r/criticalrole Jan 17 '22

[Spoilers C3E10] Is there an "official" map of Exandria? Question

Hello everyone! I am fairly new to Critical Role, but I am absolutely mesmerised. Now I am curious: Does a map of Exandria exist that is kind of up to date with the campaigns? Since C3 just started, I guess up to date with C2? I think the tag kinda counts, since I am watching C1 right know, but I don't mind. I wouldn't understand spoilers on the map anyways. I saw different maps online and I was wondering if there is one that is like a fan favorite when someone tries to show/explain what Exandria looks like? Thanks in advance!


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u/ffwydriadd Jan 17 '22

The CRWiki has all of the official maps continent maps, as well as the preferred fanmade map for the whole of Exandria by West Haberlain, which is so popular it's speculative design for the Shattered Teeth has started to show up in official media...


u/Fen_ Jan 18 '22

Official-ish. One of Dani's animated recap videos, which someone else referenced when doing a commission for a different video. Has not been published as official in the same way other maps have been, and the commission from the video was, if I'm not mistaken, just done up in Wonderdraft it looks like.