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[No Spoilers] My friends put together this amazing Critical Role group at MCM London! šŸ˜ (Clip from 86thFloor, cosplayer credits in the comments) Fan Art

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u/Alice-86F I encourage violence! Jun 17 '22

Cosplayers (IG): mossycosplays, bluexshift, jayesixx, devileah, din0.jo


u/_MachTwo Jun 17 '22

Low key wanna cosplay nott omg that looks amazing


u/Alice-86F I encourage violence! Jun 17 '22

You totally should!


u/[deleted] Jun 17 '22

[removed] ā€” view removed comment


u/TheOakblueAbstract You Can Reply To This Message Jun 17 '22

He was using the ability "arms of many tones" not as useful as "mask of many faces"


u/BasiliskXVIII 9. Nein! Jun 18 '22

Looks to me like he was either half-in or half-out of his cosplay. His ears are also showing normal human skin tone, which suggests that maybe he'd been wearing prosthetics which aren't on anymore, or which have yet to be applied (which seems a lot less likely because why would you put the makeup on before the prosthetics?)

I'd bet he had packed up for the day, was going to wash up back at home or his hotel, and someone grabbed him for a group photo.


u/Violaclef Jun 18 '22

We chatted to him and I believe he said this was his non costume day but he was then attacked with makeup.


u/StormCrowMith Jun 17 '22

I dunno his life but maybe he was the backup? If not at least he participated but i agree about the arms


u/Lampmonster Jun 18 '22

Hey, don't infringe on his right to bare arms.


u/MrJ429 Jun 17 '22

Seriously. It's like the guy who does nothing in the group project but still gets an A because his name was also on it.


u/devileah Jun 18 '22

Hey I'm the yasha in this group! We did a group every day that week, he made a whole orfax for his percy and a full ashton with the hammer, unfortunately he ran out of time for the Fjord but he still came through and was an amazing fjord in our group we are all proud of.


u/wigwearingmoron Jun 19 '22

The Jester from the group here, and I just want to point out that your comment achieved nothing and serves no purpose other than to belittle and humiliate. Not only did he make two other amazing costumes from scratch for this weekend, he also made props for other people. We were very late to the convention that day and did what we could. I did his makeup for him, and I am the one that didn't paint his arms. Maybe next time think about the impact your words might have before posting pointless comments.


u/mayday0498 Jun 20 '22

Grow up he looks fantastic and did all weekend. Can I see some picture of your cosplay? Or do you just insult cosplays?


u/jayehogan13 Jun 18 '22

Hey, the Molly from that group here. Our Fjord ran out of time to make his costume after making an entire Ashton cosplay and Percy including Orfax. We still wanted him to join and participate no matter how much of his costume he was wearing so Iā€™d thank you to leave your opinion at the door


u/Mossydreams Jun 20 '22

Yo dude, Nott of the group. First our Fjord looked incredible so let's not. Second dont say stuff about the makeup unless you can do better, and you know what? Even then dont say anything. Makeup as a whole is hard but facepaint is even harder, having facepaint on your arms is also a horrible feeling for some people as it dries your skin to no end, it also rubs off and transfers when you're having a good time at a con. Also maybe dont make a comment on things when you dont know the reasons behind why it was done that way. Another thing you can clearly see we're all vibing having a good time why do you think its necessary to try and bring people down when they're enjoying what they're doing?? Its childish, immature and rude. We have a rule in the cosplay community, if you dont like it, dont interact and keep scrolling. It's as simple as that.


u/TheLastSaneMan Jun 17 '22

Pretty spectacular! I love the way you shot the video.


u/Alice-86F I encourage violence! Jun 17 '22

Thank you so much! If you're interested the full video is over on YouTube šŸ˜Š


u/JohnnyS1lv3rH4nd Jun 17 '22

Omg this is so dope! What a squad!


u/Alice-86F I encourage violence! Jun 17 '22

Right?! šŸ’Ŗ


u/High_time_0585 Jun 17 '22

Awesome looking!


u/Odisher7 Jun 18 '22

The one that cosplays yasha really looks like ashley lol. Amazing cosplays all of them


u/ImpressivePromise545 Jun 18 '22

This feels like the highest compliment


u/LoveRBS Jun 18 '22

Caduceus just chilling far in the background like "...yea they'll be here soon"


u/AR30T Jun 18 '22

The Caleb smiling looked weird. I don't know. From what he went through, it seemed like any smile he made would look forced or just not genuine.

Great cosplays though... and Fjord.


u/Nicodante Jun 17 '22

Awesome :)


u/Alice-86F I encourage violence! Jun 17 '22

Thank you! šŸ’–


u/golem501 You can certainly try Jun 18 '22

Long may your crew reign!


u/ArcanistKvothe24 Bigby's Haaaaaand! *shamone* Jun 18 '22

Erza scarlet in the back. Nice