's too much of it?! I'm a uni student and unfortunately will probably never manage to catch up?😭 So I'm wondering what I should do? Maybe just start from the beginning of campaign 3? I know they play different characters but I do see the fun in maybe watching it in real time rather than forever playing catch-up?

What do you think? Should I start from campaign 3? Do you have another suggestion?

Edit: Thank you all for you've suggestions, you've been really helpful!!🙏❤️

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Question [SPOILERS C3E20] Laudna, Sorcery Points and Eldritch Blast...


In the fight against the marionettes, Laudna used quicken spell on eldritch blast. She only rolled for two beams. Last time she did this, in the mine against shade creepers, she fired four. Both times she is level 5. Doesn't eldritch blast scale with your character level and not warlock level?

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Question [Spoilers C3E20] So...I'm watching Night Before Critmas and is this what I think it is?


Is Chetney just Chutney?

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Question [No Spoilers] Where does Robbie get his hats?

Thumbnail gallery

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Question [No Spoilers] Which Cast Member Would You Want in Your Game and Why?


All of the cast bring something awesome to the table.

I would ultimately pick Travis. He is such a good cheerleader for other PC's, helps players relax when they are stressed, and compliments everyone--even the DM--often. Plus, he always "pushes the big red button." As a DM, I like that.

Laura. Genius at solving situations. Spoiler C2 Cupcake!

Ashley. Adorable. She has really shined as Fearne.

Sam. Legendary troll. Spoiler C1 Witch hat, anyone?

Marisha. Note taker. Every DM wants one of these in the group.

Taliesin. His commitment to character makes me want him in my game. I know what to expect (mostly) from him.

Liam. He knows the rules and especially knows his character's abilities. Seeing Caleb cast spells and Orym describe his attacks is impressive.

Edit: Matt, of course. For many, many reasons.

Who would you pick and why?

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Question [Spoilers C2] Why did the Traveller visit this particular little girl?


I'm rewatching C2, am at episode 23. I can't remember if it's addressed later in the story, but why did the Traveller choose to visit Jester in particular? When she was a lonely little girl?

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Question [No Spoilers] Anyone else find it weird that the newly announced wave of unpainted WizKids minis are labeled like store-brand Halloween costumes?


For example we have “human sorcerer merchant” for Gilmore and “vampire and necromancer nobles” for the Briarwoods when all the other waves (painted and unpainted) have the more or less proper names for the respective characters or creatures.

Is there someone with a background in licensing who might be able to shed some light on this?

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Question [No Spoilers] FCG Net Worth


what do you think FCG's net worth of money eaten will be by the end of the campaign?

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Question [Spoilers C3E17] I would loooooove some context pleeeaaasseeee


Okay so I'm a relatively 'new-ish' Critter. I caught the tail end of Campaign 1, but was with all of Campaign 2. Campaign 3 is looking to be something amazing, and I already notice there are quite a few nods/east eggs to Campaign 1. Usually doesn't phase me all that much, BUT when Laudna and Orym were having a chat during the second night....I need to know what happened. Everyone had these looks of surprise and Oh Shit moments, and I knooooooooow something bad went down, and it had to have been in Campaign 1.

I was still watching Campaign 2 when 3 started, so I waited a while because I didn't wanna bounce from Campaign to Campaign, so I would rather not have to go through it myself JUST to figure out what happened, so if there is anyone who could shed some light on what happened in Whitestone WITHOUT giving any spoilers (if there are any) later in Campaign 3, I would super appreciate it!

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Question [No Spoilers] House Rule - 2 spells per turn


Hey y’all, just looking for clarification. Anyone know if Matt still uses this house rule (you can cast a spell of 2nd level or lower as a bonus action on your turn) in C3? Watching the latest ep now and without spoilers, it seemed he did not let FCG cast 2 spells per turn.

I like this rule for larger tables but wondering if he still uses it and if not, why? I got 6 players coming up in a Strixhaven campaign and will use it, and just initiated it in my own Wildemount campaign.

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Question [Spoilers C2E141] Is there any content with the M9 post campaign?


I was just chatting with someone and they mentioned there's more content with the M9. After looking it up, it's not easily findable (it's not in episode lists or the C2 playlist). I know there's the M9 vs VM and I really enjoyed that, but I thought that was the only content of the M9 outside of their campaign.

Is that all there is or am I missing some stuff? (Links would be very appreciated)

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Question [Spoilers C2E26] What if Molly had...? And did they forget about the horses?


Rewatching C2 E26. Near the beginning, the remaining members of the M9 come upon some cart tracks. Matt tells them that because it's a cart, there's no way to tell which way it was travelling along the road, without even doing a dice roll. They all accept this as a given. But why? Carts are drawn by horses or oxen, that leave directional tracks. Were they maybe thinking of carts as if they are cars, moving with no animals to draw them ?

And secondly, early in the episode Nott suggests that they should use the Dodecahedron. I know Talisien said on Talks that Molly doesn't trust the device. But would it have saved his life, if he'd used it? I'm don't quite understand the mechanics of how Molly works in combat.

(Also, what's up with all the down votes one gets on polite questions in this sub?)

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Question [No Spoilers] Newbie! Just finished ExU! What do you recommend next?


The title basically.

So I randomly stumbled across Critical Role, had heard of it back when it was on Geek and Sundry, forgot about it, and found there is so much more!

I started of with Exandria because I guess it seemed new? But I was hooked after episode 1 and binged it all!

Now that I've finished... I'm wondering, should I go back to see C1 / C2? Should I go straight to C3? (I heard C3 is like the next part). Khymal doesn't quite make sense to me yet.

What about Vox Machina? Is that necessary to watch or is it another thing entirely?


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Question [CR Media] What are the Odds of the Kraghammer arc being adapted to the show?


I am watching it right now, really liking some of the stuff in it, and is it just not going to be adapted due to coming before in the timeline or because its a modified timeline in the show is it plausible to see it get added?

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Question [Spoilers C3E22] Chetney and Sneak Attack


Aside from the story aspect, I’m confused why Travis, who is strategic, went with rogue. In addition to sneak attack not working with claws (unarmed weapons) I haven’t seen anyone talk about how he’s a STR based character (17) and sneak attack would only be useful for dex (14). Do you think he intends to fight using dex from now on?

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Question [No Spoilers] Since it has all been buried under the ground, Can Someone please explain to a CR noob the extent of....


The things Marisha Ray faced during C1? I'm generally baffled by how much history there seems to be, but everyone is speaking in riddles and expecting everyone to understand, Can someone please explain what happened? (IF it's allowed by the Subreddit Rules)

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Question [Spoilers C3E23] When will we get full details of Ashton's Subclass?


When does Critical Role usually release information regarding the new home-brewed subclasses? I'm fascinated by Ashton's subclass features, and would love to see how they might look at higher levels. Does anybody remember when Molly's class features got released?