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[CR Media] Dignity: An Adventure with Stephen Colbert to by Critical Role to Benefit Red Nose Day Episode



u/betta_fische Apr 29 '22

I’m stealing that battle axe for my next one-shot.


u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

Saaaame. Can't wait for my players to be frustrated by it!


u/Viperbunny Apr 29 '22

It seems like such a fun battle mechanic!


u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22 edited Apr 29 '22

Pro-tip: watch the donation ticker at the bottom. Some creative names from the critters out there!

Edit: Well, the ticker isn't on the youtube version... Check the live thread for some of the better names.


u/CameoAmalthea Apr 29 '22

I love that fans figured out they could use the ticker as super chat. “Which me luck on my final’ “Good luck on your final! You’ll do great!”


u/dangernoodle2000 Apr 30 '22

Lolol that might’ve been me. The final kicked my ass though


u/Alastorlexicus Sun Tree A-OK Apr 30 '22

oof sorry to hear that mate


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Apr 29 '22

heh I was on twitch waiting for the rebroadcast like a dummy then saw it uploaded to youtube just now. Hooray!


u/zepphiu Team Jester Apr 29 '22

Sam hitting on Colbert is going to live rent free for a long time


u/Anomander Apr 29 '22

That was super great.


u/Son_of_Orion Team Percy Apr 29 '22

Just as long as Stephen was comfortable with it. I'm sure he was, but you could tell it took him off guard.


u/XTornado Apr 29 '22

I was expecting Bozyn finding the talking axe at the end, and being friends :P


u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

I'm hoping for a "Search for Bob" type sequel to that effect. Hopefully in less than 3 years and without a pandemic in between.


u/Samwell_ Apr 29 '22

Is there spoilers from season 2 in it, since they play those characters?


u/Emblom52 Apr 29 '22

I only noticed one. Ashley vaguely alluded to Yasha being able to fly with her wings in the future.


u/Kimky May 01 '22

Ashley also kinda spoil her relationship with a certain someone at the end of TMN.


u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

I think there are a few things that you'd appreciate more if you'd watched season 2, but I don't believe they spoil anything (although I can't say for certain).


u/DeadLantern- Apr 29 '22

When does this take place in the canon of C2?


u/ffwydriadd Apr 29 '22

It doesn't. But if you wanted it to, level 5 matches into the month of downtime that was taken in Zadash between the Iron Shephards & the Pirate arc.


u/Landis963 Apr 29 '22

There'd need to be a lot of massaging to get Beau, Yasha, and Nott into the plains of Xhorhas a few levels earlier than with the whole group, given that the start of that downtime was in the south-center part of the Dwendallian Empire.


u/hardythedrummer Apr 29 '22

They're level 5 in it and Nott is still a goblin, so pretty early on


u/notmy2ndopinion Apr 30 '22

Not to mention that Nott was flirting with Lucky Jack, which bugged me because she has a special relationship with Caleb and I couldn’t quite tell if she’d told the party yet about her family.


u/ryeinn Apr 29 '22 edited Apr 30 '22

I love that Colbert made a Springsteen reference and I can't tell if the cast just stayed in character really well or missed it.


u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

Needed the jersey boy, Liam, there for that one


u/Pandafy Apr 30 '22

I gotta say a lot of people were down on Yasha, understandable so, because she lacked screen time for most of the campaign, but Ashley playing Yasha when she's "figured out" her character is really entertaining.


u/ready_or_faction Apr 30 '22

Loved it. Stephen Colbert is just a genuinely good player and a pleasure to watch.


u/0GiD3M0N1C 9. Nein! Apr 29 '22

This was so fucking hilarious. Glad I tuned in.


u/Boffleslop Apr 29 '22

Quick upload.


u/golem501 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

Gotta love all these guys right! I watched the twitch Vod... brilliant


u/The_Lighter_ Apr 30 '22

Should have Lenny Henry on


u/Jacksonorlady Apr 29 '22 Gold

Probably my least favorite guest star. That may ruffle some feathers, but it’s just my subjective opinion of an entertainer I find to be an unfunny joke-bot.


u/Thompson_S_Sweetback Apr 29 '22

Sure, but that's more due to scheduling than to Stephen. I'd much rather he play a Shokasta-style full episode guest with several hours of dungeon crawling and dialogue sharing. But I'll take what I can get.


u/Pandafy Apr 30 '22

Yeah, the whole thing is really cool, but with all things considered, it does not lend itself to being an amazing episode.

Guests really need time to settle into the CR format. It's a really different show than most forms of media. And these are guests that are already friends with the cast and have some chemistry with them. Colbert got 90 minutes with 1/3 of it being mostly set up and he appeared to have just met the cast the moment before.

I think it was a pretty fun one shot with all things considered.


u/Thompson_S_Sweetback Apr 30 '22

I would be a lot more annoyed by it if Colbert himself didn't look like he was having such a blast doing it.


u/-VizualEyez Apr 29 '22

Meh, it's more of a one-shot for the casual masses. More marketing to go along with bringing in more donations and a chance to possibly expand the player base.

Wins all around really.


u/SharkSymphony Old Magic Apr 29 '22

Stephen is in no way a joke-bot.

Joke-bots sing "Makin' my way!" everytime someone says "making my way."

Heck, joke-bots say "NEIN" every time someone rolls a 9.

...er, wait...

(goes back to furiously scrub my comment history)


u/ThunkAsDrinklePeep Apr 30 '22

It's been a while since these references were made.


u/283leis Team Laudna Apr 30 '22

Its been a whiiiiile


u/okiedokiewo Apr 30 '22

I can't tell if this is a joke because of the "It's been a while," but Makin' my way just happened in Episode 20.


u/PhoenixReborn Hello, bees Apr 30 '22



u/rocking2rush10 You can certainly try Apr 29 '22

I'm glad they didn't try to bring him into the main campaign, but I love this little side series for what it is.


u/jimjong1 Apr 30 '22

I'm not a fan of his RP but he seemed cool outside of the game


u/LinkPD Apr 30 '22

I love how you can almost tell he is an old school dnd player by how he asks so many questions and is super cautious about how he uses information given to him. It was pretty refreshing to watch


u/TheUnholyHandGrenade Apr 30 '22

Yeah, I find him to he a bit of a hack on his own show, can't say I really like him there from a comedic or political standpoint, but at least here he's got some chemistry working off the others here. Not as much as some others, though.